Planet Earth Protectors, The River's End

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The four of them leaned against the counter, arms folded across their chests and lost in thought. Mr. Guard seemingly stared at the toaster, Mr. Freedden stared at the family pictures on the fridge and the moms stared into space.

The Guards, the Freeddens and a police officer stood in the kitchen when another police officer came in: “The media are here.”

The officer-in-charge replied quietly, “Amazing how quickly they get to us! Keep them on the street and tell them to not disturb the neighbors.”

The first officer nodded and went back outside.

Almost immediately, another police officer entered the house and announced, “We just received the search warrant.”

“Excellent. Organize the cruisers; I’ll be outside in a moment,” he replied as he gathered his hat and headed towards the door. He turned to the Guards and Freeddens, “I’m sorry, but you all need to wait here. Two police cruisers will remain right outside your house. We’ll search every inch of that pig farm, and if Teplan and Terah are there, we’ll find them.”

The Guards and Freeddens nodded, and the officer left the house.

Mrs. Guard turned to the other three, “We’re really not going to stay put and do nothing, are we?”

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