Empire's Last Stand

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14 students are sent into another realm by unknown causes - they try to find the solution and get themselves out while getting caught up in series and series of political drama, mysterious cases and possibility of war.

Adventure / Fantasy
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It is the year 2030, February 10th.

The pale sunlight shone through the windows, resting on Tensei Kabakura’s eyes, rousing him up from his tranquil sleep. The young male sat up and peered through the window, looking at the pier from his high-rise condominium. Unfortunately, it was a Monday.

His alarm buzzed. Tensei had woken up nearly half an hour before—which was, in fact, a godlike move.

He lazily switched the alarm off and got off his bed, ruffling and tousling with his soft bouncy hair quickly. He moved to the bathroom, where he then washed his face with a cleanser and abruptly brushed his teeth.

Topless, he stared at himself in the mirror as if he was looking at a younger version of himself.

“It’s the same day, repeated, over and over again. The same room, the same chaotic group of friends in the same lunch area.” he thought.

He rubbed his face with a towel and spent a few minutes changing into a new outfit for the day. The university he was attending—Heaven’s Ring International—consisted of seven buildings, with a wide park, and an eating area near the woods.

As he walked out of the bathroom, a pang of anxiety struck him in the gut—the likelihood that one of their assignments was tardy.

He trudged back into his bedroom and grabbed his iPhone 14 Pro, checking the past messages he sent to this close friend. The latest message from them was...a week ago.

At least 500 messages were from the group chat he was in. What were they talking about so late in the night?

Tensei sighed and put his phone in his pocket, then reached for the newest Fjallraven bag the girls in his friend group were all over about.

Heading out of his apartment room, he could see that the empty, white corridors were as silent and speechless as usual. As he walked past the neverending doors, the only sounds he heard were his footsteps.

Tensei made it into the elevator and pressed the ground floor button, where he then waited for the doors to close. He faced the opposite direction of the elevator doors, watching the sunrise through the transparent glass.

The high-rise apartment wasn’t too fancy or luxurious; all it had were three glass elevators (worth $120,000 each), and two large indoor gyms. However, they’ve implemented the latest, newest technology.

Tensei took his first step outside, breathing in the fresh morning air. He got on his hoverboard and proceeded to glide his way to HRI.

He looked at the time on his phone as the wind brushed against his fingers. It had struck at seven o’clock the moment he laid his deep-sea eyes on them.

“Haru would be lonely without me. I guess I should hurry.” Tensei thought, making a right turn. The school wasn’t so far from his apartment; it was about five kilometers away. His other friends had to take the train or wake up earlier if they didn’t have another transportation method.

Tensei checked the time again; twenty minutes had passed. More people appeared on the streets as time progressed; the city’s becoming livelier by the minute.

“I’m glad I bargained for this hoverboard.” Tensei thought.

At last, Tensei had arrived at Heaven’s Ring International—where it was still quiet. A few students were roaming around the campus, either talking with their friends or having their eyes glued onto their phones.

In the distance, he could see Haru Suzuki and Shiro Hayato waving at him.

Tensei’s eyes lightened up, with a grin appearing on his face. Immediately, he felt an arm wrap around his shoulder, followed by a laugh.

“Hey Tensei! Wanna go to the mall with the guys after school?”

That was what he remembered, for the most part.

They never got to go to the mall.

Instead, they suddenly awoke in an unknown realm, entirely covered with mountains to the east and the south. They were stranded in the middle of nowhere, with overcast, cloudy weather and wet grass meadows.

It rained heavily.

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