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Chapter #16 Battle to the Death with in the Forest of Darkness

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As Raziel and Christian retrieve the holy armor of Kamisama, Fire starter and Grunt face off against their oldest enemy and the trap he's set for them. Can the two of them actually escape from this trap alive, or is this the final chapter the fire user and his living armor?

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Chapter 1

Tension was high and the mammoth Grimmwood was prepared to face off against the knowledgeable Fire starter. The fire mystic clutched his staff in front of him and the unpredictable Grunt stood ready.

“Not as smart as I thought ya was Grimmwood.” Fire starter cackled.

“Oh? And why is that mystic?” Grimmwood asked in a loud grumble.

“Hee, hee. Well as it seems ta me, ya think you can beat me. But as I recall, last time we fought, me and Grunt her’a beat tha crap outta ya.” Fire starter taunted.

Grimmwood clutched his car sized fist, breaking off chucks of tree bark, “Your sense of security is false mystic. Today you finally die.” he clamored.

“Oh, and why is that? What can ya do that’s any different than before?” the elementalist questioned, but soon after asking that very question Fire starter felt the presence of his nemesis approaching, the very nemesis responsible for creating Naga and Grimmwood.

“Gawh, Gawh, Gawh.” Grimmwood’s laughter was a very unusual loud scratchy grumbling sound and often found to be quite unsettling to most. “Ah, now you see why your death is near, don’t you? The master has selected a very special executioner for you Fire starter.” the frightening demon roared.

A sinister yet sophisticated laughter sound throughout the area, “Fire starter, it’s been quite some time sense last we’ve met.” the mysterious cloaked demon walked from the shadows of the forest behind Grimmwood and Naga. “You’ve been quite busy as of late.”

Fire starter grimaced under his large wicker hat, the fact that his enemy had chosen to be present for this fight was not a good sign. Fire starter knew this meant that he was likely to die or that something else was his enemy’s objective here.

“Grrr, what do ya want?! Huh? What ar’ya after this time?” Fire starter yelled out of frustration.

The demon stood with a cocky smile, and his left eye shined an eerie green and yellow light, “Want? What makes you think I want anything? Can’t I simply say hello to an old friend?” he asked in a coy manner.

“UGH! Yur jus want’n ta stall fur somethin, is that it?” he impatiently yelled.

“Stall?” he laughed, “There’s no need for stalling, I’m merely offering you a courtesy. I figured it would be generous of me to give you a few moments more of this world before sending you into the afterlife.” he coldly stated eloquently.

“HA! Ya think ya can jus show up’n kill me off huh? Well, yur tha one that’s walked right in ta my trap, stupid!” Fire starter revealed.

“Oh? Is that so, it appears my time is up, hm? Explain, how shall I die this evening?” the menacing demon respectfully asked.

“No! figure it out yurself!” Fire starter snapped back.

“Hm, there’s never any talking with you, is there? Very well, then allow me a moment to explain my method for having you killed then. You see, I’ve made a new ally, one of which specializes in the slaughter of your kind. They call him ‘The Predator’, but rather than taking my word for it, allow me to introduce you to him.” the glowing eyed demon stepped to the side and behind him and his creations stood the old magic hunter Mouh.

Mouh finished a fat cigar and threw it off to the side, he looked off in the distance across the fog and gazed upon Fire starter and Grunt, “Ah, so this is my paycheck, eh? Doesn’t look like any kinda challenge at all.” he grinned.

“Excellent, that’s exactly what I’d like to hear.” the puppeteer replied. “Tell me, after surviving through so many generations of life, how does it feel to know it’s all coming to an end for you now? Do you fear death as it approaches you, or rather embrace it and accept that your moment has arrived?” the cloaked demon asked in a calm calculating manner.

“Ya don’t scare me!” Fire starter announced and buckled down as he was forced to prepare for a tough fight. “Yu’ll see, af’ta this clown’s dead, then it’s yur turn!”

“……….,…………….!” Grunt promised.

The arrogant demon looked over to his hired killer, “I certainly hope you won’t disappoint.”

“Trust me, he’s as good as dead. I’ve killed much tougher than this small fry.” Mouh boasted with alcohol on his breath.

“In that case, Grimmwood, Naga let us go and leave our new friend to do what he does best, shall we?” the sophisticated demon suggested.

“Very well.” Grimmwood obeyed and reached outward. The massive swarm of insects that were hidden underneath the thick fog all scurried back to Grimmwood. Some crawled back into their nests and cocoons where others return by climbing into the cracks and crevasses of the large multi-ton demon. “Fare well mystic.” he bellowed as insects returned into his mouth and under what appeared to be his eyes.

The cloaked demon, Grimmwood, and Naga all turned away and disappeared into the cold darkness of the forest.

“Well, now that my client’s done talking, it seems it’s time ta go ta work.” Mouh stated while adjusting his jacket. “But first,…” he stopped and whistled for two others behind him.

A single light appeared behind Mouh, then unusual mechanical noises and buzzing began to sound. A bald man with a metal plate attached to his skull stood beside the old magic hunter. He had a muscular build and two mechanical limbs. His left leg was machine and looked heavily armored and his right arm was a large gun equipped with several different rounds to ammunition. His body appeared to have an infection since the mechanical parts looked connected to his body poorly.

The second individual was anthropromorph of the bug family. A four armed fly with a dagger in one arm and a strange looking utensil in the other. He stood twitching and fidgeting about like he had a problem with his nervous system.

“I’d like ta introduce you ta Buzz,” he said referring to the fly man, “and Gunner. They help me on every job. We’re like a little team.” Mouh explained seeming jolly.

Fire starter stood silently, watching his enemy’s trap unfold before him.

“Oh, and don’t get too comfortable with yur little summoning back there. Yeah, I got somethin’ for him too.” Mouh nodded his head at the insect man, “Go ahead Buzz, let’em have it.”

Buzz extended his arm high in the air and waved the strange item in a circular motion. A bright blinding light began to shine causing any watching to squint, trying to figure out exactly what purpose it served. From the shining light a swarm of preventhus flew out and created a giant circle around the terrain dossers, remaining soldiers, Grechov and Brookes, Fire starter, Grunt, and Basoomamba.

All of the preventhus began glowing brighter and brighter as they drained the magic particles used for keeping Basoomamba summoned. Fire starter looked around and noticed this and rather than sacrificing a formidable summoning like Basoomamba to these preventhus, he stabbed his staff into the ground and the giant fire snake vanished instantly returning to the elementalist’s staff to be summoned another day.

“Screw it, I’m not jus gonna let ya drain tha magic from him!” Fire starter angrily replied.

General Grechov and lieutenant Brookes were stunned to see the massive threat fade away into a magical sparkling swirl out magical dust particles and flow to the mystic. Grechov noticed that with Basoomamba gone, there was nothing to stop him and his soldiers from retrieving their weapons back. And with the mystic distracted by the threat of a new enemy his moment was now.

“Ya see, Buzz here prevents you from summoning all sorts a mess with these preventhus here and me, well, I stop you from using magic with this.” Mouh explained.

The old miser pulled out a long whistle from his coat pocket and blew, but it made no noise. Within a minute the ground underneath began to quake, four large mounds appeared from under the soil. Four giant horned, one-eyed, fanged worm monsters revealed themselves from the ground.

“See these are my quirms here. These two are Stanley and Beth, this one over yonder, well that’s Billy and this big one here is ’ol Betsie girl. They’ll eat’n absorb your magic for me.” he said patting the largest one on the side like patting cattle.

“……” Grunt admitted.

“Yeah, I know.” Fire starter agreed.

Back inside the cave Raziel, Christian, and the other swordsmen prepared to rush into battle with Fire starter and save Carmon.

“So, what happens after we beat that Fire starter guy and kill the snake? How are we getting out of this forest?” Vincent reminded in the form of a question.

“Fire starter will cooperate, he won’t want to die out here just to spite us.” Raziel respond.

“Is he gonna to be alright?” Wade asked about Kaz.

Raziel walked over and looked at him, “He’s moving so slowly, perhaps an effect of Cain’s sword?” he deduced.

“Cain did mention something about effecting Kaz’s mobility.” Seth recalled, informing everyone.

“We don’t have time to stand around and talk about this now.” Raziel said lifting Kaz on his shoulder, “Let’s go!”

“Wait! What about these?” Christian asked holding a sheath to one of the swordsman’s blade.

“Let’s grab’em and go.” Raziel answered back.

Seth, Vincent, Rufus, Wade, and Wraith all picked up their sheaths for their swords while Christian picked up Kaz’s, who was still moving slowly and hoisted on the grand duke’s shoulder. The eight of them all charged out of the mysterious room, took off through the room of false armors, and began running through the long tunnel back up into the forest, all the while being cautious of the presence of the injured assassin.

Cain rest hiding in the shadows of the armor room, he watched as the eight of them left. Cain was capable of moving so quickly, perhaps fast enough to kill all of them, but the incident that occurred in the room before had him weary. Why was Cain cut when slashing the black haired detective’s chest? Did he make a clumsy mistake? Did Seth somehow attack him without his knowledge? The assassin wanted to understand the ability of Seth’s sword before accidentally making a fatal error.

The assassin stood once the coast was clear, still capable of moving quicker than usual. He hurried through the tunnel to catch up with the others, but not too quickly that he’d run into them.

Fire starter awaited the first move, but was hasty, “Let’s get to tha point!” he spouted and lunged this staff outward and cast a huge stream of flame towards the closest of his new foes.

One of the massive disgusting worm monsters moved in front of the fire to absorb the spell and eat its magic, but instead became engulfed in flame. The creature gyrated in pain from the scorching heat and bellowed screeching shrills of pain.


“STANLEY!” Mouh sounded surprised.

“HA,ha,ha,ha! Ya fool, I’m not a magician nor some wizard, I don’t need ta cast spells ta use fi’ya!” Fire starter gloated while burning the massive quirm to death.

The hide was removed and Stanley’s fat and muscle were exposed, the giant creature was in fact torched and rolled over dead, but still on fire.

“Next!” the mystic taunted.

Suddenly a massive round of bullets sounded off, Gunner took aim and began shooting to end the elementalist quickly. Grunt swiftly stepped in the way and protected Fire starter from the round of bullets. Sparks flashed from the speedy metal striking against Grunt’s exterior, not to mention a few bits of wicker debris from shot off parts of the mystic’s hat. The fire mystic glared his eyes and instantly a massive burst of flame shined from behind Grunt, Fire starter had disappeared leaving the suit of armor to take over.

“Damn! That warlock got away?!” Mouh wondered.

Grunt started charging at Gunner, who’s bullets left Grunt unfazed. The heavy armor’s chained arms swung the spiked balls, promising to cause pain soon enough.

“Well stop that thing.” Mouh ordered Buzz.

“Blwgh!” Buzz yelled, ordering the preventhus to wrap around Grunt and hold it down to be destroyed.

The preventhus obeyed and quickly flew through the fog to the heavy running metal. Three prevethus wrapped their arm like appendages around Grunt’s right spiked ball and chain arm while four did the same to its left. Grunt stood without making a sound and showing no expression other than the one already constructed on its face. It jerked its chains making the preventhus snare on to it tighter.

“Blwgh! Blwgh!” Buzz declared, and darted to Grunt at blinding speed.

The fly man used his dagger and started stabbing inside the small openings in Grunt’s armor to stab any vulnerable spots or someone inside, but nothing but air was shanked. Buzz realized that Grunt was hollow armor and nothing more, nobody was inside controlling it.

While the fast moving bug man was in front of Grunt it planted its feet firmly on the ground and spun its top torso three hundred and sixty degrees around, causing the preventhus to fling off and throwing Buzz to the ground.

Gunner stood by waiting for another moment to shoot at the dangerous armor without hitting any of the preventhus or Buzz. Mouh stood behind them all watching with Betsie, the largest of his quirm. Without warning a massive sudden burst of fire appeared out of nowhere and in that instant sprung Fire starter.

He lunged forward swinging his double bladed staff at the old drunkard, luckily for Mouh he fell in surprise from the sudden arrival of the mystic which helped him dodge the attack. Fire starter then swung down at the ground to stab Mouh, who rolled to the side and hurried back to his feet.

Gunner saw this, but couldn’t shoot at Fire starter without hitting Betsie.

“You messed up taken on tha big fish now.” Mouh warned and unhooked a small hand scythe on his belt.

“Yeah, well I eat fish fur breakfas’!” Fire starter said pathetically trying to sound threatening and swinging his blade at the old coot who managed to block the attack with his hand scythe.

As the two elders fought, Grunt was freed once again and started smashing his two hundred pound spiked balls into the preventhus. Crushing their heads and torso areas, Grunt relentlessly beat them down. Once killed, the preventhus faded away like dimming light, without leaving any trace.

Buzz zipped over to Grunt to try aiding his preventhus by grabbing Grunt’s shoulders with his feet and lifting it off the ground and away from them, but the fly man was not strong enough to lift Fire starter’s ally and quickly abandoned the idea just nearly escaping a hit from Grunt’s ball and chain.

Once the prevethus were killed off and Buzz was out of firing range Gunner started blasting away at Grunt, hoping to blow holes into it or even blast it into smithereens.

“How bout one’a deese?” Gunner smirked, locking in a rocket towards Grunt.

The shooter’s arm made adjustments on its own according to Gunner’s preference. The killer smiled showing off his dirty teeth and readied his attack.

He took aim, “One down.” and in a loud boom fired off the rocket which zoomed through the air at high speed, slamming directly into the gargoyle looking armor. A massive explosion blew upon impact forcing bits of rock and soil to spray everywhere. A thick cloud of smoke remained standing and Grunt was down.

“GRUNT!!!” Fire starter shouted.

The mystic became more angered and swung his staff wildly at the drunkard, who kept stepping backward to avoid getting hit. Betsie approached behind the mystic to eat him as he fought its trainer.

Gunner walked over to the remains of Grunt to blast away anything that might be left remaining. The mechanical bodied man’s arm made further adjustments for its next attack. His robotic eye filtered through the fog and smoke where his normal eye could not. The brute was surprised to see that the armor was not blown apart, in fact it was still in one piece.

“…………!” Grunt yelled without sound and quickly recovered to its feet in front of its enemy.

Gunner was taken by surprise and took a step back. He was surprised the metallic monster endured the hit and realized he’d need to use a more high powered explosive to destroy this foe.

Grunt was immune to pain, but it did experience exterior damage and in time would succumb to attacks such as the one before. Grunt had to be quicker on its feet and ran towards Gunner swinging his chain arms. The gunman lifted his mechanical arm in defense to block Grunt’s weapons. The enchanted armor smashed the spiked weapons against the armored gun.

Sparks flew as the two clashed. Gunner tried measuring against the armor’s combatant skills and swung his robotic arm to try and knock off the armor’s pattern of attacks. Grunt’s rhythm was disturbed, but it carried on through. Gunner backed up close to Beth, the other quirm. The large creature bared its jagged teeth which began breaking upon Grunt’s swinging attacks.

Grunt was unwavering and slammed its spikes into the side of the large beast and broke its jaw and teeth. The creature tried climbing over Grunt in an attempt to hold it down and crush him, but did not prevail. Grunt hurried out of its way and started attacking its fatty body from different sides.

Beth repositioned itself and belched a deadly poisonous gas directly on Grunt, but since the armor did not breathe the attack was useless. Gunner had seen that the armor was immune to most of the monstrous worm’s attacks and felt he needed to step in. The shooter came up and slammed his metallic weapon straight onto Grunt’s back, which caused it to wobble. After doing so, the gunman used his mechanical leg to thrust kick the ally of Fire starter’s to the ground.

Beth moved its gargantuan body over and viciously bit down on Grunt and tried chewing it up as best it could. The deadly jaws of the quirm were powerful and not a wise position to be in, despite any defense you may have. The armor rallied up an attack and smashed the teeth completely out of the creature’s jaw. It spit Grunt out immediately, along with some sharp teeth and blood as well.

Beth’s cycloptic eye began to glow a bright red color, indicating a magic based attack since the quirms single eyeball was its primary source for stealing and storing magic. Grunt noticed and quickly jumped in the air and leaped off Beth’s lower jaw to crush its single eye with its spiked ball. After Grunt slammed the eye deep into Beth’s eye socket the fat worm quivered and jiggled strangely. The quirm was now bloodied and weakened. It stumbled and fell over to bleed out as it squealed in pain.

Buzz raised his mystical item again to summon a hoard of preventhus to grasp hold of Grunt and Fire starter. The bug man held his item in the air once more, using the light and calling forth more of the strange creatures. Grunt took notice and charged at the bug. Gunner readied another rocket, but with more explosive power than before for Grunt while its back was turned.

“Buzz get out da way!” Gunner warned.

Buzz darted in the sky leaving behind the summoned preventhus to grab Grunt again. Grunt tried to stop, but couldn’t get any traction from the soft soil.

“I sure hate ta use the expensive stuff.” he muttered to himself.

A loud deafening whistle sounded off as another rocket fired in Grunt’s direction. Grunt lunged to the side and barely dodged the projectile.

A massive explosion had light up the area as the rocket impacted a distant terrain dosser, shooting directly through the windshield of the large vehicle causing it to explode multiple times due to the stored fuel tanks. Once Gunner realized the rocket missed its initial target, he prepared another shot and tried aiming again.

Away and closer to some of the black trees, Fire starter hit Mouh in the hand with his staff causing him to drop his weapon. The mystic quickly tried slashing the old man in the face as he hurried to retrieve his curved blade, but rather than taking a hit Mouh instead grabbed a hold of the mystic’s staff and tried jerking it out of his grip. The elemental’s eye’s glared bright red as his double bladed staff started to heat up, burning Mouh’s hand severely. Fire starter’s hands remain unharmed by the subtle attack.

Mouh began growling, trying to endure the pain just as long as he could remove the weapon from his enemy, but the fire mystic lifted his leg and forcefully kicked the elder in the groin. The old man weakened his grip and in that moment the fire user thrust his arms forward with staff in hand and popped the man in the face, which knocked him down to the foggy ground in more pain than before.

The magic hunter suffered through his pain quickly and rolled off to the side and retrieved his hand scythe. Fire starter kept his distance, since close quarters combat was not his specialty. The fire mystic stood on guard and had six burning balls of fire appear around him and began spinning in a circle.

“Hee, you fool, use your magic if you must, but it will get you nowhere.” Mouh smirked.

Without provocation one of the balls of fire hurled at Mouh, he pulled out a unique item to dispel magic upon contact and held it before him. The ball of fire smacked into the item and knocked it out of Mouh’s hand while burning his knuckles in the process.

“Agh! How did that not work?” Mouh asked.

“You old fool, like I said befor’, I don’t use magic.” Fire starter cackled.

“Wait a second, you’re an elemental, ain’t cha?! That’s the only explanation.” Mouh concluded. “That fool that hired me said you were a magic user.”

“HA, ha, ha, whats tha matt’a? Finally und’a stand ya screwed up?” the mystic teased by launching the other fire balls, which Mouh blocked using his hand scythe, with each hit singeing more of his hand.

Fire starter continued fighting the old man, but couldn’t help but wonder why his oldest nemesis would hire someone who specializes in fighting magic users to fight against him? It was clear that over the years Fire starter was an elemental, and did not require magic in order to use fire. He had mastered the element eons ago, there must be something more to this fight than Fire starter was seeing, but what was it?

Buzz flew away from the battle field and called forth more and more preventhus. Grunt yet again mowed down more of the elegant beings as they attempted to restrain him. Gunner opened fire against Grunt and carelessly shot down preventhus that stood in its way. Gunner stopped shooting once again as Billy, the third of the quirms, approached to fight. Once it grew near a loud yell sounded from away.

“FIRE!!!!” Grechov ordered. He and his remaining army obtained the guns from the pile created by the elementalist and unleashed their rounds into the large disgusting monster.

Grechov and his soldiers were trained well and hit their mark. The beast moaned in agony as it was riddled with ammunition. It turned its attention to the gunmen and tried spitting an acidic venom, but was too far away to make a hit. As it drew closer and closer it gained more and more injury. It finally reached its point and slumped over dead.

While Billy was being shot Grunt charged at Gunner. The bald sniper unleashed more rounds on Grunt, he then stopped and allowed his gun to alter its arsenal again. This time Gunner aimed to blast Grunt with a powerful rocket like the one that blew away the terrain dosser from earlier.

Grunt charged with such speed that it slid in front of Gunner and smacked his mechanical arm upward and away. The brute retaliated by punching Grunt’s face and breaking his knuckles in the process.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” he shouted in the excitement of the fight.

Grunt reared back one of his heavy spiked spheres and dented the front of Gunner’s mechanical arm. The attack forced him to thrust his arm downward, but he prevented another attack by blocking with his forearm, which Grunt snapped. Gunner was out muscled and stepped away and in the panic of the fight, luckily Buzz’s summoned prevethus latched onto Grunt from behind and ensnared his chain’s and legs.

Gunner achieved some quick distance despite his pain and smirked at the soon to be destroyed murderous armor. Grunt motioned to free itself, but continued to get jumped by the seemingly mindless preventhus. Gunner smiled and positioned his large mechanical arm to blast them all away.

“Heh, you’ve earned dis one!” Gunner mocked.

He fired away and activated the high powered expensive rocket that flew through his machine arm at high speed only to stop and hit the dent’s left behind from Grunt’s damaging attacks. Gunner’s gun barrels were compromised, meaning Gunner exploded in a massive explosion that knocked all around off their feet. Grunt and the preventhus were brushed down by the force of the blast.

“GUNNER!” Mouh reacted in surprise.

“Blwgh!” Buzz ordered causing the prevethus to swarm the general and his men.

“FIRE!!!” Grechov ordered once again.

He and the soldiers shot down the preventhus as they swarmed them.

Lieutenant Brookes had broken away from the firing squad and threw Carmon her sword while still in its sheath, “Here, figured you’d like this back!” she smiled.

“Thanks!” Carmon replied.

“Now hang tight and I’ll find you away out of that fire.” Brookes informed.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got this.” Carmon said eagerly accepting her weapon back and holstering the sword’s sheath back on her belt loop.

Carmon then withdrew her sword and used its ability once again creating two identical doppelgangers. The two clones put their hands together and created a step to hoist the agile girl into the air. Carmon took a deep breath and ran at them, she jumped using a front flip and landed on their combined hands, which they then used to spring her high above the flame prison and onto safe ground outside. Carmon was hunched over since she landed on one foot and her knee, she then looked at the flame prison to watch her copies attempt to escape. The two copies tried running through the flame quickly, but were instantly incinerated upon contact.

“That’s what I figured.” Carmon announced, remembering what happened to the soldiers at Wade’s night club when they tried running through as well.

She then sheathed her sword and unsheathed it once again, creating two new clones of herself. Lieutenant Brookes stood in amazement, she hadn’t known of this ability. Suddenly the two were surround by preventhus which tried holding them down.

Brookes entered attack mode and used her martial arts to chop and kick into the preventhus. Her combos left the beings bruised and flung away while Carmon utilized her weapon and its ability and sliced through many of the creepy creatures.

“Hee, hee, not look’n so good fur ya predat’a.” Fire starter remarked.

Mouh looked at the mystic angrily as the two locked up again, staff to hand scythe.

“You think you’ve already won, huh?!” Mouh asked with a smile.

The mystic was shadowed by the towering Betsie which lunged at him. Fire starter noticed and in an instant burst into flame and disappeared again and reappeared over to the side of the great beast.

The massive quirm scrunched up and rolled after the mystic who disappeared and reappeared at a safer distance. He then blasted intense flame on the ground which trailed after the rolling fatty monster. Grunt charged at the large creature, but was hit and run down, managing to inflict further damage to the already damaged armor.

Grunt however, sprang back up and smashed its spike balls against the large qurim’s exterior layers of fat. It stopped rolling to attack Grunt by biting rather quickly, which did nothing to it. Fire starter took advantage of the moment and cast more fire upon the large creature, making parts of its body catch fire.

Mouh ran over to attack Fire starter with his hand scythe, but Fire starter ceased his attack and blocked the drunkards move. The two engaged in combat once again.

“I’ve never wanted tha kill as bad as I do right now!” Mouh declared out of rage.

The both of them struck weapons a few times more before locking up again, “Was that flammable alcohol on yur breath I smell?” Fire starter cheerfully teased before spitting flame from his mouth and underneath his wicker hat.

Mouh’s clothing immediately caught fire, he dropped his weapon and tried beating the fire out of his clothes while backing away from Fire starter.

“What’s tha matt’a? You’ll put it out like that. Her’a have some more!” he said lunging his fire staff at Mouh quickly and launching more fire at the old drunkard.

Mouh stumbled about screaming while completely doused in the elemental’s fire. He then awkwardly slowed his movements before falling face down and roasting.

“Idiot, couldn’t tell tha difference between a magic use’a n’ an elemental.” Fire starter complained.

The mystic turned to see Grunt beating up the largest quirm and aided his friend by casting fire against the titanic beastly worm. It writhed in pain from the beat down and growled in a painful agonizing way before falling over dead.

Fire starter and Grunt looked at the battlefield and saw the army of preventhus cast from the high flying Buzz in the sky above. General Grechov and the remaining army shooting most down, Brookes taking out her fair share with martial arts combos, and Carmon with her doppelgangers trimming them down.

“What’da ya say we let them take it from her’a. Hey, what’s all this her’a?” Fire starter asked Grunt referring to the damage on Grunt’s outer shell.

“……….…………” Grunt replied, lightly nudging Fire starter’s arm with the smooth surface of its spiked ball.

Suddenly the entrance to the cave that contained the armor of Kamisama burst open. This was a sudden surprise that gained everyone’s attention. Raziel stepped out of the tunnel entrance with Christian by his side and still holding Kaz over his shoulder. The grand duke stood tall and unlike the others who ran through the old tunnel, he felt no fatigue. The grand duke stood in the impressive holy armor radiating a glimmering hypnotizing glow.

Fire starter grinned from under his large wicker hat, “Tha arm’a!”

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