The King James Bible Part 2 | The New Testament

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James Chapter 5

1 Go to nowye rich menweep and howl for your miseries thatshall come upon you.

2 Your riches are corruptedand your garments are motheaten.

3 Your gold and silver is cankeredand the rust of them shallbe a witness against youand shall eat your flesh as it werefire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.

4 Beholdthe hire of the labourers who have reaped down yourfieldswhich is of you kept back by fraudcriethand thecries of them which have reaped are entered into the ears ofthe Lord of sabaoth.

5 Ye have lived in pleasure on the earthand been wantonyehave nourished your heartsas in a day of slaughter.

6 Ye have condemned and killed the justand he doth not resistyou.

7 Be patient thereforebrethrenunto the coming of the Lord.Beholdthe husbandman waiteth for the precious fruit of theearthand hath long patience for ituntil he receive theearly and latter rain.

8 Be ye also patientstablish your heartsfor the coming ofthe Lord draweth nigh.

9 Grudge not one against anotherbrethrenlest ye becondemnedbeholdthe judge standeth before the door.

10 Takemy brethrenthe prophetswho have spoken in the nameof the Lordfor an example of suffering afflictionand ofpatience.

11 Beholdwe count them happy which endure. Ye have heard of thepatience of Joband have seen the end of the Lordthat theLord is very pitifuland of tender mercy.

12 But above all thingsmy brethrenswear notneither byheavenneither by the earthneither by any other oathbutlet your yea be yeaand your naynaylest ye fall intocondemnation.

13 Is any among you afflictedlet him pray. Is any merrylethim sing psalms.

14 Is any sick among youlet him call for the elders of thechurchand let them pray over himanointing him with oil inthe name of the Lord

15 And the prayer of faith shall save the sickand the Lordshall raise him upand if he have committed sinsthey shallbe forgiven him.

16 Confess your faults one to anotherand pray one for anotherthat ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of arighteous man availeth much.

17 Elias was a man subject to like passions as we areand heprayed earnestly that it might not rainand it rained not onthe earth by the space of three years and six months.

18 And he prayed againand the heaven gave rainand the earthbrought forth her fruit.

19 Brethrenif any of you do err from the truthand one converthim

20 Let him knowthat he which converteth the sinner from theerror of his way shall save a soul from deathand shall hidea multitude of sins.

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