Reaching Out For Stars

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Chapter 2 ☆ Time Off

I laid down, looking up at the stars. Astronomy. Astronomy is great. I thought.

"Dad, I wanna be an astronomer when I grow up." I turned my head so that my right cheek was touching the grass and I was facing my father.

"I know, Hannah. I and your mother support you 100%." My dad smiled at me, with his white teeth and goofy grin, and his green eyes, just like mine.

"But no icky love. That's gross!" I giggled, how he did. His laugh.

"You sure~?" My dad gave his goofy grin again. I twirled my brown hair around.

"Okaaaay, maybe..." My dad and I got up, headed inside, and had ice cream for dinner.


Stuck. In another daydream. When will she quit? I heard the voices in my mind say. I I don't know, but if she wants to get a raise or a promotion, she's going to have to stop. I love her, but I don't know how much longer I can put up with it. One of the voices in my head Why did it sound like a man? My head jerked up, and I saw it. My boss, Ms. Ward, talking to my husband.

"J-Jaxon?" I mumbled. He turned to face me.

"Oh! Hannah! You...aren't...daydreaming..." He guiltily replied.

"No, I'm not," I replied, not happy.

"Well, wanna take some time off and look at stars with me...?" He asked politely. My boss nodded, motioning that it was okay to go. I smiled and headed off.

We sat down, and I looked at him as I looked at my father. With a smile. Only I looked at Jaxon...more in love. They were both cheerful, supportive of me, and loving, kind, and caring. Jaxon looked at me, and I blushed. I then remembered how I'd swore I would never love anyone again.

Not after Erin Scott.

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