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The book discloses details of the 'tic-tac' space craft, details which are utterly mind-blowing and which have never been disclosed previously. It references Russian intelligence and US intelligence interface units with ET 'skirmishes' from the perspectives of the present virtually all-women led intelligence Directorates.

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In late 1787, to early 1788, Thomas Jefferson, who was not yet the 3rd President of the United States of America, but installed in Paris France as the Minister Plenipotentiary of a group commissioned by the Congress of the Confederation to make deals in Europe, received correspondences from William Short, who had acted as his private secretary when they were both in Paris together, although Short was also the Minister to France and chargé d’affaires eventually when Jefferson returned to America in 1789.

Short was writing from Venice in December 1788, and he had been previously to numerous other places in Italy - Rome, Florence, Ferrara. Today, very superficially, many historical commentaries opine that William Short’s mission was to do with trade negotiations and treaties with Europe that were being sought by the Congress.

William Short’s education was at the University of William & Mary in Virginia, the second oldest University in America after Harvard. William & Mary U., is a public research University. Short was a brilliant diplomat and a brilliant man, and which is to say nothing of the gargantuan intellect of Jefferson his immediate chief, who was also educated at W & M.

And to add a note here in passing about another gargantuan of W & M, there is James Brien Comey Jr., who is tall.

One of Short’s letters to Thomas Jefferson contains an interesting reference to the Loreto chapel, which is situated in the Province of Ancona, on the Mid-North East Coast of Italy. Some people make much of some small comments by Short in this particular letter, concerning the ‘building (at Loreto) that was transported through the air by angels...’

Each year, that is, at least until 2020, the Carnival of Venice is conducted over several weeks in Venice – and in the past, run over many months in fact. The festival is commenced officially by an opening pageant during which a stylised ‘angel’ is made to ‘fly’ over the lagoon in a ceremony called appropriately, the ‘flight of the angel.’ The ‘flight’ still went ahead in 2020, but soon afterward the actual Carnival itself was abandoned; cancelled.

William Short was, as per his life of an experienced researcher, researching. The nascent United States of America, as it was about soon to be, was led by very great intellectuals, but who were also extremely practical men, and having come from the American War of Independence, they well knew the medical consequences of war, and they were aware of the potential difficulties of pandemics, being dedicated men of science and learning; no less towering of a man of knowledge and learning than the great and iconic figure of empirical science - Benjamin Franklin himself, was among that group on the mission to Europe led by Jefferson.

However as for Short, William Short was researching the Great Plague.

And Venice was the centre of all that was The Renaissance - all science, all medicine, all pharmacy, all planning, all design, all naval architecture of the day -, all alchemy too...

In 2020, a handful of United States of America CIA people were also sent to Venice, superficially to be available to give on hand technical advice to the producers and the director working on the filming of Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible 7. But they – the CIA people - were also researching rare documents in private libraries to do with what things the Republic of Venice had done during its own experience with the several waves of the Great Plague that had happened there between the years of 1347 – 1352. Venice is nothing if not historically linked with Middle Ages and Renaissance alchemical pursuits too – which will become important in our account later on here. And these came about via the Serene Republic’s role as the crossroads of trade of the day - of the silk road -, furnishing Venice as it did, its main supply of external scholarly books and writing from many lands, as well of exotic and rare ingredients (to potions and philtres) from the deepest and furthest parts of the Oriental, as it was considered, South of India and the most inaccessible parts of remotest China, all woven through the Arabic influence and knowledge of the proto-chemists and experimenters and thinkers such as ibn Zakariya al-Razi, and Al Kindi, and Ibn al-Nafis, and al-Khawarizmi.

By late of 2019, and certainly early 2020, it was not as if the American CIA had no awareness at all of the looming ‘novel coronavirus’ situation – which was soon to be labelled a global pandemic under the WHO official designated label of ‘Covid-19.’

They – the CIA - had in respect of this small, narrow, and rather esoteric and somewhat obscurely-based arm of its overall information gathering, moved very quickly it must be said, to take a first-hand look at in situ historical records of the plague epidemiology of Venice; which had been more or less the epidemiological centre of the Black Death in Europe. And their clandestine agents were indeed certainly all highly trained individuals themselves able to ‘move quickly’ in the field according to the usual expectations of what such people’s mission requirements might be (lol), though in this case not quite quickly enough it seems, since all of their agents got stuck in the quarantining of Venice by the Veneto regional authorities. And there, forced to remain immobile and frustrated were they. And for some uncertain length of time too, depending on several different vagaries; of the local governing authorities, or of the specific obtaining viral strain there itself and its own particular virulence, or of the illness pathology profile had you yourself perhaps actually caught it. As for the Mission: Impossible 7 movie’s filming -, it’s schedule was cancelled.

In the present era of this Covid-19 pandemic, ‘quarantine’ appears to mean isolation for variously fourteen or for twenty-one days, although the concept of isolating people during some kind of ‘plague’ situation was known since biblical times, and the modern word itself literally does come from the old Venetian language, where it denoted a designated period of forty days for a ship to be isolated before its passengers and crew could go ashore during the Black Death plague epidemic, and which was then a law imposed by Venice in the late 14th century. The imposition of the Venetian ′quarentena,′ had been advised by Arab doctors present in Venice at the time, as well as by those learned influential Venetians who listened to them -, drawing from the writings of the key pioneers of medical epidemiology - al-Razi and Al Kindi, in particular in this instance.

...Although a personal acquaintance of mine was one of those stuck in Venice, our story here is about her boss, the lady who sent her there as part of the research mission. After all, it has gotten to the point with me nowadays, that they don’t want underlings to talk to me any more (lol)! Can’t imagine why.

You know they think I’m very ruthless, and that those behind me – whoever they are, because they don’t know – are very ruthless too.

From my own perspective, even though the underling field operatives are quite fun to play with, because they’re all ever so slightly twisted of course – their chiefs, mostly all older wiser women these days due to the major UK MI6 ‘honey-trap’ programs that are so easily ‘worked’ on the male politicians and on the key public figures that are men, be they straight or gay -, their chiefs... ...are much more interesting.

...Being so much more steeped in the manipulative tactics of their ‘business,’ and of its psychological science, are complex, quite complex creatures, like the best Omani natural ingredient perfumes. Well in fact, not just complex, but very complex. And expensive. Of course expensive. Used to the high life, you know.

So now let me introduce you, properly, to the estimable Vera-Lucien, head of Room 641A analysis and external operations fusion.

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