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Here you find out what bffs do in sticky situations

Adventure / Mystery
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The fight against friendship

One of the things that are certain to happen in a bff group is feeling excluded this is exactly what happened for the first time in my life yes, me Aditi so let me take you on an adventure on what happened that day with a sprinkle of mystery of course . One beautiful morning me and my fellow bff Riya were bored but then we heard that our friend from school is hosting a zoom meeting and we thought let's join, but we had forgotten that we had promised khushi our fellow bff that we would hang with her. We joined the zoom meeting with our schoolmate her name is sancia .she brought more friends in the zoom call we were having so much fun that we didn't realise that our phones were blowing up with messages and the time was also going quickly and it had passed 5 .Then we checked our phones and realized khushi was sending these messages we told her that we will hang with her at 6. Time went by and we still didn't hang with khushi she got furious then we ended the meeting with sancia and when we talked to khushi she refused and we tried to talk to her but she was really mad. A whole day passed by and no sign of her finally the next day she said "you should have told me " we responded with "join us in a meeting with sancia and her friends " khushi agreed. We told her the code and password, she didn't join and we wondered where she was ? We thought that she had something else to do so we didn't think much into it .The next morning she leaves our snapchat group with one last sentence "you guys didn't let me in the call , you just wanted me to feel bad" immediately I called her and asked what happened she said " I joined and it said someone will let you in but after one hour still no one let me in then a message came up which read hahahaha you will never get in Stupid, you and me Never i hate people who Are Clearly not In the the group but Are trying to fit in" khushi continued and said "I felt there is something we have to solve about this message I went to the library and searched for a book that will help me , then I found it , at last a book called meaning of message codes and then you called so let's find out together " I said yes we looked through every single page and in the last page which took us 2 hours to come to had the answer to the message it said , that sometimes the letters that are uppercase letters combined form a word so khushi checked , she found all the letters which were S,N,A,C,I and A . I recognized the CIA at the end I scream IT SPELLS SANCIA we both gasp now i understand she was the host so she was the only one who could let people in, I said we got to tell Riya we informed Riya and Riya confronted sancia and she never ever talked to us ever again and everything is back to normal see ya later reader ByeeeeeBye <3 ( :

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