Planet Earth Protectors, The River's End

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Teplan took Terah’s hand and they trudged through the soppy mud together.

“We need to stay low — the moon is bright,” Teplan said. “Remember when we went camping in Algonquin Park and it rained for two days in a row? And we walked along that dirt path that became a mud path?”

“You don’t need to remind me — the only difference here is that this mud field absolutely stinks! Whew, it’s so disgusting. I think I’m going to throw-up…” Terah mumbled as she held her stomach and took short breaths.

The safety of the forest disappeared as they stepped back onto the big pig farm. A familiar squish told Teplan and Terah they were definitely back in a spray field. The sopping mud sucked each foot deep into the unsteady ground as they made their way across the field.

“The pools are right over there,” Teplan said. “Let’s get a sample and get out of here. I’m going take a video and send it to Ian right away. Maybe he’ll also want to send that to whoever he sent the first video to.”

Once they got to the pools, they both covered their faces, Terah with both her sleeves and Teplan with his free hand.

“Ugh, this is so disgusting,” Terah mumbled through her shirt.

“It sure is,” Teplan said between breaths. “Keep an eye out while I record the pools.”

Terah stood beside a nearby bush and blended in with the background. Her wet clothes were soaked through to her skin and she began to shiver.

“Okay, I’m going to send this video, then I’ll get a sample.”

As soon as the message sent, an alarm in the building rang like a siren. Both Teplan and Terah crouched low and ran as fast they could as if a 3-foot high ceiling was over their heads.

I guess no sample! Teplan thought.

Doors of the building flew open and men barged out yelling at each other. “Red 1 to 4, get in the trucks and search the perimeter. Blue 5 to 8 on foot — spread out in the cardinal directions from this location tracking a zigzag pattern. Whoever just transmitted that unauthorized electronic signal from this property is not getting out of here tonight! Find and retrieve! Now!”

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