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Chapter #15 The Legendary Armor of Kamisama

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Prince Christian and Raziel are forced down into the tomb of the forest of darkness to retrieve the legendary armor of Kamisama. What traps await them? What part do the seven chosen play in all of this? Wait, seven.....the assassin Cain strikes!!!

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Chapter 1

Christian, six of the seven chosen, and Raziel all slowly trailed behind the levitating summoning, making sure to stay alert and be as cautious as possible. The youthful prince didn’t dare leave the grand duke’s side not even for an instant. He was terrified of the long narrow tunnel of which they traveled down and feared what lurked at the end. The self-ignited torches along the sides of the wall danced in the darkness. Number two’s light that shined from its open mouth and eye sockets illuminated the ominous path far better than the weak flames.

“Hm!” Kaz sounded.

Rufus looked at him with wonder, “What?”

“If this stupid monsters gonna take us to a magic armor then why not get it and use it to beat tha crap outta that ugly magic guy.” Kaz suggested.

“Because we’re not going to risk endangering Carmon even more.” Raziel reminded.

“Pft, screw tha money.” he said referring to his arraigned deal with Grechov, “Now my life is on tha line and I say we jump that fire guy.” Kaz disagreed.

Raziel stopped and turned to look at Kaz, “You had better do as the rest of us, cause if my daughter is harmed because of your stupidity...” Raziel threatened.

Kaz protest the grand duke’s threat with his facial expression, “Or what? What are you gonna do?” he asked making a fist readying to fight the grand duke.

Raziel’s temper began to burn from the man’s disrespect, lack of concern for others, and disobedience. The grand duke prepared to humble the instigator and readied a clear punch to his face. Christian was nervous and looked on at the two preparing to fight one another when suddenly the flames along the walls burned brighter and more intense.

“That’s enough fight’n amoungst yurselves!” Fire starter’s voice declared.

Everyone in the old tunnel looked around for any signs of the fire mystic, but he was nowhere to be seen.

“Everybody else heard tha fire guy’s voice, right?” Wade asked.

“Yeeaah.” Seth replied wearily.

“How?” Wraith wondered.

“Fire starter started the fires alongside the tunnel, so he can watch and hear you all through the flames.” the creepy summoning informed.

“YEAH! So, stop squabbl’n with each otha and get ta mov’n!” Fire starter ordered.

Seth walked between Raziel and Kaz and stood in between the two, “Let’s just focus on one jerk at a time, okay?” he stated holding his hands out as if pushing the two away from each other.

Kaz and Raziel were both angry at one another, but continued on their way and followed the magical creature, “That’s better.” it stated.

While walking, Seth looked about the cave like tunnel, inspecting the details all around. He was interested to notice that despite being underground, the tunnel walls, floor, and ceiling were all completely void of any moisture. Suddenly an annoying tune rang from out of nowhere which startled everyone including Number two. Christian was so jumpy that he yelled from everybody’s joint reaction, which only aided to making them all jump.

“What tha hell was that?” Vincent asked upset.

Rufus checked his cell phone, “Hey, I gotta a text message!” he replied happily.

Seth was breathing heavily since his heart skipped a beat, “I thought that damn thing wasn’t working.”

“I guess it comes and goes here.” Rufus figured.

“In this forest AND underground? Who’s your provider?” Wade wondered.

“HEY! Can we focus here people!? Times waste’n.” Fire starter complained.

The eight of them finally reached the end of the tunnel and entered a large room with multiple body suits of armor from many different regions of the globe. They were all evenly placed apart from each other against the wall on both sides of the room. Cobwebs clung to suits as well as the ceiling.

“This must be it.” Christian said while gazing at the empty suits of armor.

Raziel held the young prince behind him and looked about the room for some manner of booby trap.

“Maybe, but which one?” Raziel thought out loud.

Wraith and Kaz walked ahead of the rest which stood near the entrance to the room at the bottom of the long underground tunnel. They tried inspecting the multiple suits to try and figure out which one could possibly be the legendary armor.

Seth joined them and looked around the room, “If one of these are the legendary armor, then why all this trouble in finding us? That doesn’t make any sense. It seems so unnecessary.” Seth deduced.

There were so many different and spectacular variations of armor. Some resembled those of knights of old or ancient samurai. A few suits displayed elaborate carved designs etched into the trim of the armor where others bore aged random pelts of fur or massively oversized feathers. There appeared to be in range from twenty to thirty different body suits. A few suits were constructed of old rusty looking scrap metal and very few looked to be of silver and gold. It was a convincing mind trick, trying to figure out which suit of armor was the legendary armor of Kamisama, especially due to the fact that there were no clues around to indicate which was the right pick.

Christian looked at his reflection in the suit of armor closest to him and the grand duke. It almost felt like the armor was calling out to the prince. He started to reach out to touch the armor. His fingers were only centimeters away when a quick flame instantly shot at the armor and lightly singed the young boy’s glove.

“AYH!” he yelped in surprise.

“I wouldn’t touch those if I were you.” Number two warned. “All of these are fakes and most of them are traps.” it said smiling with its eerie smile.

All eight stopped looking closely at the armor and backed away from the displayed armors.

“Traps?!” Christian repeated nervously after the summoning.

“Yes!” it laughed, “Some with poison, some with magic, and some with a good old fashioned pit of spikes.” it remembered.

“That would account for the few ribs, skulls, and arm bones lying around.” Seth pointed out.

“Hope these suits don’t come ta life to.” Wraith worried, recalling his moment on the terrain dosser with Grunt.

This concern, however, only made Christian more nervous than before. “You don’t really think they’ll come to life do you?” he asked quietly tugging on Raziel’s coat.

“No, just make sure you’re close by me, okay?” Raziel comforted, not truly knowing if the armor suits would move and attack.

“Oh crap, dude! I know I just heard something down there.” Rufus warned fearing some manner of being was deeper in the room hiding within the darkness.

“There is nothing in here besides us.” The summoning gladly reported.

Still, despite its word, Vincent, Kaz, Rufus, Wraith, and Christian all tried standing where they stood and peered down the room, squinting and moving their heads about to witness any movement.

“Raziel, this part’s fa you! Walk down tha aisle of arma’s until ya see one with a Vailstone crest on tha helmet. Lemme know when ya see it.” Fire starter’s voice instructed.

The grand duke swallowed, took a deep breath, and prepared himself for any trickery of the deceitful fire mystic. He slowly began walking down the middle of the aisle of the suits of armor. He carefully looked at each of them looking for the right crest. Christian, who was in toe with Raziel, was directly behind him and holding on to the back of the grand duke’s coat. Christian looked at the armored suits from a distance like Raziel, but his fear prevented him from retaining much detail, he was more concerned about some manner of beast appearing and snatching him up to kill him.

Raziel felt a pull on the back of his coat and looked back to see Christian close behind him and scared. He smiled for a moment because it reminded him of his adventures with Christian’s father many years ago. Raziel and Dorian together in the faces of danger, a fighting duo and now starting anew with his son. Raziel chuckled a little for the king, much like the prince, was always scared and in need of protection.

Christian looked up at Raziel, “Hm? What is it?” he asked wondering what the

grand duke found amusing.

“Oh, nothing. Just thinking, you and me are living an adventure together, just like me and your father used to do.” Raziel recalled.

“Really? Yeah, huh!” he said realizing. “Although I’m sure dad was more of a help then I’ve been so far.” he whined.

Truth was king Dorian was not a true warrior and honestly he and Christian were practically at the same level of heroism and fighting ability, but rather than tell the truth and ruin the image of the boy’s father Raziel took a different route, “Don’t worry, in time I’m sure you’ll be just a great an adventurer as he was, maybe even better.” he smiled.

“Think so?” the prince asked hopefully.

“Yeah, I do.” he smiled looking back at the prince for but a second.

Something up ahead and to the right caught Raziel’s eye for a split second, it appeared to be an old cheaply constructed suit of armor with a Vailstone kingdom crest. Raziel walked over to the suit for validation.

“Hey, that’s it huh?!” Christian asked with excitement.

“Yeah, this is it. Okay Fire starter, I found it, now what?” Raziel asked.

“Finally, took ya long enough. Now move that arm’a to tha side and let Numb’a two do tha rest.” the mystic replied seemingly happy.

Raziel looked around the armor and didn’t see any signs of an opening for a trap door from underneath or anything similar to that effect. The grand duke hesitantly touched the armor and slowly lifted upward to set it to the side. He placed it against the wall leaving an empty spot where the armor once sat.

“There, now it’s your turn.” he said letting the summoning know his instructions had been carried out.

Number two swiftly flew over to the prince and grand duke and stared at the wall where the moved armor stood. The being created a fire ball from between its hands and launched several into the wall. The fire didn’t shatter the wall, but instead began forcing light to shine from behind the wall itself. The bricks started glowing and loosening up, causing gravel and broken rock to crumble and fall to the floor. The illuminating blocks folded inside the wall and created an opening into yet another room.

Raziel and Christian stood in awe behind the magical summoning which continued levitating before them. The room that was presented to them was suspended over what could best be described as a fierce whirlpool. The room was circular in shape and on the sides had stone carvings of ancient fish with open mouths that somehow managed to have a strong constant flow of running water surging through them. The center piece that was suspended from the walls had a circular platform with seven swords pierced inside it. All that was visible of each sword were the uniquely designed hilts. A sheath was placed in front of each sword except for the sword with the largest hilt, which had a dirty cloth placed in front of it instead.

But most mesmerizing of all was the amazing suit of armor that rest upon a display stand. It looked to be of pure gold and glimmered inside the poorly light room.

“Oh wow, that’s it, isn’t it? The armor of Kamisama, it’s real.” Raziel spoke in amazement.

There was so much speculation about the power and capacity of the armor of God, so many stories flooded the grand duke’s memory. He was filled with such wonder, it was always an unattainable high when accomplishing a quest and finding an unworldly artifact.

“Awe, the armor?!” Christian asked, wondering if his sight was playing a trick on him.

“What is it?!” Wade yelled to the royal pair from the end of the tunnel.

“Come on, hurry! We found it! The armor and swords and everything!” Christian yelled back happily.

Wade, Seth, and Rufus all made their way over to them quickly while Wraith, Kaz, and Vincent slowly walked over. Raziel braced both arms on each side of the opening to the new room as he walked inside, noticing the watery death trap below.

“Everybody be careful here, the, the ground is wet and there’s no flooring along the walls!” Raziel warned.

They had gotten too far for someone to make a simple mistake and fall off the side and ruin everything. The small bridge to the platform over the whirlpool was four feet wide and twenty feet long, just big enough to feel safe but just small enough to easily feel nervous of falling from.

They each slowly and carefully filed in one by one, taking in the amazing sights of the mystical room yet still paying close attention to the slippery flooring and rushing water below them. The six chosen approached the circular platform of swords that circled around the armor.

“This is why we’re here right? For these swords or somethin’?” Wraith asked, recalling the words of the mystic spoke of before.

“Yeah, I think so.” Raziel slowly replied.

“So, I guess we just pull each one out or what?” Wade asked.

All but Kaz and Christian looked at Wade, wondering if he was making a pervy joke or if it was just ironic.

Wade shrugged his shoulders and pointed his hand at the swords, “I meant tha swords.”

Kaz huffed, “Hm! It doesn’t look that complicated ta me.” he stated and walked over to one of the swords and grabbed the hilt.

“Wait! If it’s not done properly something might happen!” Raziel warned the stubborn man.

Due to Kaz’s rash and arrogant nature he ignored the experienced grand duke’s warning and pulled on the hilt anyway. The strong man pulled, but the sword didn’t budge and nothing happened. Nothing was heard but the sound of forceful flowing water and the laughter of the mystic’s summoning.

They all turned to look at Number two, who was watching them from the entrance of the new room.

“Ha, ha, ha! Silly humans, you have to do it right or it isn’t going to work.” the small floating summoning laughed.

Upon the end of its sentence Number two was surprised from something hidden on the other side of the wall and was sliced in half in a single swipe of a rusty sword. The being was mid-night black on the outside, but its insides were bright yellow burning particles that dispersed about and faded upon exiting. Number two’s entire body slowly floated to the ground and disintegrated before touching the wet floor.

The entire group stood by in surprise and awaited the identity of the one who killed Number two.

Suddenly for Christian and Raziel an all too familiar voice grumbled in a demonic tone, “Nobody move.”

All stood still and stared at the newly open entrance way to witness the cold assassin reveal himself from the shadows of the other room. He pointed the sword he used to slice through the small summoning at all of them. The assassin wore a mask with small slits for his eye, the rest resembled a hockey mask, but with a pair of horns at the top. Cain’s entire persona was constructed to strike fear into his enemies and lead them to believe he was a supernatural creature of death.

Not much was noticeable about the murderer except that he bore many healed over scars on his arms. He had hidden his face and masked his true voice, he wore gloves to prevent fingerprints from being left behind, walked around bare foot for stealth purposes, and wore a tattered cape with a hood on the back.

Cain motioned with his rusty blade, “Everyone on that side.”

“That’s him! That’s tha guy that…” Christian warned fretfully.

“Cain.” Raziel said in a monotone voice.

Everyone walked over to one side of the suspended platform as Cain approached the center piece with all of the swords. He slowly walked over while continuing to point, keeping them at his mercy.

“Well this sucks even worse than before.” Vincent complained, noticing he was inches away from falling off the side of the platform and plummeting into the whirlpool.

“Shut-up!” Cain quickly warned.

He climbed on the four foot tall platform that bared the seven swords and walked over to the legendary armor that stood in the center of that ring. He sensed a force attracting him to a particular hilt, but ignored the bizarre force to obtain the real prize. The assassin had felt an adrenaline rush that he hadn’t felt in a long time as he approached the armor. Cain actually felt a sense of nervousness in the pit of his stomach. As he got closer, he looked back at the others defenseless and literally on the edge of death.

“This sucks hard. Everything we’ve done, just to see this jerk come and steal it.” Wraith griped.

“Everything we’ve done? You were handcuffed in the car tha whole time, you didn’t do anything.” Seth reminded.

Wraith glared his eyes at Seth, “Shut-up before I push you off.”

Cain reached out to grab the suit of armor, his hand was six feet away until he was suddenly forced off the platform and nearly flung to his death in the violent whirlpool below. The assassin was crouched over on the edge opposite from his captives.

He stood up angrily, “A barrier.” he grumbled. “Remove it. NOW!” he ordered pointing his blade at the group.

“We don’t know how.” Raziel informed.

“Remove …the barrier…or else.” Cain warned in his monster like voice.

“I’m telling the truth.” he tried explaining to the mysterious individual, “We can’t remove tha…” he stopped as he felt his chest and remembered Seth’s gun in his coat pocket.

“Remember something?” Cain growled.

Raziel noticed that Christian was safely behind him still holding tightly to his coat, “Yeah, I did.” He answered back pulling out Seth’s gun. “Drop the sword over the edge.” he told Cain after quickly pointing the gun directly at him.

Cain tilted his head as if pondering to obey.

“Do as I say.” Raziel threatened, tightening his grip on the gun and pulling back slowly on the trigger.

Cain looked at his sword, tilted his head slightly once more, and dropped the sword over the edge of the platform and into the whirlpool underneath them.

“Good, now let’s throw him over tha side.” Kaz suggested punching his open hand.

“No! Keep your distance. I’m sure he’s got a trick up his sleeve, besides, we need him.” Raziel informed.

A ring of fire flowed from the room of armors and into the secret domain, only igniting the very edge of the wet platform of which they stood.

Fire starter’s laugh cackled through the room, somehow sounding over the loud rushing water and deadly flood below. “Finally, we’re all he’ya! Now, listen ta me. Everybody walk ov’a ta tha swords in tha stone. Let’s see now, Cain, Vinsant, Wade, Seth, Kaz, Rufus, n’ Wraith walk ov’a to tha swords. There’s a special blade fur each of ya, ya’ll know which one’s yurs when ya get near it.” he instructed.

“How is that?” Seth wondered.

“It’ll call out fur ya. Jus get ov’a there.” he griped.

“Think we should?” Wade asked looking at Raziel who still kept the gun pointed at Cain.

The grand duke slightly nodded his head and the six chosen walked over to the marble looking slab. Bizarre lettering and strange signs were carved into the stone, most likely elfian symbols. They each walked over and looked at the different sword hilts.

“Nothing’s call’n out for me.” Wraith stated.

“Hey, this one here.” Seth said.

The other five stopped and looked at Seth to see for any kind of reaction.

“It feels like a surge of energy in my hand or something. I think this one is for me.”

Christian watched with wide eager eyes, excitement began to fill his heart and he quickly started forgetting about the dangers the assassin’s presence was promised.

Rufus stopped in front of the sword with the largest hilt, “Oh! This one’s definitely mine, I can tell.” he happily informed with a big grin.

“Oh yeah, here we go.” Kaz said in surprise in a happy, but cocky manner.

“Hm.” Vincent stopped in front of the only sword with two handles.

“This is it.” Wraith softly announced.

Wade stood in front of a sword, “I don’t think this one’s doing anything like ya’lls.”

“Try that one.” Seth said, referring to one Wade would have to walk by Cain to get to.

Wade looked at Cain standing perfectly still and staring at him, “Pft, forget that.” Wade said bluntly and walked completely around the others to reach the other sword and completely bypassing the assassin. “Hey, yeah! This one’s definitely doing something here.” he said grabbing hold onto the sword.

The other five watching looked away and reached out grabbing the handles for their swords as well, some more reluctant than others. They stood around the platform and armor without a reaction, they couldn’t even pull the swords out.

“Why isn’t anything happening? Christian asked.

Raziel looked at Cain standing alone, “There’s still one sword remaining.”

Cain quickly glanced at the final sword in the marble and immediately fixed his eyes back on the grand duke.

“Go ahead, but no funny business.” Raziel told him.

The masked assassin slowly walked over to the last remaining sword and reached over to grab its handle. His hand was only an inch away, his breaths were steady, but his eyes darted from the others to the grand duke and back to the sword before he grabbed hold.

Once all seven of the chosen swordsmen held their prospective swords the room lightly shook and the flowing water began spewing from the walls in a much more violent fashion. A powerful energy forced their hands to clutch their swords as they each felt an intense pain on their chests above their hearts.

“Ah, ah, ah….” Wade gasped.

Vincent intensified his facial expression as he angrily endured the pain while Wraith cussed from the surprise infliction. Kaz pulled on his shirt with his free hand and looked upon his bare chest as seven slashing wounds were carved into his chest in a circular pattern.

“What’s wrong!?” Christian began to panic.

“I, I don’t know.” Raziel worried.

“Quickly now Raziel, get tha arm’a!” Fire starter’s voiced instructed once again.

The grand duke hesitated to obey the mystic’s instructions due to his concern for the others who were clearly in pain. He stood by the prince, but his heroic nature was telling him to pull them away, despite the fire elementalist’s rage.

“Hurry up n’ get tha damn arm’a!” Fire starter yelled.

Each of the swordsmen withdrew their swords from the marble stone, Rufus of course had the largest and heaviest of all seven legendary swords, its blade was extremely wide and curved outward. Kaz had the second largest and heaviest it was a very long and sturdy broad sword. As Wade pulled his sword out a cool frosty mist seeped from off the blade and ice instantly began covering over the blade as if magically. Seth took his katana out and noticed the blade was black, it was forged from a very dark metal. Vincent pulled on both handles and noticed both were connected as one sword yet it had two identical blades. Wraith easily removed his sword and was stunned to notice his sword was missing a blade. All that was of Wraith’s sword was a handle and hand guard.

“What tha hell?!” Wraith blurted out, he looked into the stone to see if his blade was stuck inside, but then realized there was only a small cut into the stone no more than a centimeter deep.

Cain removed his sword swiftly. Its metallic blade was a pure shiny white. The swordsmen took a moment to admire their newly obtained swords and inspect the painfully fresh body scars on their chests.

Raziel looked at Christian, “Stay here.” he said before hurrying on top of the marble platform and rushing to the legendary golden armor.

Cain noticed the grand duke making his way to the armor, he grabbed his new sword’s sheath, and leaped on to the marble stone to rush towards him with blade in hand. Raziel directed the gun towards Cain and opened fire within the dangerous room. Cain leaped backward and dove behind the stone for protection, he noticed the prince alone and helpless once again and realized he would be an excellent hostage in this situation.

Cain warned the grand duke, “This is your last chance. Give me the armor or the prince dies!” he growled darting over to snare the prince.

Raziel stopped only a step away from the armor of Kamisama and turned to see the demonic looking image practically fly across the floor to Christian, “Stop!” Raziel yelled.

Seth, who was closest to Christian, utilized his quick reflexes and jumped towards the young prince. He extended his arm and immediately clashed his katana against the assassin’s. The pitch black blade pressed against the pure white, the reinstated detective locked up against the mysterious murderer.

“Aahh!” Christian sounded out.

“I’ll get’em!” the grand duke stated.

“Just get your armor, I’ll take care of this clown.” Kaz said to the grand duke, rushing to aid Seth.

Cain tried positioning himself to where the grand duke couldn’t get a clear shot and readied for Kaz to barge in and interrupt his fight. Seth pushed Christian to the side and behind for safety.

“Okay then, you’re under arrest.” Seth strained, then slide his sword down Cain’s.

The two began striking their swords at one another. Cain was in attack mode, leaping about and dodging Seth’s strikes. The black haired detective however, was using a defensive yet aggressive approach to combat the killer. Christian ran to the other swordsmen and passed Kaz who was charging into battle.

“Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Kaz yelled and jumped high readying his swing.

Seth and Cain both jumped away from each other to dodge the reckless attack. Kaz struck the ground and missed both of them. Simultaneously above ground in the forest of darkness, off in the distance from where Fire starter and grunt stood watch, a quick bolt of lightning instantly struck the ground in the exact location above where Kaz stood.

The random bolt of lightning startled the ancient elementalist, “What tha?!” he said nearly dropping his staff.

“…………?” Grunt deduced.

Fire starter looked at Grunt, “Fighting? Why on earth would they be fight’n each oth’a down the’a fur?!”

Behind the mystic and sturdy haunting armor, soldiers began screaming and falling down on to the ground and disappearing into the thick fog. General Grechov and lieutenant Brookes looked at the falling soldiers, but saw no manner of beast responsible. The two leaders slowly took steps away, backing up and looking on.

“What is it?!” Brookes asked.

“I don’t know. Quick! To your weapons!” Grechov ordered.

He, his second in command, and a few remaining soldiers started running towards the pile of weapons from several feet away until the massive Basoomamba quickly slithered between them and the weapons. It opened its gaping maw and roared. They stopped and wondered what was to happen? Get attacked by some mysterious creature under the fog or burned alive by this hideous summoning?

Carmon was sweating from the fire that surround her, luckily the fire was a safe distance away from her. She remained trapped and worrying about her father, but she was easily distracted once the soldiers began wailing in agony.

“What’s happening out there?” she asked.

“Look!” Brookes pointed out a soldier who remained standing for a moment before falling to the ground.

Grechov witnessed the sight, “Bugs?”

A massive swarm of insects scurried towards Fire starter to eat him alive. Once the bugs were closer the fire from Carmon’s prison lashed out and incinerated the mass. All that remained was a small barrier of fire that was only a foot high, but served as protection for the fire elemental. Loud ground shaking thuds started emitting from the pitch darkness of the forest, the sounds were in the pattern of footsteps.

Fire starter slowly turned around while Grunt took multiple clunky steps, both prepared to face off against an old foe once more.

From the forest of darkness, a large massive four legged demon tree walked forth. It was taller than the terrain dossers and weighed by the tons. The demon tree was covered in old rotted bark and was completely infested with insects. Nests and cocoons were scattered all over its body, chips of dark bark broke off with its movements. The massive monster’s features appeared to resemble some sort of dragon.

“Grimmwood, how did ya manage ta find us this deep’n tha forest?” Fire starter bluntly asked.

“Gawh! Gawh! Gawh! Gaaawhhh! Fire starter, you should know by now that it is impossible to hide from me. My sticky spider’s webs from the outside of this forest clung to your transports and lead me straight to you.” Grimmwood’s boisterous voice bellowed.

“Don’t look too surprised Fire starter.” Naga chimed in as she walked over and stood beside her big brother.

Both demonic siblings stood by facing Fire starter and Grunt, separated only by a thin line of flame and thick fog.

Grechov, Brookes, and Carmon gazed in amazement at the intimidating demons while more random strikes of lightning struck the ground off in the distance.

Meanwhile back in the underground chamber, Kaz and Seth both tried protecting the prince and armor of Kamisama from the murderous assassin. Seth, as well as Cain, noticed that with each striking of Cain’s sword against Kaz’s caused Cain to boost in speed and Kaz to gradually slow down not only in his movements in battle, but all around. Kaz was slowing down like and old machine running out of fuel.

“Hee, you should have been paying more attention you fool. I’ve been getting faster with each clash of my blade and you, while you’ve been slowing down. I wonder if your comprehension has also been compromised or are you just stupid. No matter, you’ll still die all the same!” he said striking Kaz’s sword continuously growing faster and faster.

Cain maneuvered around Kaz’s broad sword to slice his neck when Seth barely dived in and intercepted Cain’s blade with his own once again.

“Back off!” Seth groaned pushing the speedy swordsman’s katana away from Kaz. “Try and hurry please!” Seth yelled out talking to Raziel.

The screams of the soldiers could be heard through the usage of Fire starter’s fire. Everyone was taken by surprise.

“The heck?” Rufus asked wondering about the sound of screaming soldiers through the mystic’s flames while Christian ran beside him.

In that small moment of surprise Cain capitalized on the distraction and sliced at Seth’s chest in blinding speed getting through the detective’s defense. Seth felt the assassin’s white katana strike against his chest which was sure to leave a painful bloody chest wound.

“Seth!” Christian worried.

Raziel almost had the entire suit of armor equipped, but stopped once he realized Seth had been struck. Oddly enough the moment was calm, Seth stood before Cain feeling just as he did before. He felt and looked down at his chest where he had received the less than fatal blow, but felt no wound not even blood. He looked up at the masked opponent. Cain stopped as well and looked down at his own chest. There was warm moisture in the exact same spot where he snuck in the attack on Seth’s body. The assassin felt a severe pain and touched his chest, he then looked at his hand and saw blood stains on his glove. Somehow the strike delivered to Seth was reversed and given to Cain.

The masked assassin realized that something was seriously wrong with this fight and needed to reevaluate his position before continuing. He hunched over a little before backing up while watching everyone else, he then turned and rushed into the darkness of the other room with his new katana and sword sheath in hand.

“Incredible.” Seth declared. He was still amazed that he was somehow free of injury.

“Whoa!” Christian announced in disbelief.

Seth turned around, and like everyone else, looked upon the marble stone, through the weakened barrier, and witnessed as the grand duke put on the last gauntlet to the armor of Kamisama! The golden armor appeared a bit bulky, but conformed to Raziel’s body structure once it was completed. The grand duke appeared radiant. Raziel smiled in disbelief of this moment in time, just wearing the suit of armor provided the grand duke with an overwhelming indescribable feeling.

“Unbelievable.” he said while extending his arms, looking at his gauntlets, and the entire suit in general.

“What’s it like?” Christian asked with wonder, he and Rufus eagerly awaited Raziel’s response.

“Simply incredible.” Raziel stated as he walked over and hoped down beside Christian.

“Hey, I know this is all really cool and everything, but can we get tha hell outta here?” Wade impatiently requested.

Raziel was lost in bliss for a moment, but quickly remembered his daughter and captive army in danger, the deceitful Fire starter’s treachery, and wounded murderer who possibly awaited a second chance to strike.

“You’re right, let’s give Fire starter what he wants.” Raziel announced.

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RaineyDayz: 5 🌟 It's so cleverly punny and oh so freakin 🔥🥵 One minute I was laughing and the next I was squirming in my seat. Who knew Santa could be so damned sexy 😋🤤 Can't wait for the rest of Sylas and Melody's story ❤️‍🔥

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