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Tia was a normal teenager untill she had a car accident loosing her bestfriend But she doesn't remembers how she survived But is determined to find it will she find the truth? Will she save or destroy the world of elementals? ______________ Or will she fail cause of love?

Adventure / Romance
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5 years ago

It was a Friday afternoon.Tia was sitting in the far corner of the cafeteria and was gazing across the cafeteria.It was filled with students,all talking about only one thing.On the far corner she saw a red haired girl searching for someone.It was her bestfriend,or her only friend Samaira.

They were really close friends and had known eachother since they were kids.

Tia waved her hand to get her friend's attention.Samaira who was still searching for her, since she was not able to see her,so she went to Samaira herself and grabbed her hand,and took her to the small corner where she was sitting.

"Oops I think the contact lens are really not working"

Samaira said without any regret.

"yea"Tia agreed not really thinking about that.She was thinking about the party,since it was the end of the semester and all the students were invited to Brad's house (aka the popular guys house) and it was always the biggest and the most craziest party always.

And Tia really wanted to go to the party since last time she missed it because of her parents death . It was a tragic incident they were murdered by a serial killer who is probably rotting In the prison now. She barely knew her parents and since they barely talked to her there death did not affect much to Tia.She always felt they were cold and cruel and they also never revealed there jobs and whenever she use to try to talk to them.They would simply ignore her or say that they were busy.

Tia from a young age knew how to care for herself since her parents were always busy in there so-called business trips.And now Tia really wanted to go to the party and enjoy the night like a normal teenager.

"So when do we leave?"

Samaira asked bringing Tia back to the reality"why not we leave at 7?"

Tia said"Sound good will come at your house at 6:45" said Samaira"It's a date" agreed Tia and started heading home. She now lives at her house alone since she doesn't'know any family members other than her parents who died.She doesn't even know who her grandparents are, since her parents never revealed her anything.Tia removed those thoughts again and told herself ,today is going to be the night of her life and she will enjoy it .

She stepped into her house and started pulling out dresses to wear in the party. She then chose a black dress with a satin ribbon on the waist and designed net sleeves.Then she started with her make up and decided to leave her hair open.After some time the door bell rang and Tia grinned and went to open the door.Samaira was looking like a goddes she wore a red short dress with tights "you look awesome" said Tia smiling"well,says the girl who looks like a modern sassy princess!"exclaimed Samaira and they both laughed and started driving there way to Brad's house .

"oh shit! It 7:30 we are so late for the party"

said Samaira,while Tia irritatedly was tapping at the drivers wheel.There was a huge crowd of cars and they were stuck. Both of the girls signed."hey Tia why don't u take the shortcut?"

asked Samaira loosing her patience.

Tia signed and looked at Samaira and said " I don't know the route and I have never went from there and besides, I don't see anyone going in there,also the party is gonna last till 5am or something nothing will happen if we loose some hours"

"Well I know that but Ron won't be happy I told him I will come by 7 and how bad will the shortcut be? it ends just after the traffic and it just has a bad road come on!!!"

whined Samaira.Ron is probably her 24th boyfriend or was it 23th? Tia lost her count Samaira may be a sweet girl but she ditches people on the smallest arugument (of course leaving Tia).Tia signed and checked her watch it was getting late and she didn't think she can handle the whines of Samaira anymore which were starting to annoy her now. She checked her watch again and said"fine Sam but u gotta guide me through the maze though"

"Sure! "

Said Samaira and by that they drove towards the shortcut not knowing what all things are lurking behind it...

"Wow Sam if anything happens to my car you are gonna have to pay for it"

said Tia the road was not only bad ,it was extremely bad the road was unevened and it had random rocks and huge twigs in the road it was even worce than driving through a rural area.

"yea yea now go left... I think and then go over the bridge"

" I don't like you using the word 'think' alot Sam ,you sure we go through the bridge this place feels old"

said Tia hiding back a shiver it not only felt old but also felt dark maybe cause it was dark but Tia was feeling something else as if like how someone will feel in a haunted houses knowing something scary will pop out of the bushes or something.

"Kk but I am sure it's okay I mean look at the bridge I don't think we will fall in there or anything. Jeez Tia u are reading too many danger adventure stories theese days come back to reality"

sometimes your best friends can get all snotty and bitchy sometimes and u need to go with the flow or else u might risk having an arugument.Tia thought back and replied sarcastically "I get it miss queen sorry for the objection"Samaira rolled her eyes and went back to her phone probably chatting with Ron telling him that they were on their way.Tia took a breath and went through the bridge there were noises or sound like twigs getting cut from the cars weight but Tia went slowly and carefully.It felt wrong as if she knew something bad is going to happen, but they needed to go to the party.After a while,when they were about to cross the bride, out of nowhere a bright object came and crashed the car and it fell in the river which was unluckily very deep .

They were sinking in the river very quickly.And Tia struggled to process what was happening and was panicking while Samaira also doing the same .They tried to get out of the car but it was crushed very badly and the door was not opening for niether of them.Both the girls started screaming for help and were trying there best to come out of the belt while the car was filling with water and within seconds the car was filled with water and they both were sinking they were trying to escape out of the window but it was very small for escaping and the button for lowering the window was not working the car was totally damaged by the hit.

Both the girls struggled untill slowly Samaira let out her breath knowing she won't survive and stilled. Tears were coming out of Tia eyes and getting mixed with the water knowing she is also going to die and end up like Samaira slowly even Tia let out her breath not able to hold anymore and started struggling a bit with the water in her lungs Her vision was going blurry but she saw someone dive into the water coming towards her she tried to keep herself alive but it felt impossible and then she closed her eyes and stilled down..

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Phew I edited it and you guys were right it needed to get edited sorry will do the same for the other chapters soon too.

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