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A simple story of a group of people who try to solve complex problems of the world.

Adventure / Fantasy
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Under The Veil

Average. It is what I am. I don’t have ears that could hear from different dimensions. I don’t have circles that could send me to anywhere. I cannot control lights coming out of street lamps. And I don’t have any pets that I could control.

But I want to tell you this story. I know I am not fit for the job. As my hair is not made out of paper nor my blood is made out of ink. If that was the case, I could have plucked some of my hair, fill my pen with my blood and start writing. And you would probably say “well, at least he fulfills biological requirements”.

But as I told you before I am not fit for the job. I am pretty sure that my pen could have written the story itself better than me, without even needing me. But pens need to be held. And I just wanted to hold the pen.

It was an average day for Victor until he received a call from his aunt. She started to speak as soon as he answered the phone.

-My dearest Victor. I hope you are well. You sound good. I have good news for you! Your cousin is going to live with you for a while. He is on his way to Vouna. Just send him the address. It is good, is it not?You guys will get to hang out like you used to before. I am bit busy now so let us discuss details later. Bye.

Not a single word could come out of Victors mouth. If he could he would have put some ”What? “s into the conversation. But all he did was stand still even long after the call. After a while he glanced around the house and suddenly filled withpanic as he realized there was less than a day left until he makes the house look somewhat “ordinary” for foreign eyes.

At four o’clock in the morning Chase, cousin of Victor, get off of the train. The damp weather made him stand at the station without any desire to move. He was considering returning back to home when a sweet breeze passed him to reach the sea. Then he simply wanted to follow it.

Street lamps was barely illuminating the streets that connected to city square. Apart from a bakery and a warehouse, there were no sounds and no motion at all. He kept walking towards the big fountain right in front of the city hall. Due to the lack of light he was only following the sound of water.Strange thing was at least the fountain should have been illuminated fully. Slowly, he was able to saw three figures near the marble steps of the fountain.Tall figures which were darker than their surroundings, seemed like they were looking at the statue surrounded by the red water which he thought must be because of dim lights. To understand what was so appealing about this fountain that made people come and visit it 5 o’clock in the morning he kept getting closer and he is noticed by these figures and they turned to face him.

Suddenly he started to shudder as one of the figures pulled out a sword. He was still walking towards them without being in control of his feet but they were still 10 meters away from him.Then at the same time he gazed upon the fountain one of those dark figures raised its hand directed at him. And just before everything become pitch black, he was able to identify that water was red because it was filled with blood and the statue was a dead body of a man.


- He probably had an epileptic seizure.

- Or overdosed on a drug.

- Look at him he is too young and decent looking to be overdosed on a drug.

-Are you kidding me? Even little kids get overdosed in some places. I think this guy over here started using them when he was a child and yesterday

he decided to end it all cleaned himself up for one last time and over dosed right here.

- Right in front of a pension house?Yes, that makes sense.

Chase suddenly wake up gasping for air startled both elderly. As his eyes teared one of the elderlies hold him and the other went to get some help.

After cleaning the house all night,in order to get rid of the smell of cleaning products, Victor was trying to open windows of his living room. After giving it,one last shot, he managed to open it.When the doorbell rang,he saw a police car in front of the pension house right next to his apartment. After the doorbell rang again, he run to the door and opened it. He saw Chase accompanied by 2 police officers.

- Sir do you know this man?

- Yes...yes he is my cousin. I was waiting for him.

- Some elderly found him passed out in front of the pension house. They thought he was overdosed.

Officers started to chuckle.

- I told you I must have been fainted due to tiredness. said chase angrily.

- Whatever the reason you scared some older people today kid.

said one of the officers trying to scare chase.

- Excuse my cousin he has this medical condition, he faints some times. I am a doctor myself so Iwill take care of him.

We are deeply sorry for all the trouble.

- Well anyways we have better things to do.

- No doubt. Have a nice day.

After officers sent an irritated look at Chase they walked to the staircase of the apartment.

Chase looked at Victor in the eye.

- Hello Victor.

- Hello Chase.


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