Planet Earth Protectors, The River's End

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“Mr. Van Houetti, sir?” said the guard sitting in front of a computer screen in the main security room, “We have Mr. Paulton on the line, sir, as you requested.”

Van Houetti’s yelling, mostly about the incompetence of his supposed crack-security team, dominated the room. Large television screens dominated the walls and one of them froze on the faces of the two kids. Another showed the GPS positions of the three crew-trucks out on their search and recover mission. Van Houetti walked over to the guard and snatched the phone.


“What do you need, Van Houetti?” Paulton asked.

“I’ve got some bad news.”

“You better not tell me you’re having a problem with the local river because I warned you about that long ago.”

“No. It’s not about anything like that…. When we met earlier, it looks like two kids — I have no idea where they came from — seem to have recorded our little meeting today. I don’t know what they caught on tape, but we have a video of them hiding in the bushes, video-taping us!” Van Houetti said reluctantly. “I figured you should know.”

“You running some sort of Mickey-Mouse operation over there! What’s going on? A video of us together?”

“Whoa!” Van Houetti replied. “Let’s slow down, Mr. Innocent. For all I know, you brought them here! Strange that they showed up at the same time as you did, isn’t it, Paulton?”

“Van Houetti, all I have to say is that you better get your hands on that video! I don’t care what you have to do, just get them or get that tape!” Paulton yelled into the phone. “If you want to keep your farm, Van Houetti, you better start by cleaning up the mess you got here. If this tape becomes my problem, you’re finished!”

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