Planet Earth Protectors, The River's End

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Walking in the woods at night is spooky enough. But walking in dark woods that we don’t know is another thing, Terah asked, “What are we going to do?”

“Let’s just make it home — we’ll be safe there,” Teplan replied while pulling his phone from his pocket and turning it on. “Hey, Ian called a few times.”

“Oh my gosh! I heard the phone ring when we were lying in the mud!”

“That was a close-call!” Teplan exclaimed.

“The guy was right beside us too!”

“I know! I thought he was going to step right on my stomach!”

“Imagine that? I think I would have cried!” Terah said.

They looked at each other and belly-laughed.

After they had walked for a short while in the dark and quiet woods, they relished in an oddly peaceful feeling. They would soon be in the comforts of Teplan’s home and had gotten all the evidence needed.

Teplan pushed the red button on the phone and it rang once.


“Hi Ian…”

“You two okay? What are doing going back there?” Ian yelled.

“Yeah, we’re okay. Sorry, we know. After you left us at the house, the trucks came back up the driveway. I guess you guys were at the barn. So, we went in the underground hallway again and decided that if we could get some evidence from the farm, we could get them to stop chasing us,” Teplan said desperately. “Plus, we made it back safely, and we got new video of the pools! I sent it to you. Did you get it?”

“Yes, I got it. The Planet Earth Protectors are analyzing it now. I don’t know how on earth you two manage to keep getting in and out of that property without getting caught! They have security 24 hours a day!” Ian exclaimed. Teplan reminded him a bit of himself when he was younger. Ian’s mind traced back fifteen years when he was new to The Planet Earth Protectors. He was eager to stop factories from spewing harmful pollution into lakes. He was full of enthusiasm and didn’t always follow orders. Ian remembered when he once broke into a factory, against The Planet Earth Protector’s instructions, looking for information about chemicals that were being released into the Great Lakes. He was spotted by security guards who had chased him through the building, but he still managed to get some information before escaping.

Ian smiled.

“I’m tracking your cell phone on the GPS and I can see where you are,” Ian said as he zoned in on their position. “I’m coming to get you guys now. I’m 8 minutes away. Veer left through the forest and stay in that direction — you’ll get to the highway. Wait in the bushes until I pull up and don’t go onto the road until I tell you to!”

“You got it, Ian. We’re on our way.”

Ian slammed the gas pedal to the floor.

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