The King James Bible Part 2 | The New Testament

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Colossians Chapter 4

1 Mastersgive unto your servants that which is just and equalknowing that ye also have a Master in heaven.

2 Continue in prayerand watch in the same with thanksgiving

3 Withal praying also for usthat God would open unto us a doorof utteranceto speak the mystery of Christfor which I amalso in bonds

4 That I may make it manifestas I ought to speak.

5 Walk in wisdom toward them that are withoutredeeming thetime.

6 Let your speech be alway with graceseasoned with saltthatye may know how ye ought to answer every man.

7 All my state shall Tychicus declare unto youwho is a belovedbrotherand a faithful minister and fellowservant in theLord

8 Whom I have sent unto you for the same purposethat he mightknow your estateand comfort your hearts

9 With Onesimusa faithful and beloved brotherwho is one ofyou. They shall make known unto you all things which are donehere.

10 Aristarchus my fellowprisoner saluteth youand Marcussister s son to Barnabas touching whom ye receivedcommandmentsif he come unto youreceive him

11 And Jesuswhich is called Justuswho are of thecircumcision. These only are my fellowworkers unto the kingdomof Godwhich have been a comfort unto me.

12 Epaphraswho is one of youa servant of Christsalutethyoualways labouring fervently for you in prayersthat yemay stand perfect and complete in all the will of God.

13 For I bear him recordthat he hath a great zeal for youandthem that are in Laodiceaand them in Hierapolis.

14 Lukethe beloved physicianand Demasgreet you.

15 Salute the brethren which are in Laodiceaand Nymphasandthe church which is in his house.

16 And when this epistle is read among youcause that it be readalso in the church of the Laodiceansand that ye likewiseread the epistle from Laodicea.

17 And say to ArchippusTake heed to the ministry which thouhast received in the Lordthat thou fulfil it.

18 The salutation by the hand of me Paul. Remember my bonds.Grace be with you. Amen.

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