Planet Earth Protectors, The River's End

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“They’re not here either!” Mr. Guard yelled Teplan’s room in the upstairs hallway.

“What are we going to do?” sobbed Mrs. Freedden who was in the kitchen, standing with arms crossed and staring into space.

Pick up the phone, Ian, Mrs. Guard thought desperately as she paced the tiles that lined the front hallway. On the other end, Ian picked up his sister’s call on the second ring, “Jackie?”

“Teplan and Terah are gone!”

“Gone! What are you talking about?”

“One minute they were out back eating cereal, the next they were gone! I just got off the phone with the police and reported them missing! Ian, it’s horrible! Where are they?”

Ian’s boss, Mr. Kowalczyk, interrupted, “Who’s gone? Teplan and Terah?”

“One sec, Jackie,” Ian said while looking at Mr. Kowalczyk. “Teplan and Terah are missing! They were in their backyard eating cereal and then disappeared!”

“What! I’ll check the recent pig farm videos,” Mr. Kowalczyk said automatically as he rose from his chair.

“Jackie, we’ll find them, don’t worry,” Ian reassured her.

Mrs. Guard sobbed.

“Okay, this must be them,” Mr. Kowalczyk said pointing to a computer screen which showed two things that resembled bodies being carried from a van into the back of the pig farm.

“Jackie, we just looked at the video feeds from the pig farm and we think we see them. We’re sending a team to get them now. Oh and by the way, don’t mention anything to the police about the Planet Earth Protectors, right?”

“Of course not,” Jackie replied still sobbing. “You have to get them out of there, Ian!”

“The police are here!” Mrs. Guard said, flinging the front door open for the second time that night, and ran out screaming, “Our children are missing!”

“Okay Ma’am, do you mind if we talk inside?” a police officer said, getting out of an unmarked police car. Officers surrounded the house. Four cruisers immediately took over half of the street.

Speaking quickly, Mr. Guard began, “We’d just finished sending emails when Teplan and Terah went outside to eat a bowl of cereal on the back deck.

Mrs. Guard jumped in, “And a few minutes later, we went outside and found that the kids weren’t there! And weren’t anywhere! So, we called you guys.”

“Well, normally we can’t react right away,” said the officer in a calm voice. “You don’t think they could have gone somewhere on their own? Why do you think they’re at the pig farm by the river?” Asked the plain-clothed officer asked. He was standing tall in the middle of the kitchen, taking notes on a small notepad.

Mrs. Guard explained what Teplan and Terah had been doing during the day involving the big pig farm and her brother picking them up. “I just got off the phone with him and he said he thinks they must be at the pig farm. Men from the pig farm have been chasing them all day! They were even sitting outside of our house earlier tonight in big black pick-up trucks!”

“Okay. We’re going to get a search warrant for the pig farm —it’ll take a little while, but we’ll work on it. We’ll do everything we can, Ma’am.”

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