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Completely Attached

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Alex walked around campus, finally being done with her classes for the day. She had a rather focused look on her face as she contemplated her little chocolate drop that she saw in the cafeteria. He seemed like he needed to be loved, to be cared for, and felt bad that he was all alone and being made fun of. Yes Alex heard their snide and rude remarks. She felt like breaking their noses when she heard them sending jabs at her source of infatuation.

Speaking of said source, she spot him sitting alone on the outskirts of campus. She made her way to a safe enough distance where she could take a closer look, but far enough not to be immediately noticed. She stared and furrowed her eye brows, because as she looked closer, his eyes were down cast and kind of squinting, the kind of face you get when you're stressed and anxious.


Britain went to the edge of campus to think. Thinking was one way of letting his thoughts run wild. It allowed him to calm down to a certain extent, because anxiety was an irritant that plagued him daily and persistently. Sometimes these dots even had tears fall from his eyes, but he was able to recover s ok somewhat, but to only fall back into the continuous cycle over and over again.

In church he'd always heard of a verse that intrigued him. It showed that the Almighty cared about him, even if their relationship wasn't the best. He'd been trying to get closer to his creator, and he'd had some success.

casting all your worry upon Him, for He is concerned about you.

Kĕpha Aleph (1 Peter) 5:7


As he calmed down from his fit of angst he peered up and saw a face that he'd seen before. A face once filled with intent and aggression, now filled with emotion. Was it concern? He quickly decided to look away as he deemed himself not worthy to look at that gorgeous face. As he looked down, a few moments passed before he felt a tall presence in front of him. When he looked up, he self consciousness immediately took over and he averted his eyes to his shoes. But his head was quickly lifted up by a firm yet gentle hand.

And what's more, the hand began to rub soft circles in his temples, soothing the tension headache he had. See normally, Britain didn't like being touched, but he felt that she wasn't coming to harm him, so he let it slide..... this time.

The look on her face was one that said, "Relax, I gotchu". The face said no words, only stared with sympathy and compassion. " W-Who are you", Britain asked, obviously bewildered at the fact that someone new was caring for him. Yet the oddly beautiful face still said no words. Only stared. After what seemed like an eternity of staring, the hand stroked the side of his face, and let go. She gave an awkward wave and walked away.

Britain sat there stunned. Someone actually comforted him. Made him feel.... wanted? Special? Whatever the feeling, he found himself very much so enjoying it. He wanted to feel it again. He never wanted to let it go.


Alex sat on the edge of her bed, thinking about her object of affection. That tense face was something she wanted to rid him of. She hated the way he looked, trying to cope and calm himself without help. Who would make someone so stressed. He looked innocent and kind when she saw him, so why'd he look like this now?

Alex decided that she had to get to know the guy As she lay on her bad, she thought of how she would get to know her Hershey Kiss. Lol Hershey's. Alex loved chocolate, whatever the form, and this guy was the one she wanted now.


Britain walked around campus once again. It was raining and dreary, the perfect weather for lying down and watching Netflix until grey sky induced sleep took over. Not only was he going to do that, but he was also going to enjoy one of his favorite treats. His stomach rumbled hungrily, begging him to fill it with the chocolate coated treat. He was talking about Turtles of course! Who couldn't love the chocolatety, nougaty candy. Britain actually felt better today. He wasn't getting the usual stares and looks that he usually got.

Britain hummed happily as he walked out of the store and back to his dorm room. He decided that eating one now couldn't hurt, and opened the gold back, and bit into one.

As he stopped in the student center, Britain forgot about all the cares in the world as he bit into the piece of candy. The look on his face was one of joy and satisfaction. He quickly stuffed them into his back pack. As he walked down the walk way to his dorms, he spotted......... people. Just people.

Dang it, his introverted nature was getting him again. His time in church never really adjusted him to people in the outside world, so he didn't know how to interact with it. He knew that the Almighty existed, but he never knew why his church would always preach about not being like the world, but he felt like he was never meant to fit into it. Despite his attempts, people could never get around his sometimes monotone voice and awkward interactions with it. It seemed so foreign.

The worse part about it was that people actually began to look. They stared, not knowing that his strange, jerky movements or his stale face was actually a part of a developmental disorder. With this he started to panic a bit inside.

Tears started rolling down his cheeks as he began to internally panic, not liking to slight panic attack that was taking place. And the more heads that seemed to look his way the more they seemed to fall.

As he looked, those that stared at him looked at him funny, there was an occasional snicker here and there, but more of them held a look of near condescension, reading,

"What's wrong with him?"

"He's weird"

"Hope he don't think about coming near me"

With all of these thoughts running through his head he began to breathe rather rapidly, his legs becoming restless until he couldn't take it any more, bolting to the nearest door. As he nearly sprinted he couldn't really focus, dropping the chocolate things which were so dear to him. But he didn't realize through the stress induced tears that there was a pair of familiarly intense eyes watching him.


Alex was rather annoyed.

Not that anyone had done anything to her specifically, but they'd hurt the object of her yet to be consummated affections. She peered at the faces of those who'd witnessed his panic induced episode. Their faces were filled with indifference or ridicule, and those who seemed to understand didn't try to help.

Alex got up, her natural mug still on her face, but determined to go find where the caramel coloured boy had ventured off to. She walked, not paying attention until she felt a crunch under her foot. The bag of turtles he had was now crushed under her feet. Alex grinned a little. Now she had an excuse to actually approach him......

Alexandra was stuck as she stood in front of the guy she liked. She'd stumbled across him.on the outskirts of campus, trying to calm down after his attack of anxiety. She was so happy to find him there that she forgot how bad her own social skills were. Now here was, stuck and in a rut.....


She was beautiful. Her hair in a pony bun, curls falling to the side of her head and face, a goody hiding her neck. Was that ink? He pushed that aside when she finally stopped staring after what seemed like an eternity and acted.

The girl thrust a huge bag of chocolate turtles in his face. Britain reluctantly took them. After taking them, Britain looked down in embarrassment. He'd never been in contact with such a beautif-, gorgeou-, what was she? She was a rare sort, her femininity not so forced, in a laid back manner.

"T-Thank you", he finally stuttered.

After standing there for what seemed like hours, his feministic admirer did something unexpected. She leaned down to his forehead and placed a chaste kiss on it. We they're bodies made contact, it was as if their bodies were melding together into one. His comforter then said something he'd never forget.

"My name is Alex". With that she left Britain standing there stunned and.... queasy?

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