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Chapter #17 Last of the Mercenaries

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Stuck in the forest of darkness and in the midst of a trap set by the nameless one, can Raziel in the armor of Kamisama overcome the threat of the last mercenary and his endless army of preventhus with the seven swordsmen? Or does the wicked demon has a back-up plan?

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Chapter 1

The legendary armor of Kamisama had finally been obtained, and as an added bonus, seven powerful swords with each a unique ability of its own had been rewarded to each of the seven chosen. General Grechov had taken a moment from shooting preventhus to stop and witness the obviously special armor that rest upon the grand duke. Brookes and Carmon noticed Raziel’s victorious return from the cavern of which he was sent to by Fire starter.

Carmon smiled happily, “Dad!” she yelled thankful for his safe return.

“CARMON!” Raziel yelled back seeing his daughter in battle.

The grand duke set Kaz off his shoulder and ran to his daughter’s rescue. Raziel charged into battle without any form of friction and easily demolished all preventhus in his way. The magic preventing creatures tried restraining the grand duke as he entered the thick of them in battle, but they possessed as much strength against stopping the grand duke as a single dust mite would at stopping the orbit of a planet.

Raziel threw several punches into the growing mass of beings. In doing so, Raziel noticed that all of his hits against the attacking creatures showed no resistance, despite pushing against them and throwing them into the blinding distance or simply punching through them entirely. He smiled enjoying the benefits of the legendary armor and continued wiping out the enemy army.

The hero stood beside his daughter, “So what happened out here? What’s all this?” he questioned.

Another Carmon jumped by and stood next to her father, “Nice going dad, can’t recognize your own flesh and blood?” Carmon smirked.

The grand duke looked at both exact copies of each other and still couldn’t tell any difference. Lieutenant Brookes twirled about crazily but methodically and kicked several preventhus. She then lunged high in the air and preformed her signature ‘Finishing Kick’, a move in which she hikes her leg upward and slams down on her foes with a powerful kick surrounded by a burning blue flame, then after the first kick she sweeps her leg across and launches the foe flying. After clearing a path with this technique, she landed beside Raziel.

“Some demons appeared and attacked the mystic, sir. We used the opportunity to our advantage and freed Carmon. These preventhus are with them.” she stopped for a punch kick combo. “The fly guy is summoning them with some kinda strange weapon.”

Raziel looked upward and noticed the twitching bug man creating more preventus from high above. General Grechov made several attempts to shot the opponent down, but the forest of darkness only assists the foe with camouflage. The grand duke looked over to the chosen swordsmen who continued standing to the side and watching the armies clash.

“Get tha fly!” Raziel yelled pointing at the enemy flying above.

Wade leaned his head over to the others, “Certainly he doesn’t expect us to get in there’n fight does he?” he asked implying the absurdity with a nervous grin.

“AAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!” Rufus yelled loudly startling the famous actor.

The big bodied youth charged into battle with his sword drawn. He hacked away at the creatures with bulky powerful thrusts, easily slicing through them. The assassin sheathed his sword and crept over to the entrance where the others stood and watched.

“Yeah right, lotta good I can do with this stupid thing. Doesn’t even gotta blade.” Wraith commented.

Seth raised his arm to protect the others, “Better find a use for it cause here they come.”

The detective unsheathed his sword and readied for the attack. Vincent, with his usual pissed off expression, withdrew his double sword. The silvery haired teenager held his sword by both handles. A light glistened for a brief second in the middle of Vincent’s sword handle which divided into two completely different swords at that moment. Stunned, he took a moment to try and understand how it just happened. Aside from the divide, Vincent notice no other changes and prepared to battle with two swords in hand.

Cain stuck close to the walls of the tunnel, but peered outside and was stunned to see such a massive battle ensuing. There was no indication of such an attack before he entered, but upon his return there is a massive attack all of a sudden? Where did these preventhus come from and why so persistent to attack he wondered.

Kaz’s body suddenly shivered, he looked at his arms and hands, “I can move normal again.” he stated grinning.

The muscle headed swordsman looked back at Wade, Wraith, and Christian, “Why don’t you cowards get in tha game?!” he taunted and threw his sword over his head and ran into the masses.

Massive blasts of lightening constantly struck the area where Kaz fought. Every moment Kaz struck an enemy with his sword was another moment lightning struck down and blast the target. Kaz was startled by the first and second bolts, but quickly realized that he was immune to his own summoned electricity and eagerly abused his new found ability. Nearby preventhus that were not struck by Kaz’s electricity were launched away by the powerful force.

Seth was nervous to fight the supernatural monsters, but was not going to back down. He positioned his black blade and moved in to slash the nearing preventhus. Seth slashed the bright entity in its torso, but was unsuccessful in dispensing any damage. The black blade sliced through the limbs of its enemy yet did not severe anything. The black haired man was dumbfounded, how could he have a bladed sword that couldn’t injure? Seth was surrounded and wrapped up by the prevethus, “Agh! Damn it.” he worried.

“Um, is somebody gonna do something?” Christian asked nervously as the preventhus grew closer.

“Don’t look at me, my swords broke!” Wraith complained.

Christian and Wraith both looked to Wade whos sword was clearly not broken. He noticed them stare at him and returned the stare with an annoyed face.

“What?” Wade asked

“You know. Ya gotta fight for us.” Christian answered.

“What? Why ME?!” Wade whined.

“You’re the only one of us that’s gotta weapon! You gotta protect us.” Christian replied stating the obvious.

“But I don’t wanna.” Wade pouted nervously.

“Wha?! You don’t wanna?!” Christian repeated out of surprise. “Then who will?” he pleaded as the illuminating creatures approached.

“I dunno, get tha grand duke. He’s got that super armor and all!” Wade pointed out.

“It’s a little too late for him ta show up for us now don’t cha think?!” Wraith stated.

“UGH!” Wade sighed, “Well, just get his attention real quick or something, like this. HEY! HEY, OVER HERE!!!” Wade tried yelling over the commotion of the ensuing battle and constant crackling thunder and started waving his arms for attention, but only attracted more prevethus.

“Uh!” Christian responded looking at Wade.

“Oh yeah, REAL good job there genius.” Wraith remarked.

“Thay’r discover’n their abilities.” Fire starter noticed. He and Grunt remained standing off to the side, but eventually were forced back into battle from the creation of hundreds upon hundreds of created preventhus from Buzz. The elementalist created a fire wall to protect himself while Grunt stood beside him, ready to attack and protect if needed.

“Shot that damn bug!” Grechov ordered while shooting his gun. Once the general ran out of bullets he threw his gun and hit a foe directly in the face, he then ran back over to the pile of remaining weapons and recovered his own sword and an additional gun and proceeded to attack. Even though the general’s sword possessed no abilities of its own, it would eventually prove to be far more useful than a gun without bullets.

Vincent ran through slicing off limbs after limbs without any trace of hesitation. Cutting down these creatures he cared nothing for was a perfect extension to release his inner rage. The white haired swordsman blocked, slashed, and stabbed with both swords like second nature. His years of training as he grew up were finally serving him purpose. The beings fell and faded quickly around the speedy striker’s feet.

Carmon and her two doubles leaped and darted around the grand duke, pulling off great team attacks with herselves. Raziel throughout the entire fight was completely unopposed in any aspect and less than easily destroyed his opponents. To Raziel’s amazement he realized that even his most effortless punch meant death for his targets.

“Dude, he’s not coming.” Wraith addressed.

“Ugh, well you’re not even trying.” Wade complained.

Christian grew more nervous than before due to the fact that the preventhus were only several feet away now.

The young prince jumped up and down yelling for the grand duke, “HEY! HELP! OVER HERE!”

“What are you doing?” Wraith asked Christian.

The prince looked at him, “I don’t wanna die.” he replied.

“Just fight tha damn things!” Wraith argued to Wade.

“I don’t wanna fight those scary ass things.” the spiky hair man admitted.

“Is this the sorta cowardice that wins over the women?” Wraith replied.

“That’s it! You said you’re in movies, right? Just protect us like you would the girls in your action movies.” Christian tried connecting.

“HUH?!” Wade looked at Christian with a completely confused looked and nervous grin.

“Yeah, just pretend like Wraith and I are like the girls in your movies. Don’t you save the girls from bad guys?” the prince asked clueless.

Wraith just slapped his palm to his face and sighed since Christian was completely ignorant to exactly what kind of films Wade participated in and obviously didn’t have a clue of what he was talking about.

Wade swallowed and drew out his blade which instantly coated itself in a thick layer of ice once again. Extremely cool mist irradiated from off the ice of the blade. He extended his arm with his blade gripped tightly.

“Something tells me I won’t enjoy this as much as my movies.” Wade fret.

Finally, the enemies were close enough and stretched their appendages outward to ensnare the three. Wade utilized his icy blade and cut the attacking preventhus, but rather than cutting the creatures or inflicting injury Wade’s sword instantly transformed the preventhus into water. One second they were preventhus and the very next second their entire bodies were splashing puddles as the water hit the ground.

Wade stood happily amazed, “Whoa.” he said looking at the weapon in his hands.

“You just turned ’em ta water.” Christian stated in disbelief.

Wade grinned with a sparkle in his smile and looked at Christian, “Glad I wore my wetsuit cause movie or no movie, looks like I’m gett’n wet.”

Wraith and the prince stood behind Wade while he continued transforming the enemies instantly into puddles of water. Christian looked at the chaos brought forth from the bug flying out of range of all attacks.

“Hey, if that Kaz guy can hit him with lightening.” the prince strategized.

The tattooed teen understood the princes plot, “Hey yeah, grand duke said ta get him right? Hey Wade, can you lead us to Kaz?”

Wade struck and slashed, “I’d rather not.”

“It’s the only way!” Christian pleaded.

“Yeah these things are gonna keep coming if we don’t.” Wraith informed.

“Ugh, fine! But stay close then.” he ordered, “Let’s go!”

Wade instantly obliterated all enemies in his way by changing them into water with Wraith and Christian following close behind him. The three of them trampled through flowing puddles of freshly created water.

“Hey, they got him!” Christian informed, pointing out that Seth had been taken captive.

Wade quickly glanced over and saw Seth wrapped up and held down by eight preventhus. The spiky haired man rolled his eyes knowing full well that the prince was indicating a rescue. He lowered his swimming goggles over his eyes before charging in to save the day. He mustered up more courage before proceeding.

“Follow me!” he stated as he changed course and demolished the bright creatures in his way.

Once he arrived to Seth, he made quick work of the restraining preventhus by changing them all into water.

“What tha heck?” Seth asked standing up in wet clothes while still holding his black sword.

“His sword turns’em ta water.” Christian answered.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Wade spouted, shutting up the prince, “Come on, we gotta plan.” Wade informed Seth.

“Oh?” he wondered while holding up his sword to protect and attack alongside them.

The four of them began making their way towards Kaz and his chaotic strikes and dancing bolts of lightning. Rufus began making his way towards Raziel and started fighting alongside his idol. Carmon with her doppelgangers, Brookes, Raziel, and Rufus all created a powerful circle and demolished the surrounding preventhus.

“Grugh! This isn’t getting us anywhere.” Carmon pointed out.

Raziel looked up at the menacing foe and witnessed him continuing to summon more preventhus to replace the defeated.

“We’ve gotta take him down somehow.” the grand duke replied before having an epiphany.

The hero, rather than slam his next foe, grabbed hold of the being and hurled it effortlessly through the air. The pereventhus was thus airborne, but missed Buzz since he quickly darted out of the way. The fly man was incredibly fast, but Raziel found a new strategy and was definitely going to stick with it. Raziel slowly walked forward grabbing the bright enemies and throwing them through the air to strike down the acrobatic foe.

Rufus started walking behind Raziel in case he was attacked from behind. Kaz was close to them at this point and had kept gathering a barrage of lightning bolts around him. Rufus stopped striking for a moment to notice his sword began to illuminate while catching the reflection of Kaz’s sword. It was a bizarre occurrence, but Rufus didn’t let it slow him down.

The large man yelled and struck down a swarm rushing towards him and upon hitting them Rufus himself created a giant bolt of lightning. Rufus was startled, but quickly intrigued and accepted this new devastating attack. Kaz, however, noticed Rufus’ sword preforming the same attack as his own and was a little disappointed since his sword seem less unique now, but kept blasting through despite his childish feelings.

Finally, Wade, Christian, and the other two swordsmen caught up to Kaz and tried yelling to get his attention, since it would have been far too dangerous to approach him with the unpredictable surges of electricity.

“KAZ!” Wade yelled.

“HEY, KAZ! HEY!” Christian called out.

“HEY, ASS!” Wraith insulted loudly.

Seth tried maintaining cover from the back, but the surrounding mob of preventhus proved to be more than a challenge.

“We’ve got trouble!” the black haired man informed while trying to strike a preventhus with his sword that refused to damage.

The bright creatures flung their limbs outward and grabbed Seth’s neck, as well as Christian’s ankle and Wraith’s wrist. Christian was startled and fell to the ground since the preventhus pulled him back quickly. The prince tried grasping hold of the moist soil to restrain from being taken, but was unsuccessful. His fingertips left trails in the ground as he was helplessly drug back. Christian tried kicking with his free foot to loosen the monster’s hold.

“HELP!” the prince pleaded.

Seth noticed the prince being taken and in an instant pulled the arms of the creature that held onto him and punched it firmly in the face, which forced it to let go and fall back. The detective then stomped on the preventhus’s limbs pulling the prince away and forced it to let go. Christian jumped up frightened and hid behind Seth for protection.

Wraith tried pulling his arm away from the preventhus, but could not get free of its grasp. The young troublemaker held tightly onto his sword handle and prepared to him the foe with the metallic hand guard.

“Argghhhh, come on!” Wraith readied and reeled the creature in close.

The purple haired teen swung his fist which held his weapon tightly and struck the being across the front of its head. Upon doing so Wraith noticed that the skull of the creature was sliced from the body. Body parts of the preventhus fell to the ground and faded away like all the others. The teen was confused and looked at his supposed sword.

“Did, I just cut?” Wraith asked himself.

Wraith extended his arm with the hand guard outward and pointed it at an approaching mass of enemies. He took a deep breath, gripped the handle firmly, glared his eyes intently to focus, and swung his sword as if it had a blade. To his amazement all the preventhus he intended to attack were sliced in half in sync with the motion of his sword.

“Wow. A bladeless sword?!” Wraith discovered.

He then turned around at saw Buzz zipping around in the sky, away from the lightning and dodging the preventhus the grand duke hurled at him. Wraith set his sights of Buzz and focused. He raised his sword and moved his sword in motion as if slicing Buzz in half from over one hundred and thirty-two feet away and to Wraith’s surprise the insect man was instantly in two halves.

“Blwgh!” Buzz responded from the unforeseeable attack.

Both parts of the bug man fell to the ground as well as his weapon to summon a constant army of prevethus. With Buzz killed all the preventhus stopped immediately where they floated. General Grechov and his soldiers slowed their attacks and stopped at the awkward moment. The general wondered what surprise was in store next. Brookes kicked one far away and readied for another attack as she breathed heavily. She was prepared, but noticed they were acting even more strangely now. Vincent finished slicing apart the creatures that surround him and stopped to realize none were approaching him anymore.

He glared his eyes from left to right, “Finally had enough?” he asked catching his breath.

The grand duke saw Buzz sliced in half and wondered how this had happened, but more importantly wanted to retrieve the item the fly used to summon their attackers. Raziel charged through the mass of preventhus to snag the unique weapon. The creatures levitated motionless as they were trampled by the grand duke. He looked around on the ground for the item by trying to sweep away the thick fog. Finally, he noticed it to his left and picked it up, after giving a small inspection Raziel easily snapped it in half.

At that moment the preventhus scattered throughout the forest of darkness. As they floated away, they began brightening up even more, but the darkness in the forest was so great that even their light was dimmed.

Cain snuck out of the tunnel once the preventhus began to disperse into the woods. The injured assassin was swift and moved up one of the tall black trees quickly and awaited the moment everyone would leave the forest so he could sneak along with them.

Christian ran over to the grand duke and hugged him tightly, “Raziel!”

The grand duke looked down at the young prince, “Are you alright Christian?” he asked incapable of feeling the prince’s hug.

The brown haired prince looked up and nodded, “Yeah, Wraith, Wade, and Seth were with me the whole time.”

The grand duke looked at them and slightly nodded his head to thank them. Kaz walked over to Rufus who was wrapping his sword in its sheathing cloth.

“Hey, what’s the big idea? You using thunder too?” Kaz questioned.

“Ya mean the lightning?” Rufus corrected.

“You know what I mean.” Kaz whined back.

“Not too sure, but when I was close to you and your sword earlier mine started ta glow. Then I could use your lightning.” Rufus explained.

“Hmph.” Kaz simply respond.

“Well, well, well, great job everybody. Ya did good.” Fire starter complimented while walking over to the grand duke with Grunt.

Raziel brushed Christian around behind him for protection in case the elementalist were to attack.

“So, what now Fire starter? Some new trap? Another hoop for us to jump through?” Raziel questioned expecting more danger.

“What? No! What’s with tha attitude? Don’t start act’n like I’m tha bad guy her’a. I helped ya all get these neat swords n’ tha arm’a of Kamisama ther’. If anythin’ ya should all be thank’n me.” Fire starter remarked.

The mystic stopped and regained his balance as the ground quaked, Grunt’s balance however was fine.

“Tha hell was that?” Fire starter muttered quietly.

Everyone braced themselves to maintain their balance. A faint grumbling sound was heard from underneath them all and small vibrations rumbled through the ground.

“What’s go’n on?” Carmon asked.

“What sorcery is this mystic?” Raziel asked.

“This ain’t me?” Fire starter confessed.

A confident laugh was heard from behind and all looked over in its direction to witness the cloaked demon return from the darkness of the forest. Fire starter was bothered to see his nemesis return. He stood on Betsie, the largest of Mouh’s quirm, near its head. His cloak was open and his body was revealed to have been collected hides of old skin stitched together to his own flesh. In the center of his chest and torso were sharp fangs, which opened up like a creepy mouth.

Inside the demon’s body were hundreds of bloody veiny tentacles, several of which quickly stretched out of his chest and slide inside the eye socket of the largest quirm.

“What tha hell’s that thing doing?” general Grechov asked squinting from where he stood.

Carmon and Rufus were both grossed out by the repulsive act of the one eyed demon.

“Fire starter is correct, rather than feeling angry with him, we should all be thanking him. He’s done us all a great favor it would seem.” the demon pointed out.

“Huh?! What’re ya talk’n about?” Fire starter snapped. “I didn’t help you!”

The demon had a big grin on his hidden face as his chest tentacles removed Betsie’s large magic absorbent eye from its eye socket. The eye was then engulfed into the demon’s chest as the bloody appendages withdrew and the jaw like chest closed itself up.

“Have you not figured it out yet Fire starter? I’m surprised, you’re getting sloppy in your old age it would appear. I had hired Mouh, ‘The Predator’ to kill you for a reason, surely you found it odd that I would obtain a magic hunter to kill you, seeing as how you’re an elemental after all.” the cocky demon informed.

“You basta’d!” Fire starter realized.

“Would somebody tell me what tha hell’s going on here?” Raziel asked getting angry.

“I see it now, Damn!” the mystic realized while clutching his fist.

“What? See what now?” Raziel asked Fire starter.

“No matt’a what tha outcome, he wins.” he finally noticed, feeling angry with himself.

Raziel stepped forward towards Fire starter and raised his voice, “What are you talking about?” he asked more upset.

“He sent Mouh, ‘Tha Predat’a’ ta kill me cause he wants me dead, but if that didn’t work then he’d use me ta kill Mouh so he could then absorb tha quirm’s mystical eye.” Fire starter brought to everyone’s attention.

“Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, very well fire user, but don’t feel too bad. After all, Mouh was fated to die, either by your hands or my own. Either way, the magic absorbing powers of the rare quirm would be mine. I just figured this would’ve been a more entertaining method is all.” the mysterious demon confessed.

The ground continued to shake underneath them causing them all alarm.

“Is this yur do’n as well?!” Fire starter yelled.

“Hmm, hmm, hmm, I suppose.” he laughed in a coy manner, “I did my research before attempting to follow you into such a death trap as the forest of darkness. My first thoughts were to wait and see if you would parish within the forest, but then chose to try and impede your progress by launching my attack.” the sophisticated sounding demon said.

“Would you jus get to tha point?!” Fire starter griped.

“Fine, have it your way. The quaking earth beneath you is the awakening creature that laid dormant under the forest for hundreds of years. Since you all failed to act quickly enough and allowed so many preventhus to be called forth, they began absorbing great amounts of magic used by the creature under us all. Therefore, being drained of so much magic has disturbed it and awoken it from its slumber.” the eerie demon informed.

Fire starter’s nemesis altered his hand, making his fingers transform into large tentacles that stretched out and pulled out the eye of the next closest qurim.

“What a pity, all that work in aiding these poor souls into obtaining such promising weaponry, only be killed by the being that lurks beneath. Tell me Fire starter, does this weaken your resolve? Or shall you fight alongside your new found allies until the bitter end?” the demon asked smiling from his victory.

Fire starter stood with his fist quivering from rage. His beady red eyes looked about nervously. He was successful in helping the grand duke obtain the legendary armor and so could use him to fight against his enemies, but everyone else was susceptible to death and was mostly to be killed.

“HEY! Why don’t you come down here and fight, huh?” Kaz spouted off.

The demon’s smug smile was clear, “No need, you are all certain to die.” he said as he began to levitate away from the deceased quirm’s body.

The ground began to shake in a more violent manner causing trees to fall over in the distance and fissures to appear in the ground. Cain braced himself on the tree limb that he rested upon by holding against the tree itself with one arm. He watched to ground breaking apart as the earthquake began to become worse.

General Grechov fell over and dropped his sword. He crawled on the vibrating ground to retrieve his weapon and noticed the thick fog seeping into the cracks below. The general picked up his sword and sheathed it, he could see deep into one of the fissures that something large and black was moving under them.

“There’s something in the ground!” he confirmed loudly.

Fire starter looked over to general Grechov to see if he could notice what he referred to. The elementalist and Grunt both jerked to and fro from the powerful movement below.

“Ah, screw this! Grunt, let’s go!” Fire starter replied and without hesitation the mystic and self-animated armor instantly disappeared into a burst of flame as he stabbed his staff into the ground.

“Hm, classic Fire starter.” the demon replied, predicting the behavior of his old foe, “Looks as if you’re all alone now. You are all more than welcome to die, only proving once again that Fire starter’s strategies to kill me are futile.” he smiled floating backward into the darkness. “Hmm, hmm, hmm, how foolish, thinking that a small group of humans would be enough to assist in my death.”

Carmon ran over to Raziel and Christian stood close by, the grand duke wondered if the legendary armor of Kamisama would be able to keep up to its hype and protect them all.

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