Planet Earth Protectors, The River's End

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Teplan’s shovel navigated the dirt for what seemed like the thousandth time that morning. Finally, he thought. Done. “Mom, can I stop now?”

“Is the soil all turned over?”

Teplan scanned the dirt beneath his feet in his father’s new garden. “Uh, yep. And over and over... Can I go in, now? I’m starving.”

“Sure; good work.” His mom paused as she made eye contact with her son. “You know how excited your dad’s been since we moved out here. He’ll be so happy to see this when he gets back from his gardening class.”

Teplan smiled. “I know; for months he’s been talking about having a big garden once we moved to the country!”

“Hey, since you’re going in, call Terah’s mom, please, and ask when they’ll be here. I have to get things ready for lunch, soon.”

“Sure, Mom. Can Terah and I still go to the river today?” Teplan held the back door open and waited for a reply before he entered the house.

“We’ll see.”

Teplan turned and stepped inside. It’s always “We’ll see.”

Along with the phone, he grabbed a banana from the kitchen counter and plopped down at the table. High ceilings rose above him as Teplan looked at the deluxe stove across the room and wondered if it might magically make him more pancakes. However, it just flashed 9 A.M.

The back door suddenly whooshed open. “So, any word?”

Yes, more breakfast! “I’m just about to call now... but, are there more pancakes?”

“Yes, inside the oven; didn’t you look there?”

Teplan tucked his chin to his chest and looked at her through his eyelashes.

“Okay… ” Mrs. Guard smiled as she spun around and headed back outside. “Text me what she says!”

“Okay, Mom.” He dialed Terah’s number as he headed for his pancakes.

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