The CIA Lost Archive Files - Project Rumpelstiltskin

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The book discloses details of the 'tic-tac' space craft, details which are utterly mind-blowing and which have never been disclosed previously. It references Russian intelligence and US intelligence interface units with ET 'skirmishes' from the perspectives of the present virtually all-women led intelligence Directorates.

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The Texas School Book Depository

The Texas School Book Depository

All human beings in the world are confronting each day, major problems in their individual lives. The fundamental dysfunction of human society – and it has been so for virtually all of human history – is that people are forced to deal first with problems interposed by others, that are essentially trivial, and in any case they themselves for want of the direct solutions to the major problems, are all too quick to put their most crucial problem to one side and distract the occupation and focus of their mind with the false crises issues. Or even with just the generally presumed ‘correct daily living.’

The big problem of human life is, of course, death.

The ‘problem’ of it all, comes about from the scope of the human mind, versus the mortality of the material body which carries it around in its physical existence.

In terms of why great governments have large institutional secret intelligence services, and what the philosophical basis of their existence is – this may be divided into two distinct but connected fields of study in philosophy.

When you look past the superficial aspects of this matter, there is a crystal clear - a clear-cut – political differentiation which must be made between various countries based on their political structures and political ideology obtaining therein.

For on the one hand, there is the case of a country whose political system and structure derives from an over-arching ideological stance which says the human mind is carried by the body around in its physical existence – versus on the other hand the type of country whose political system and structure is derived from an over-arching philosophical stance which says the human mind is carried by the body around in physical existence. One considers mind is possibly (or definitely, or partly) different to the purely carnal physical body, and the other considers the mind is only from the carnal physical body.

One type of country is prescriptive and dictatorial in some significant measure, and human social values are relativistic therein, around prescribed per-determined parameters. The other type of country certainly also has laws as well as holds principles (of moral value) enshrined and possibly even encoded in its written laws – but the moral values derive from epistemology first, and axiology only secondarily.

It can be that the dictatorial relativistic country is based on religious ideology – that is certainly the case in any Islamic country, where there is a moral value system underlying the law, but which moral value system is entirely based on principles written in the Quran alone and that may never be challenged by any independent epistemology at all. The system of hadiths are not in any sense actually independent from the black letter principles of the Quran.

And so in the West, it has long been the case that the evidence of the mind is able to contradict the witness of the senses – EG a stick does not bend when lowered into a pool of water even though the eyes say that it does. However in the case of Islam, the evidence of the mind is not permitted to contradict the recitation of the Quran. But even there, that is because the Quran is said to be an absolute Cosmic truth outside of the physical material human body...

One drop down further again beneath such mere axiological primacy, lies the communist totalitarian regimes, in which human social moral values are purely relativistic, because these systems are expressly those where the ideology is that the human mind is carried around in its physical existence. That is, it only has a physical existence. And this simply means they have no desire to admit in any way, regardless of the potential for and possibilities of independent and objective epistemological enquiry, that the human mind has any existence whatsoever outside of the body (IE the clearly mortal body) that carries it around, in its physical existence; in other words, it only has a physical existence tied to the body and therefore a strictly mortal existence.

In the best reading of the value system of such political ideologies, the immediate net social ‘happiness’ measure is the relative yardstick – but in the less ideal reading, it presents a criminal and greedy dictator the prospect of having an hierarchy of happiness (in fact, personal pleasure and self-satisfaction) enforced against everyone else by any means at all, so long as such means ensure his supremacy. Thus he justifies the realisation of his ambitions by all means because the ideology actually permits it. And because there is no recognition of independent objective epistemology, there can never be a guarantee that such a leader is going to tend to apply the ‘best reading’ set of values (which applies the equitable ‘happiness’ yardstick), but instead is actually applying desperate and extreme deceptive practices to make a pretence of ‘equitable happiness,’ in order to assert the selfish and tyrannical self-interested ‘hierarchy of happiness’ paradigm.

‘Extreme deceptive practices’ might mean that he will kill you. ...That he will employ assassins in foreign countries that oppose him.

At the very minimum, in the Islamic politics, it is at least the case that whether a ‘supreme leader’ such as the grand ayatollah in Iran, will employ external brigades undertaking violence, or whether not, is set down in a set of guidelines in the Quran. And so such a leader might pose a significant risk to other countries, if the Quran permits his actions in a given context.

But with the other form of relativistic totalitarian dictator, he always poses a significant risk, because he is held back by nothing whatsoever – except his own animal emotions, and what are the chances those are likely to be altruistic at all... ...against perceived competition, for example?

It could seem that Western moral values are also prescriptive, namely that they are prescriptively Judaeo-Christian but they are not. In reality, even Christian moral values veer much more clearly into the Vedic Sanskrit systems because embedded into religious Christian ideology, is the story of Thomas, who doubted, and required an experiment, to convince himself of something absurd in terms of common nature before he ‘believed.’

The Hebrew system also has the concept of doubt regarding ‘the unseen,’ with a kind of dissonance between the nostrum that if you see god you die - and the exceptions of Moses and a few others who ‘saw god’ in order that they could then better assert some ‘divine truth’ or other, to other people.

The modern Western political structure has a moral value system a quantum leap further head yet again, and is much more akin to the Vedic systems than most unlearned people realise, where ‘the unseen’ is quite deliberately intended to be fully intellectualised about, and used and relied upon too -, not simply doubted or dismissed on account such things bore little or no necessary connection to the otherwise useful verifiable evidences provided by the human physical material sense organs.

This type of discussion is, it must be granted, very complex, but what it ends up meaning in the West, is that some thinkers therewith, have the latitude to think about what human consciousness might actually mean in a scientific sense, and that such a thing, were it ever to be satisfyingly defined in science, could even possibly be ‘created’ (by humans), even encapsulated in AI machines too, but that only because there could be some ‘Cosmic’ existential altruism necessitated by an authentic – a real – Absolute ‘Cosmic’ benevolence however ineffable but which accounts for the existence of ‘the individual’ (consciousness) at all. Moreover there really is a proposition in the modern West, that there is the existence of ‘Cosmic’ rights as such, which has become popularly expressed in Sci Fi literature, and quite commonly, as the so-called ‘Prime Directive,’ or some other similar phrases but all of which express exactly the same idea at heart.

The sheer philosophical allowance, at the highest discussions about the law, that there is or that there might be – and that such is actually held by numbers of citizens – some absolute non-relativistic benevolent (not arbitrary) moral values, necessitating altruism, is the guarantee that Western democracies will never maintain themselves with self-interested criminal dictators or even oligarchs in charge for any length of time.

And what this means, translated to the use and very existence of state force, for example – and the military, state intelligence and hidden exercises that such people can and do undertake – is that all of these things must be guided by a benevolent moral philosophy that when put to the people, would be upheld.

The global political dichotomy therefore can be summarised thus:

‘The Mind in physical existence,’ versus ‘Mind in its physical existence.’

The latter is communism; Marxist materialism and atheism without Primary values (there is such a thing as atheism with Primary values). The former begs the question – well what is Mind when not in a physical existence?

You see why all this counts in our narrative here, is that I put it to Vera-Lucien directly, that there were these gigantic scenario analysing computers some Eastern Europeans and Northern Europeans had, and that they said in one scenario – the very highest probability scenario, in fact – that what we were all witnessing, was the Diffie-Hellman-Merkle process on a truly grand scale, and that the computers said we were missing something. Which was namely that it was all being ‘designed’ for us to lose sight of the single instance, in the mass examples.

You know – all those face masks and latex gloves...

She said she didn’t know what I was talking about.

And so I put it this way to her:

“Vera. You remember the Texas School Book Depository? Well what if someone, carrying a large medical case, walked into there today, in full public view, in broad daylight, wearing a face mask and surgical gloves, Vera...

“Vera? Are you still there? ...Would you be able to locate, for instance, some good site where there was a long-range shot available, and absolutely zero security cameras anywhere? You guys would; wouldn’t you. Because nowadays it can be a shot from hell, I dunno, a mile away? Vera?

“What’s ‘School Book Depository’ in Mandarin, Vera, d’you happen to know? Do they have ‘School Book Depository’ buildings in Beijing? Or Pyongyang?

“Tell me your own computers have spat out something similar. Vera...”

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