Reaching Out For Stars

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Chapter 3 ☆ Erin Scott

⚠️DISCLAIMER!!!: This chapter is all flashbacks. Each row of stars means the end of the flashback above and the start of the one below. If that's confusing I don't know what to say.⚠️

"Hey, Erin!!" I called to the back row of the bleachers. She didn't even look up from the book she was so focused on since when I showed it to her in the library. I sat down next to her. "Errrriiiiinnn....." I groaned, waiting for a response. It usually works... I thought, remembering every time I'd gotten 0 response from her. "Errrrrriiiiiiiiiinnn!!!" I became louder. She finally looked up, and with a smile on her face. "Hannah, jeez." She laughed, and I laughed too. We both leaned forward because we were laughing so hard. I looked up at her and she looked up at me. I leaned in closer, and she did too. I looked her dead in the eye, and then it happened. She kissed me.


ERIN 🥰: Hey Hannah, it's Erin. [10:57 am]

HANNAH 💯: Hi Erin!! 🙂 [11:00 am]

ERIN 🥰: What's up? [11:00 am]

HANNAH 💯: Nm, hbu? [11:04 am]

ERIN 🥰: I'm not good with abbreviations, you'll have to translate 😕 [11:05 am]

HANNAH 💯: Not much, how about you? [11:07 am]

ERIN 🥰: I see. The answer is I'm good. [11:08 am]

ERIN 🥰: Hello? [11:14 am]

ERIN 🥰: Hannah? [11:30 am]

HANNAH 💯: Was busy, sorry. What do u wanna talk about? [11: 46 am]

ERIN 🥰: I wanted to talk about what we're thinking about in our future together. [11:46 am]

HANNAH 💯 has logged off.

ERIN 🥰: Hannah, come on. [12:00 pm]

ERIN 🥰 has logged off.


I came home from working at a drug store for a couple of hours and found a bra that wasn't Erin's and obviously not mine. It was different from Erin's or mine. I walked into where I heard noises and knew it was time that I broke up with her.

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