Planet Earth Protectors, The River's End

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Teplan tried to follow in his mind where the van might be going. The bumpy ride indicated dirt roads. Pig Farm.

Two men in black jumpsuits sat on a bench on either side of them with their arms folded across their chests. In the front of the van were two other men outfitted in the same fashion. The van was smelly and cold. Lying on his side, Teplan felt for Terah’s hands and they held on to each other tightly.

Terah closed her eyes and tried to stay calm through her tears. She tried to breathe slowly and think of her parents.

The van pulled off the road onto a long gravel driveway and drove past the metal barn and pulled up to a door behind the building. The van skidded to a stop and Teplan and Terah slid a few inches forward. The rear doors of the van swung open and many of the men started shouting. Suddenly, hands locked onto their ankles and yanked them out of the van. With their bodies hanging as if in a hammock, the sound of the outdoors disappeared, and they were carried passed the threshold of a building.

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