Planet Earth Protectors, The River's End

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The sun bounced off the wavy aluminum siding like a giant mirror and beat down on the muddy tire-tracks beside the humongous metal barn. The massive building dominated the large, open mud fields and stood out like a polka-dotted lion at the dentist’s office.

The farm owner stood with his hands behind his back and nose in the air, overlooking his land. With his fancy, grey, pinstriped suit and plastic covers over his expensive shoes, he stood-out like a lion at a buffet.

“So, how many trucks have we sent out today?” he asked the fat man standing beside him in a large, white lab coat.

The fat man wore a baseball cap high on his head and had a prickly beard that moved up and down while he chewed gum in the side of his mouth. His eyes were small from squinting. He wiped sweat from his forehead with a small towel and said, “Well Mr. Van Houttei, with this truck that’s being loaded right now, that’ll make 35 truck loads o’ hog for the day.”

Van Houttei just stared over his land as if the fat man was not even there.

After a few moments, and not another word from his boss, the fat man laboriously opened a heavy steel door to the gigantic barn and disappeared. Inside, the thick sauna-like air steadied itself at 100 degrees Fahrenheit; it was too hot for the fat man to move anything faster than slowly. A small coughing fit took hold of him before he spat on the floor and then walked on. A common event.

After leaving the well-dressed owner outside, the fat man was greeted by the new kid who was also in a white lab coat. “Boss! Boss! One of the main fans has stopped workin’ again!” he said between breaths as he hunched over, resting his hands on his skinny knees.

“Oh geez….Alright, give the pigs more medicine and I’ll call the repair guy.”

“Yes, Boss. Did you know that’s the second broken fan in two weeks?”

The heat in the building forced sweat from their brows and heated their throats, making it hard to breathe. The fat man ignored the new kid’s last observation and shuffled his way to his office. The kid turned around and lumbered off to the medicine room.

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