Planet Earth Protectors, The River's End

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“Ian, they terrorized my barn!” Marney exclaimed as she looked around the tack-room at the garbage cans strewn about. Her industrial drawers, filled with cleaning and medical supplies, were carelessly hanging open. The doors into the main room were open and the lights were on.

“They better not have touched my pigs, or they’ll be in for it!” If there was one thing Marney hated, it was lack of consideration for life and the thought of these guys going into her barn and harming her pigs infuriated her.

“Bring back memories of when the big pig farm moved in and they tried to buy you out, Marney? And you said no and then they came back and offered you more money. Then they hassled you because you wouldn’t sell your farm to them!”

“Yes. Those jerks! They were so cruel. They shot their guns in the air and unsettled the drift. And because I kept saying no, they threatened that if I didn’t leave, they would burn down my barn. And,” she said suddenly, as if she had just remembered another detail, “they would sit in my driveway,” she said excitedly, “in their trucks until I’d call the police, then they’d leave and come back the next day! I’m so glad you guys were able to help me.”

“Me too,” Ian replied as he put an arm around her. She curled into him as they made their way to the main room.

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