Planet Earth Protectors, The River's End

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Lurking bad news seemed to hover over Guard’s backyard. All four parents shared the deck, paced back and forth, and talked in circles about what to do.

“Ian told us to stay here and not to call anyone, but I can’t stand it!” Mrs. Guard blurted.

“Me too. I say we go out to look for them,” Mr. Guard said jumping up, his chair scraping backwards along the deck.

Mr. Freedden also stood up, “Yeah, they must be somewhere around the river. I also say we go looking for them.”

Mrs. Freedden peaked through the fence that faced the street in front of the house, “Um, is it strange that there are three identical black trucks out front of your house? What are they doing?”

Just then the phone rang. Mrs. Guard bolted upright and scooped the phone out of her lap before the first ring even finished, “Ian?”

“Hi, Jackie. I’m with Teplan and Terah, and they’re both fine. They’ll be home within the hour,” Ian said calmly and reassuringly.

“OH MY GOSH, THANK YOU!” she screamed and leapt out her chair, “They’re with Ian!” Mrs. Guard said aloud to her waiting husband and friends, “What’s going on, Ian? What sort of trouble are they in?”

“Listen, Jackie. I’ll tell you everything, but not over the phone. I’ll tell you when I see you. Until then, don’t go outside or call anyone else. Your phone may be tapped and there may be people watching your house.”

“There are people watching our house! There are three black trucks outside right now!”

“Then lock the doors. If they try to get in, call the police. Otherwise, stay inside. And try not to be scared. It’ll be okay.”

“Try not to be scared!”

Just then, the truck’s headlight blasted on, and the trucks sped off into the night.

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