Planet Earth Protectors, The River's End

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Marney finished the final check of her livestock and turned on the P.M. lighting system in the barn. Ian leaned against the counter in the front foyer and looked at his phone. “It’s Teplan,” Ian said checking his phone, “I just realized it, but he sent a message about ten minutes ago. It looks like more video… of the storage pools this time! Where did they get this video from?” Ian exclaimed as he stared at his phone. “I’m calling him.”

Ian dialed. It rang twice then stopped ringing.

“That’s weird,” he mumbled holding the phone out as if to have a better look at it.

Marney looked up from tying the last garbage bag, “Can you track them on the GPS?”

“Yes, I’m doing so now…”

“The GPS shows Teplan and Terah are at… the pig farm? Again? What!”

“What? That can’t be!” Marney exclaimed lowering her broom, “You need to recheck that.”

“I just did. What the heck are they doing there? They’re supposed to be in your house!” Ian blurted as he looked at Marney. “I’m calling again. I have to go find them. You okay here?” he asked Marney, knowing that she was a smart and tough woman who lived on this property her whole life and would be fine.

“Yeah, I’m good. Everything’s safe here,” Marney replied. “Go get them!”

“I will! Ugh, now it’s going straight to the answering machine. Is their phone off?” Ian asked rhetorically, before pausing at the door to glance back at Marney. “Okay. Call you later, I’m going now.”

While running to his truck, Ian’s attempt to get Teplan on the phone again was only met with a hollow ring.

Straight to the answering machine.

The moment his call ended, his phone rang. The call display flashed ‘Planet Earth Protectors.’

“Ian. Confirmed 831 427,” he quickly rhymed off his password.

“Ian, we’ve tracked another alarm at the big pig farm,” said Charlie, the main operator at Planet Earth Protectors.

“Thanks Charlie. I think it might be Teplan and Terah, again. I just got another video from them and the GPS says they’re at the pig farm — I’m heading there now. Re-contact in 5 minutes,” Ian said as he turned out of Marney’s driveway.

He tried Teplan’s phone a fourth time.

No answer.

As the dot on the GPS unit flashed, Ian jumped into his truck.

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