Elementals: The resistance

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Imagine if everything you do is being monitored and if you do something wrong you are punished. This is the life of every elemental and life of Sky. Yes that's it just Sky no last name because the humans dont think we should deserve one. Sky's life was hard from the start. She was born special unlike others. Here is her story

Adventure / Fantasy
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The normal humans have a drug that they say can take away our powers. They keep us locked up so they can control us easier. If one of us gets out of line then we get a dash. A dash is like a warning if you get three they take you. You are never seen again and most say they give you the drug and then throw you into the wilderness so you fend for yourself. By doing this it makes the humans feel in power and not weak. But one night a breakout happens. What if the so called control the humans clam they have over us is a lie? What will sky and her new friends do then?

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