Planet Earth Protectors, The River's End

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“Re-enter your birth dates on the screen,” Ian instructed.

The keyboard came out of the side of the chair and hovered over their waists. They entered their birthdays. The Planet Earth Protectors’ logo faded out and a screen appeared requesting another password.

“This is so cool!” Teplan exclaimed.

Ian’s voice came through the headrest, “Teplan, enter the words Planet Guardian. Terah, enter Earth Defender.”

Instantly a new screen appeared which said, “Welcome to The Planet Earth Protectors, Protecting for Future Generations.”


“Can you just leave your truck in my driveway from now on?” Teplan joked.

Ian chuckled and remarked, “You can use it whenever it’s available.”


“Okay, click the folder marked ‘Project Soil Pollution.’ Then click on the folder marked ‘Water Sample.’ This sample shows the current pollution measurement of the river taken by our team just today.”

They opened the Water Sample folder and the first words they read were ‘River water polluted. Pollution registered at 700,000 ppm.’

“Hey Ian, what does 700,000 ppm mean?” Terah said.

“That means that for every one million parts of this sample, 700,000 parts of it is polluted — the same as seven out of ten. So… the water is really polluted.”

They looked at each other and nodded a silent confirmation of what they already thought. “This means that the pig farm will be closed for sure, right?” Teplan asked.

Ian remained silent as he slowed the truck and turned into a driveway. “We’re here guys. Do you mind shutting down? Oh, I have to call your parents — they’re probably worried sick!”

My parents! I’m going to be in so much trouble! Terah thought.

The tires sent rocks flying as the truck rolled off the road and came to an abrupt stop. The back of Ian’s truck soon opened and Teplan and Terah hopped out into the night’s warm air. Silence was broken only by the footfalls of their shoes. A small unassuming cottage tucked behind a row of flowering bushes stood rugged and comfortable. Walking side-by-side, Teplan and Terah followed Ian up the front steps and inside.

“This cottage must be over 100 years old!” Teplan exclaimed.

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