Planet Earth Protectors, The River's End

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Teplan and Terah were not even halfway across the dark, goopy field when the security trucks that were parked beside the building roared into action. They pumped their legs, trying to run through the thick, heavy mud. Their clothes became more like anchors than anything else.

“Just make it to the trees!” Terah whispered between breaths. Movies where people were being chased by cars flashed through her head. She always wondered how they ever got away. Terah hoped this was one of those movies, but, the ground was so wet and heavy that she knew this would slow them down.

Teplan quickly glanced behind them and knew it would be too dark for anyone at the building to see them. Suddenly the clouds rolled in and hid the moon, and yet, a dim outline of the woods was still visible. Halfway there! Terah thought hopefully.

About a hundred feet on either side of them, headlights beamed at the face of the forest as they raced towards the pig farm’s perimeter. Another glance backwards showed silhouettes of men, evenly spaced between the trucks, running impressively quickly in their direction despite the wet mud.

The ground sucked Teplan and Terah’s feet with every step.

“Terah, if they get close, keep going. I’ll stay and distract them. You need to get to Ian and Marney.”

As much as Terah did not even want to be there in the first place, she knew there was no way she would leave his side.

Like a solar flare, huge floodlights blasted on all over the field. In one second, the entire field was lit up like a football stadium. Both immediately dropped to the ground with their hearts in their throats.

What are we going to do? Terah’s brain was thinking fast and her heart was beating even faster. The smell was horrific. The mud was revolting. And the lights were almost blinding. “Cover your body with the mud, stay as flat as you can and make it look like we’re part the ground,” she instructed. The ground rumbled as trucks zoomed around.

Lying as flat as possible, the cold, wet stinky mud easily covered their bodies and camouflaged them in seconds.

Good thinking, Terah!

This is repulsive!

All of a sudden, a voice crackled over a walkie-talkie that sounded as though it was only a few feet away. Boots squished into the soft ground beside Terah’s head. Teplan could hear the squishing and felt the ripple of the distorted mud. He peeked through the layer of mud on his face and saw a hulking figure standing right in front of them.

Teplan and Terah could hear the man huffing and puffing. Not even wanting to breathe, they stayed as still as statues. It felt like hours as the man stood over them.

Just then, the phone in Teplan’s pocket rang.

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