Reaching Out For Stars

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Chapter 1 ☆ How Goes It?

"How goes it, runt?" My dad laughed. I giggled.

"Great, dad! I'm making a space ship!" I pointed toward the cardboard box with scribbles of crayons all over it. He looked at it and smiled but sighed.

"It's a good thing you're small, so we could find a good enough box," He patted my head. I punched his arm in a fit of play-fighting, and he picked me up and spun me around in the air. I imagined I was in a rocket ship, and I stuck my arms out and laughed. I was as happy as I'd ever been.


"Hannah!" I spun around swiftly to see who was yelling my name. My friend looked back at me.

"Erika!" I ran to her. We hugged, and she smiled at me.

"How's the star project going?"

"Great!" I replied, grinning ear to ear.

"I just wish Jaxon would let me go to space..." I looked down sadly, my grin wiped clean off of my face.

"Hey," Erika put her hands on my shoulders.

"Look at don't need to go to can get it from right here." She motioned toward my work station.

"'s all right here."

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