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This is different, just know that.

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Britain walked about on his daily walk around campus. Going to Morris Brown College, he found himself bored with the everyday humdrum activities, especially the tedious task of actually going to class. Sitting there for an hour listening to Professors talk about what he perceived as nonsense for several dreary weeks. But he endured it, if only to make his family proud of him, especially his mother.

Growing up in a religious background, Britain found himself search for 'God'. But he always found his low self esteem get in the way. He always figured the God had forgotten about him, though this was rather far from the truth. He just thought of himself as worthless.

As he walked back to his form, taking the long way around, Britain began to reflect on himself, or more specifically his appearance. Britain was not attractive by the conventional standards of beauty. His skin was a tad to dark, his hair a long mess, bring unkempt for personal reasons, and he was heavy to top it all off. He sulked even more, realizing that these were the things keeping him from finding anyone who would give him the time of day.

But where he lacked in looks, he similarly lacked in personality. Having Asperger's Syndrome, sociability was a rather foreign concept to him. He was shy, awkward, and had appalling social graces. He tended to stay in his room, away from social interactions and opportunities, preferring to read or watching gamers on YouTube. He was essentially undesirable to all.

Getting back to his room, he slumped down onto his bed and sighed, once again being lost in his own world, his own thoughts, and his own fantasies, often filled with what if scenarios, them being of him having every flaw of his being terminated. He longed for a companion, someone to understand and there for him.


Alexandra was very much so beautiful. But being a tomboy, she could really pass for a bit tough and rough around the edges. She stared at her reflection intently as she stood in the bathroom of her new dorm room. She had gotten there to keep her out of trouble. Trouble always seemed to find its way her, whether voluntarily or involuntarily.

Alexandra had a severe case of bipolar disorder. One moment she could be calm and brooding, and with so much as the slightest agitation, she could erupt into the violent, near killing machine that law enforcement and her therapist knew her as. Only taking these ghastly pills could her make an attempt to control her anger. But she hated these insipid little things that were supposed to be good for her.

Her physical appearance didn't help her with any of this. Standing at a impressive 6'2, she intimidated all who crossed her. People coul simply say that she was more than physically attractive. The sports her clothes were always a struggle when it came to hiding her figure, and she hated the stairs she would get from men, and some women, much to her dismay. Her skin was a perfect light caramel tone, that seemed sun kissed and forever golden. Her hair was a least down to her back when she actually wore it down, but most of the time it was in braids or a ponybun.

She was in church until about 12, when her parents eventually just stopped taking her. However she never doubted the existence of her creator, their relationship was just, tense....... or rather nonexistent.

She was always one to comfort, and could be a backbone when she wanted. Her relationship with men was just rather........ again tense. Her stature and demeanor made it hard for them to get to know them. That is until she met this one.....

These two contrasting personalities would soon meld together.

Alex woke up pissed off. She always woke up this way. Ever since she was a little girl, she always remembered being angry and aggressive. And everything made her upset, well most things for that matter. In grade school she always ended up in fights. Kids taunted her for her boyish way of dress and scrawny appearance, igniting in her a desire to never be messed with again. Her tall stature and moderately built and frame did no justice to how strong she actually was.

Come to think of it, she really wasn't even supposed to be on this campus. If it hadn't been for her last incident, she wouldn't even be here......


Alexandra walked to Walmart to pick up some Turtles, one the few sweet things she enjoyed in life. As she got to the line, she was patiently waiting when a rather shady man stepped in line. He looked about 20-25 years old with a rather irritated look on his face. Alex simply ignored him until the man stepped in front of her and pushed her precious Turtles out the way.

Now normally her reaction would have been an immediate punch in the face and broken nose for the punk who rudely cut her, but since she'd actually taken her medicine today, she had just a tad bit more patience than usual.

"Excuse me, I was in front of you". Alex said in a rather bland yet hostile tone.

All the man did was look at her with the same irritated face and proceeded to check out. Alexandra tried to remain composed and decided to repeat herself. Clenching her fists, she restated, "Excuse me sir, I was in front of you".

The man turned around and said something that he was gonna regret for the rest of his life. "Shut up you dumb dyke, faggots don't get to go ahead of me". At this point Alex was livid, and she had reason to be. See Alex wasn't gay, and she normally dressed with a bit of femininity in wardrobe, people were usually just thrown off by her tall stature. But now she really had to check the man who'd so rudely offended her. "Nigga if you don", Alex was then interrupted by a wad of thick, disgusting spit landing in her face.

And she began her rampage. For the next 20 minutes Alex relentlessly beat the man, who begged for mercy, all while losing majority of his teeth, and breaking several bones. When law enforcement arrived, a true assessment was made of her strength, as she pummeled several officers, many of whom were amazed by what she'd done, all before being taken down by a tranquilizer, thankfully avoiding a bullet..

Present Day

After her last incident, the condition for her not getting prison time was to go to Morris Brown College, where there were facilities to help her better control her short temper. As she got up from her bed, she mentally cursed as she had classes nearly all day. She did the usual morning routine that people usually do and went on about her day.


After a long day of classes, Britain made his way to the cafeteria on campus. The cafeteria was a place of joy and consternation to him. He loved food, but hated the way eating made him look. It made him heavier, and played dangerously on his self conscious. But he just loved food. He sat down at a table alone, hating the stares he received for his less than average appearance and substantial girth. He wished he could go back to his room, away from the condescending looks, the snickering laughs aimed at him, and the overall discontent with his presence.

As he began to eat, he felt strange. The feeling you get when someone is sending intense looks at you. He looked up and saw the most intent and studying eyes he'd ever seen in his life. She was gorgeous. Her perfect skin, long curly hair, and her beautiful body were captivating to him. The only thing that frightened him was her eyes. They were intent and borderline hostile.


Alex stared at the boy with intent. She wanted this oddball. She liked his face. Alex's standard of beauty and want were different from most people's. She'd been with attractive and hideous people, so looks weren't really a thing for her. Besides, he wasn't that bad looking. He had really high nappy hair, was rather heavy, and dark caramel color, sunburned to look chocolate. But when she looked at his face, he seemed tense and overly apprehensive. The expression on his face longed for a friend and companion, something which she fully intended on providing.

The only problem was that she had bad social skills. Introducing herself was not a strong suit, so she had to find a way to get him to notice her. But she was determined to secure this big chocolate drop she intently stared at.

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