The Devil Made Me Do It

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One Hundred Days

Michael closed the door to Jolanda's apartment, slowly though as to avoid alarming her. As soon as he closed the door he nearly jumped down the stairs to get to his own apartment which was directly below Jolanda's. Reaching it, he placed his hand on the doorknob to turn it. He froze. A pit filled with all the fear and trepidation he had ever felt had formed in his stomach. It was almost like the day he had finally put his plans of rebellion into action all those millenniums ago. He had just made a grave mistake, he knew it.

“Feeling remorse?”

Michael did not need to turn around. He remembered that strong, gentle but stern voice even now. “Remorse would mean that I made a mistake, Gabriel.”

“I see that your heart is still obstinate,” Grabriel responded, contempt dripping from every word.

“And I see that you are trespassing,” Michael replied humorlessly, still not turning around.

“On your property?” Gabriel asked. “Or this planet?”

“Both belong to me,” Michael answered. “So the answer is yes.”

Gabriel chuckled humorlessly. “Care to invite me in?”

“I do not,” Michael said, removing his keys from his pocket and motioning to unlock the door.

“Are you saying that you are not interested in knowing when the Last Days will end?”

Michael hesitated for a split second without realizing it. There was no way that even Gabriel would know when the Last Days ended. That knowledge was privy to God alone. Not even his Brother knew the day and the hour. However, Michael's heart skipped a beat. He tried to sound nonchalant. “Nice try, now get out before I throw you back myself.”

“Are you doubting the truth of Our Heavenly Father?” Gabriel questioned, a dangerous edge to his tone.

Michael swung open the door and laughed aloud. “Seriously? Have you not been paying attention for the past five thousand years? I've been doing exactly that all of this time.”

Gabriel acted as if he had not heard. “Though I suppose if you do not want to know when the end comes, that is fine.” Michael guessed that he shrugged in disinterest after saying this. “I understand.” He stopped talking. Michael was not sure if he was done talking or simply taking an overly-dramatic pause. He walked inside of his apartment and was about to shut the door. Just before he closed the door, Gabriel continued. “It would be a real shame if you failed to train your protege before the last day ends.”

Michael stopped. He was not sure how he would go about this without Dear Old Dad finding out. He was all-knowing and could see anything and everything. It would have been only a matter of time before He found out. But to find out before he had even started...for some reason, that unnerved him. Even in the Garden of Eden, He had not done anything until after the deed had been done.

Michael turned around for the first time to look at Gabriel. He had not changed at all. His hair was still gray and white as a symbol of his long service to the Crown of Heaven. He was powerfully built by human standards and at least a head taller than Michael himself. His blue eyes seemed to pierce into Michael's soul and were glittering with satisfaction. Out of all of the angels that had remained on His side, Gabriel had been the angriest at Michael's betrayal. Not even Jesus had been as angry as he. If it had not been for God stepping in, Gabriel would have slaughtered him right then and there.

Michael turned back around and walked inside. He motioned for Gabriel to follow him in. Shutting the door behind him, Gabriel sat down at a small table outside of the kitchen. Michael took his seat at the opposite end of the room on a comfortable looking chair. A few minutes passed before either of them spoke.

“Why?” Michael asked finally.

“Why what?”

“Why has He decided to divulge this and to me of all people?” Michael asked.

Gabriel shrugged. “I think that after all of this time,” he began. “He still has some hope that you will renounce your ways and repent.”

Michael raised an eyebrow in disbelief. “I've sinned against the Holy Spirit, though...a million times over.”

Gabriel tensed up. “ have. However, Father has never given up hope on you.”

“Well, you and I both know what my answer is going to be,” Michael stated plainly. “It's Dear Old Dad's own fault if expects anything different.”

“To hope for the best is not stupidity, Devil and Satan,” Gabriel said, suddenly standing up.

Michael rolled his eyes. “Stand down, dog,” he said, waving him away dismissively.

Gabriel clenched his fist so hard Michael was surprised that it didn't start spurting blood immediately. Michael spoke again before Gabriel could respond. “So, when is it going to be?”

Gabriel seemed to calm down, if only a little bit. He took a deep breath and spoke. “Our King, Jesus Christ will come down from Heaven to imprison you in the abyss one hundred days from now.”

“Such short notice,” Michael commented.

“You had better be glad that you are getting any notice at all,” Gabriel said.

Michael was silent for a while before he asked, “Was that all?”

Gabriel shook his head. “She will be chained up with you in the abyss as well if she decides to follow you.”

Michael shot up out of his chair. All of a sudden he had lost all semblance of calm that he had for the duration of this visit. “That was not the promise!” he nearly screamed. “The prophecy said that-”

Gabriel was in his face so quickly Michael was sure that he had teleported. “The prophecy said that you would be bruised in the head. That means you would be destroyed completely. This includes you and anyone following you.”

Michael's face scrunched up in anger. It was Gabriel's turn to smile. “Did you think that while you were chained up in the abyss for a thousand years that your little protege would be allowed to roam free? Did you think Our Father would allow a new Devil to corrupt the minds and hearts of mankind?”

“Is that what you think I've been doing all of these years!?” Michael said indignantly, poking Gabriel in the chest. “I have done absolutely nothing to mankind except free them from tyranny!”

Gabriel grabbed Michael by the wrist. Michael smiled maliciously. “Give me an excuse to wipe you from existence. Give. Me. An. Excuse. Don't forget whose World this is, Dog of the Heavens.”

The archangel looked ready to break Michael in two. They stared into each other's eyes, each waiting for the other to make a move. After what felt like an hour, Gabriel threw Michael's hand away. “One hundred days, your World as you know it will end,” he restated. After that he, vanished in a flash of light.

Michael felt as if he had forgotten to breath. He flopped back down on the chair, taking deep ragged breaths as if he had just spent all day running from a psychotic madman. He did not know what he expected his Father's response to be, but he had not counted on the person he chose being chained up in the abyss with him. He had accepted this fate for himself a long time ago but he did not want anyone to share it with him. In any case, if she was to be chained up with him it would defeat the purpose of enlisting her in the first place. No, he would not allow it. He could not allow it to happen to her. But Earth needed a guardian and he would kill himself before he allowed his brother to be King of it.

One hundred days. He did not have long to train her.

Michael got up and unlocked the door. He would have to act fast to convince her of the necessity of her destiny. He walked out of his apartment and closed the door behind himself.

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