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Luke Chapter 21

1 And he looked upand saw the rich men casting their giftsinto the treasury.

2 And he saw also a certain poor widow casting in thither twomites.

3 And he saidOf a truth I say unto youthat this poor widowhath cast in more than they all

4 For all these have of their abundance cast in unto theofferings of Godbut she of her penury hath cast in all theliving that she had.

5 And as some spake of the templehow it was adorned withgoodly stones and giftshe said

6 As for these things which ye beholdthe days will comeinthe which there shall not be left one stone upon anotherthatshall not be thrown down.

7 And they asked himsayingMasterbut when shall thesethings beand what sign will there be when these things shallcome to pass

8 And he saidTake heed that ye be not deceivedfor many shallcome in my namesayingI am Christand the time drawethneargo ye not therefore after them.

9 But when ye shall hear of wars and commotionsbe notterrifiedfor these things must first come to passbut theend is not by and by.

10 Then said he unto themNation shall rise against nationandkingdom against kingdom

11 And great earthquakes shall be in divers placesand famines and pestilencesand fearful sights and great signs shallthere be from heaven.

12 But before all thesethey shall lay their hands on youandpersecute youdelivering you up to the synagoguesand intoprisonsbeing brought before kings and rulers for my name ssake.

13 And it shall turn to you for a testimony.

14 Settle it therefore in your heartsnot to meditate beforewhat ye shall answer

15 For I will give you a mouth and wisdomwhich all youradversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist.

16 And ye shall be betrayed both by parentsand brethrenandkinsfolksand friendsand some of you shall they cause to beput to death.

17 And ye shall be hated of all men for my name s sake.

18 But there shall not an hair of your head perish.

19 In your patience possess ye your souls.

20 And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armiesthenknow that the desolation thereof is nigh.

21 Then let them which are in Judaea flee to the mountainsandlet them which are in the midst of it depart outand let notthem that are in the countries enter thereinto.

22 For these be the days of vengeancethat all things which arewritten may be fulfilled.

23 But woe unto them that are with childand to them that givesuckin those daysfor there shall be great distress in thelandand wrath upon this people.

24 And they shall fall by the edge of the swordand shall be ledaway captive into all nationsand Jerusalem shall be troddendown of the Gentilesuntil the times of the Gentiles befulfilled.

25 And there shall be signs in the sunand in the moonand inthe starsand upon the earth distress of nationswithperplexitythe sea and the waves roaring

26 Men s hearts failing them for fearand for looking afterthose things which are coming on the earthfor the powers ofheaven shall be shaken.

27 And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud withpower and great glory.

28 And when these things begin to come to passthen look upandlift up your headsfor your redemption draweth nigh.

29 And he spake to them a parableBehold the fig treeand allthe trees

30 When they now shoot forthye see and know of your own selvesthat summer is now nigh at hand.

31 So likewise yewhen ye see these things come to passknow yethat the kingdom of God is nigh at hand.

32 Verily I say unto youThis generation shall not pass awaytill all be fulfilled.

33 Heaven and earth shall pass awaybut my words shall not passaway.

34 And take heed to yourselveslest at any time your hearts beovercharged with surfeitingand drunkennessand cares ofthis lifeand so that day come upon you unawares.

35 For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on theface of the whole earth.

36 Watch ye thereforeand pray alwaysthat ye may be accountedworthy to escape all these things that shall come to passandto stand before the Son of man.

37 And in the day time he was teaching in the templeand atnight he went outand abode in the mount that is called themount of Olives.

38 And all the people came early in the morning to him in thetemplefor to hear him.

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