Planet Earth Protectors, The River's End

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“You guys okay back there?” Ian’s voice said through the speakers in the headrest as the truck raced along the dark empty highway. Teplan and Terah relished in the comfort of their reclined bucket seats.

Teplan looked over at Terah and raised his eyebrows, “Yeah, we’re okay.”

Terah returned the look, vacantly.

Marney’s gentle but strong voice came on, “What about you, Terah? You okay?”

Terah appreciated Marney’s consideration. Without siblings, Terah always wanted a big sister. “Yeah, I’m okay, Marney. That was pretty scary back there though! Thanks for asking.”

“You’re very welcome, Terah. I’m sure all of this is all overwhelming!”

“Sorry, what?” Terah replied. “I didn’t hear what you said, Marney.”

“Oh, I said, ‘you’re very welcome. And I’m sure all of this is all overwhelming for you!’”

“Yes, it is. Being chased by scary men who I think want to kill me is very overwhelming!” Terah replied.

“Sorry if it’s a bit loud back there right now,” Ian interrupted, “I’ll have the lid fixed. Actually, I’m going to have it reinforced a bit, too. Those guys didn’t get into the cockpit but they did manage to pry open the outer metal frame.”

Terah took a deep breath out and settled in her chair.

Ian’s eyes darted between the road ahead of him and the road behind him. He took a breath, pursed his lips and furrowed his brow. This was always the giveaway for Marney, who had seen this look many-a-time before. Ian was not happy. She had first seen it when they were in university and Ian learned the kitchen in the residence was not re-purposing their unused food for animal feed nor were they even composting. She also saw it when he learned that the university’s grass was being sprayed with harmful pesticides. This look meant something was not right and he was determined to fix it and there was no talking him out of it.

“Where are we going now?” Teplan asked breaking the silence.

“Back to Marney’s. We need to check on her pigs.”

“If those guys hurt just one pig,” Marney piped up determinedly, “I’m going to wallop ’em!”

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