Planet Earth Protectors, The River's End

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“Gross! Look at the riverbank, Teplan! It’s oozing!” Terah smothering her face with her sleeve.

“It’s like it’s sweating.”

They stopped in their tracks and stared at what was unfolding before them. The river curved to the left, exposing about five feet of riverbank above the water all along the bend. Across the middle of the bank was a thick, brown line. Below the brown line, sludge seeped down the riverbank into the river and instantly clouded the water. Like opening Teplan’s dad’s hockey bag, it hit them — the most putrid stench bee-lined right up their nostrils.

“Eeeww! That’s disgusting!” Terah stammered as she threw both hands over her nose. The smell was made worse by the fact that her nose more sensitive that the average person’s nose.

“Super-smelling power, activate!” Teplan joked, unable to pass up the opportunity to tease her about her superhero-like smelling ability.

“This mud must be the reason why the river is a mess,” Terah said, her eyes locked onto the oozing riverbank. “Let’s take a picture to show our parents,” she added, pulling the camera out of the backpack on Teplan’s back.

“Good idea,” Teplan replied, surveying the direction of the sludge. “Where is this stuff is coming from?”

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