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Tvisha the betrayer


This is a story about my ex-friend. I’m Khushi here and I’m here to talk about a story of my friend named tvisha and how she has betrayed to me. I had joined my new school when I was in 5th grade. My only bus friend I could find was Tvisha. She was actually a really nice friend to me. But the next year she started to stop siting with me. She told that she would go and sit with her other friends for a day I thought that was fine and then she would come back the next day. But she didn’t. She is ent but then she came back to sit with me not after a well but after 2 WHOLE MONTHS. That was really mean of her I didn’t get mad at her but she started fighting with me for no good reason. I didn’t care and I just became her friend again. But she wasn’t the same she kept on going with her other friends, which made me really sad coz I had no one else to sit with or chat with. But the very next year in 7th grade I found new friends. Aditi,Larissa,Venissa and Jessica. They were the sweetest friends I ever knew. We all became really nice friends and everything but I had an enemy since 5th grade she always troubled me. And the thing which made me angry more wbas Tvisha went to them in the past years. And she came back crying tell to me that they troubled her. I always warned her not to go there, but she never listened to me. And now for the present situation you can see I found another friend to this year, Riya the reason I like her is because I have seen that we both think the same

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