The Shadow Feast

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The story takes place in a world were creatures called shadow roam earth, what is known about them is their great hunger for human meat and power that can not be matched. The only known weakness is light, especially sun light. Shadows have no typical form and can be anything . The story follows Alice Candly also known as Candle light. She works as an inspirational on-air personality, she gives people hope while traveling between colonies and finding inspiration. One day she finds something more than just an inspiration, what she finds will change everything. Note: This and All my works are property of me, and my wattpad account of name A_d_a_m

Adventure / Fantasy
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Candle Light

Mister and Miss Candly walked through the main hall along with their ten years old daughter Alice,“Why are we here?“Alice asked.

“Alice I already told you,my friend here has an important announcement and we are here to support him.“Her father explained with a smile.

“But I am bored,“Alice whines and looks at her mother,“Mommy can we leave?“She asked making a cute face.

Her mother denied then said with soft voice,“We will not stay here for long, I will get you ice cream if you behave.“.

Alice sighed in frustration,but the offer for ice cream made her stay quiet.

The three walked in a theater room, there was a single man standing on stage with a heavy movement behind the curtains.

His clothes showed how rich he is,in fact he was one of the most influencing men in the country.

The man took a deep breath and started speaking,“Ladies and gentle men. I have been given the task to tell you about the status of the current problem,“The crowd looked uneasy luckily, the man interfered before they panicked,“Luckily, we have things under control with a special army force. now we-“Before he could finish his sentence, all the lights went out, only the faint emergency lights were on.Tens of black monsters of different shapes barged in.

Alice screamed and hugged her father tightly for protection. Soldiers with white armor ran out from behind the curtains.The shadows were slightly burnt by the emergency light, but it was not intense enough to kill or make them flee.

The soldiers pulled out special guns, the guns shoot light rays strong like the sun’s. People screamed and panicked while the shadows dragged them into darkness, more and more shadows began to show up.

Alice’s father was grabbed and slowly taken by a newly appeared shadow, He pushed her away to save her from danger. Her mother was not lucky either, the soldiers evacuated the few who survived including little Alice.

She cried all the way from the sun castle until they reached the shelter. One of the soldiers stayed behind to calm the civilians down and explain the situation for everyone. He was a massive man heavily equipped with unmatched weaponry,“Do not worry kid, you are safe here.“.

He cleared his throat then he yelled with his deep, loud voice,“Attention everyone!“, no body paid attention, the man pulled out a normal gun and shoot making everyone turn around.

“I am sorry to inform you that the shadow attacks are no longer a rare event..Shadows have developed some tolerance for faint light. They also seem to be smarter and more developed. For further information read this.“He gave everyone some papers with basic information written. There was warnings, some instructions, things like that.

What grabbed Alice’s attention is the chance of training, the chance of taking a part in the war.

Many years have passed.

Alice is now twenty four years old, she joined the training program like many people did and spent five years of her life for that. She was giving a special training by Light Bringer, the man who took her to safety when she was a child. She was one of the few to pass his test and become his special student. She stayed with him after the training spent most of her free time along his side. While the training facility focused on combat, Light Bringer shared his books with her, and he taught her most of the things she knows.

After graduation, Alice took part in many battles. But, the moment she knew her true purpose in life was when she became Candle Light, an on-air personality. Her radio channel called ‘Hope’ is one of the most famous and successful channels. The honesty on her voice, her belief in every word she says, and her pure soothing voice is what helped Alice climb her way to success.

Alice was taking a walk in the remains of a city, she walked alone clearing her mind and preparing for her next broadcast, the closest shelter was not too far. Alice looked at her watch and looked surprised by how the time has passed so quickly.

“I should get back, it is getting cloudy. Also,I have a broadcast soon.” Alice looks up at the sky and she runs to the closest shelter. something stops her though, she sees a shadow attacking a young child. Alice without holding back rushes to save the child in peril.

The dog-like shadow tackles Alice down and tries to bite her. Alice prevents its attack with one hand and then she pulls out her knife and stabs it multiple time until it dies.

Alice stands up and wipes off the black goo of the monster off her white armor, the one which light knights (the resistance) usually wear,“Hey child, are you alright?“.

She sits down near the child and observes her, the child did not have a single scratch on her,“You are quite lucky kid, these things stay forever.” She examines her own injury a year ago, the scar healed yet,it still hurts sometimes.

The child looks at Alice with tears flowing down her face, her clothes were torn, and she looked color drained. She was extremely pale, her hair was grey, and her eyes were white.

““The child could not speak well, she tried to hug Alice but fell on the ground, the child moved her hands around trying to reach for Alice.

“Are you..blind?“She looks at her with compassion and helps her up. The kid tries to walk by herself but falls again. She sniffs the ground and starts eating the goo of the dead shadow.

Alice looks disgusted and pulls her away,“DO NOT EAT THAT!” She yells and lifts the kid away from the goo.

“th..e..oooooo~“The child tried to say something but she fails, she does weird hand gestures.

Alice sighs and holds the child’s hand,“Poor child, do not worry. I will take you to a shelter, there you will have better clothes and real food. Maybe if i have free time I will help you speak again well.“. she smiles.

Alice went to the shelter and got inside her room, Alice locked the door then she took out her special device and started it. It was a convenient light weight device so she can broadcast anytime she wants.

She had the child, Betty, sit near her. Alice closed her eyes and took a deep breath...and she spoke.

“hello every one listening to hope. this is Alice Candly speaking, and today I came along something. Or to be accurate someone, a young child. Blind and barely able to speak. I rescued her from the clutches of death and she is currently sitting next to me. You know this child has a wonderful smile, all I said I am going to take care of her for sometime and she gave me the brightest smile I have every seen. My advice for today is that you should always help, even if it was small. Because at such hard times,even a small act can cause a huge smile.”

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