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John Chapter 13

1 Now before the feast of the passoverwhen Jesus knew that hishour was come that he should depart out of this world unto theFatherhaving loved his own which were in the worldhe lovedthem unto the end.

2 And supper being endedthe devil having now put into theheart of Judas IscariotSimon s sonto betray him

3 Jesus knowing that the Father had given all things into hishandsand that he was come from Godand went to God

4 He riseth from supperand laid aside his garmentsand took atoweland girded himself.

5 After that he poureth water into a basonand began to washthe disciplesfeetand to wipe them with the towel wherewithhe was girded.

6 Then cometh he to Simon Peterand Peter saith unto himLorddost thou wash my feet

7 Jesus answered and said unto himWhat I do thou knowest notnowbut thou shalt know hereafter.

8 Peter saith unto himThou shalt never wash my feet. Jesusanswered himIf I wash thee notthou hast no part with me.

9 Simon Peter saith unto himLordnot my feet onlybut alsomy hands and my head.

10 Jesus saith to himHe that is washed needeth not save to washhis feetbut is clean every whitand ye are cleanbut notall.

11 For he knew who should betray himtherefore said heYe arenot all clean.

12 So after he had washed their feetand had taken his garments and was set down againhe said unto themKnow ye what I havedone to you

13 Ye call me Master and Lordand ye say wellfor so I am.

14 If I thenyour Lord and Masterhave washed your feetyealso ought to wash one another s feet.

15 For I have given you an examplethat ye should do as I havedone to you.

16 VerilyverilyI say unto youThe servant is not greaterthan his lordneither he that is sent greater than he thatsent him.

17 If ye know these thingshappy are ye if ye do them.

18 I speak not of you allI know whom I have chosenbut thatthe scripture may be fulfilledHe that eateth bread with mehath lifted up his heel against me.

19 Now I tell you before it comethatwhen it is come to pass ye may believe that I am he.

20 VerilyverilyI say unto youHe that receiveth whomsoever Isend receiveth meand he that receiveth me receiveth him thatsent me.

21 When Jesus had thus saidhe was troubled in spiritandtestifiedand saidVerilyverilyI say unto youthat oneof you shall betray me.

22 Then the disciples looked one on anotherdoubting of whom hespake.

23 Now there was leaning on Jesusbosom one of his discipleswhom Jesus loved.

24 Simon Peter therefore beckoned to himthat he should ask whoit should be of whom he spake.

25 He then lying on Jesusbreast saith unto himLordwho isit

26 Jesus answeredHe it isto whom I shall give a sopwhen Ihave dipped it. And when he had dipped the sophe gave it toJudas Iscariotthe son of Simon.

27 And after the sop Satan entered into him. Then said Jesus untohimThat thou doestdo quickly.

28 Now no man at the table knew for what intent he spake thisunto him.

29 For some of them thoughtbecause Judas had the bagthatJesus had said unto himBuy those things that we have need ofagainst the feastorthat he should give something to thepoor.

30 He then having received the sop went immediately outand itwas night.

31 Thereforewhen he was gone outJesus saidNow is the Son ofman glorifiedand God is glorified in him.

32 If God be glorified in himGod shall also glorify him inhimselfand shall straightway glorify him.

33 Little childrenyet a little while I am with you. Ye shallseek meand as I said unto the JewsWhither I goye cannotcomeso now I say to you.

34 A new commandment I give unto youThat ye love one anotheras I have loved youthat ye also love one another.

35 By this shall all men know that ye are my disciplesif yehave love one to another.

36 Simon Peter said unto himLordwhither goest thouJesusanswered himWhither I gothou canst not follow me nowbutthou shalt follow me afterwards.

37 Peter said unto himLordwhy cannot I follow thee nowIwill lay down my life for thy sake.

38 Jesus answered himWilt thou lay down thy life for my sake VerilyverilyI say unto theeThe cock shall not crowtillthou hast denied me thrice.

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