Planet Earth Protectors, The River's End

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Ian sped along a country road with his headlights cutting through the darkened corridor of highway. Worry filled his mind and determination filled his heart.

“We’re moving passed the edge of the forest,” a voice from the TFU confirmed over Ian’s radio. “Positioned at the mud field that Teplan and Terah hid in.”

Ian glanced at the clock. Their signal should come soon.

The moon hid behind clouds, making it very dark.

A moment later, the TFU’s amber light flashed on his cell phone.

A deep voice spoke quietly, “Ian, confirmed 831 427. In position for the Diversionary Tactical Approach. Over.”

Ian responded, “DTA commencing in ten seconds on the countdown from 3 to 1: three, two, one.”

Both began the timer on their watches. Ian took a deep breath and focused his mind on what he had to do. Once he got to the count of ten, he was turning onto the driveway — perfect timing.

The TFU knew that it would take exactly 20 seconds for Ian to drive the 400 meters to the back of the big metal barn going a moderate 15 kilometers an hour, which was just enough time for them to get from the pools to the door of the building.

Ian got half way up the dark driveway when massive floodlights blasted on, illuminating the whole compound.

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