Planet Earth Protectors, The River's End

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Teplan and Terah are best friends who find the nearby river heavily polluted. With their curiosity peaking, they stumble across the source of the river’s pollution which leads them to a giant farm. Taking a video recording of something that no one was ever supposed to see, brings on the chase of a lifetime. With the polluters seemingly ready to stop at nothing to get that video or get the kids, Teplan and Terah find themselves in a number of near misses with many ups and downs in their efforts to get away from the bad guys while trying to prove the farm is connected to the polluted river. The reader is taken on a fast paced read that tugs at the desire for environmental and social justice.

Adventure / Thriller
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“Don’t be late like last time! If an inspector drops by my pig farm before you do, we’re both finished!” The big man in the pinstriped suit bellowed into his cell phone as his boots squished along the muddy path to the towering building.

“Alright, alright; take it easy,” uttered the voice on the other end. “No inspector came by; nothing happened...”

“Take it easy? Take it easy?” Big Pinstripes shouted. “I’ll tell you something! If an inspector does come by before you do and I go down… you go down with me! Understand?” He looked around the vast driveway to ensure he was still alone.

“You threatening me, Van Houetti?”

“Hey! No names on the phone Hot Shot; what’s wrong with you? You’d better be here tomorrow with my paperwork! And on time!”


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