The Spiral Grove

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Amissa is a young Hybrid were Tigardess who has to find her true strength and courage to save her family from the cruel Elvin Authority.

Adventure / Fantasy
Dr A Tucker
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The Beginning

The Dominion of Elvin Authority had enslaved several other races over time in their desire to rule the realm of the Spiral Grove. The Forest Trolls were their first captured and enslaved race, that was about three-hundred and twenty-five years ago. The trolls were forced to be the tower guards and extra muscle when the Elves did not want to do their own dirty work.

The Sand Wolves were next on the conquer list, they were captured and broken into submission about two-hundred and ninety years ago. They were forced into servitude of labor, they were forced into the mines, smelters, smithing workshops and shipping yards. Then the Elves started hunting the Were-Cons as they called us (we are were-animals of many species and they consider us very dangerous), this was within the last one-hundred years. They forced us into domestic service to keep us under careful eye as their “pets”. Yet the Elves are still trying to further their reach on the Grove. The Swinemish Army and the Tinkertons are the only two races to have held them off for the last three decades, through constant war.

My name is Amissa Satet, I grew up in the capital city of Sapphire, belonging to the household of General Zacar. My parents had been captured when they were still adolescents and had been made to serve as housemaid and technician. They fell in love over the years which was a forbidden love, weres usually did not intermix between species. Mom being a Leopardess and Dad being a Tiger it was not something that ever happened. Being born into slavery is not an experience any child should go through and having to learn to control my first change without harming anyone or myself since I was not able to run through the forest to chase proper prey was horrible. Instead of allowing my parents or at least one of them to traditionally teach me and show me how to go through the change process, eat and rest to sooth my animal side I was locked in a super heavy cage. I was not fed proper food for my Tigardess (leopard/tiger hybrid) form, in fact; General Zacar didn’t even realize or know my animal form until my first change.

The change started when I was about twelve years old, my mom tried to tell me how it happens and that the first several changes could be scary or painful. Her not being there with me made it so much harder than it should have been. I thought about tearing out the throats of several who came anywhere near the cage the first day. General sent down other Were-con slaves to check on and feed me. I remember bits and pieces of the first two changes, after that I can recall them all clearly. I forced myself through the pain and rage after the second change and I overheard General talking about making my parents disappear because he had never seen their animal forms but obviously they were dangerous seeing my form. At that moment I was determined to control myself and my animal-self, if not for my own sanity but absolutely for the safety of my family. If he killed them or sent them away who is to say I wouldn’t be next.

At the beginning the change happened for three nights in a row every other week right with the moon cycle. By the third set of changes I was able to hold back the change, then change at will from human to animal and back. The entire process unless fueled by rage or extreme sadness was very painful as nearly every bone in my body suddenly broke and reformed as I shifted. Keeping clothes once changed proved difficult however not impossible. In animal or “beast” form I am a black, brown and white Tigardess, first of my kind. The other weres that came in to keep in eye on me made several comments that I was an abomination due to weres were only supposed to mate with their own kind. In my animal form on that third round of changes I was able to walk upright and stop the change so that I was still an animal but in my human shape. I was also able to understand speech and even speak some if I kept my human form/animal skin. I also had noticed the heightened senses, I am able to smell, hear and see more than ever before in human or beast form.

That being said, I smelled the next time General Zacar came into the cellar where I was being held. Upon smelling him I forced myself back into full human form. General Zacar came in to observe me through the upper window during the start of my fourth change. Upon seeing my ability to hold back the change or change back so quickly and semi-easily he came down to the cage door. I had been kept in the cage since my first change, until General was satisfied with my control. General Zacar stepped up to the cage door, keeping a one-foot distance for his safety, he just stood looking at me for several minutes.

“Little moggie, are you prepared to know your new position within my home? You are now of age and obviously able to control your beast.” he paused to gauge my response.

“I am ready General.” I stated, keeping my eyes locked on him.

“Good, I was beginning to wonder if you were going to have to be put down for going feral on me. You will be training to be my personal bodyguard and personal fighting squad. You are unique and just the sight of your beast form will force most into surrender or retreat in fear.” he quietly chuckled at the thought, “Your potential for decimation while in beast form is impressive, the ability to have you at my command is going to be a prize.” He was so sure of himself, confident he would be able to control me completely. He opened the cage and stepped back.

At his gesture, I stepped out of the cage with hands at my sides and awaited further instructions. At the time I was thirteen and wanted to see my family, once they are safe I already had no promise held in my heart for the General’s safety. Being only thirteen and him being an aged and experienced Elvin General I did not know at that time if I capable of taking him on. So instead, I followed him upstairs. Once in the wash room on the first floor, he instructed me, “Clean up, eat, and report to my office. You have until the sun is high.” he stated before leaving the room and leaving me alone. Once alone, I sat on the floor and cried for a moment.

I heard them before I saw them, I jumped up and waited for them to enter. “Mama, Papa!!! You’re okay!” I ran up to them and hugged them super tight. They both hugged me back just as hard and I heard Mama crying.

“I didn’t know if we were going to see you again. They were saying you seemed too aggressive and General wasn’t sure if you were going to get a handle on the change.” Mama was in tears and hugged me even tighter.

“I was worried for you both too, I heard mention that the General had never seen your animals and with mine being sooo different he mentioned being concerned that you are both dangerous. I made myself control the change so I could make sure you were safe.” I told them in tears too. Then after a long hug, I explained I needed to clean up and get to General Zacar’s office for instructions on my position in the household. I did not tell them he planned for me to be a bodyguard as I knew it would upset and worry Mama more and I did not want her to worry any more. Mama and Papa followed me to the community house where we sat down and ate a filling meal of roast and veggies. I believe I ate about 4 portions before I actually felt full. Once full Mama and Papa gave me another hug and headed back to the main house to get back to their duties. I went and took a nice hot shower to clean off all the sticky icky slime that was partially dried in my hair and all over from the multiple changes. After I was totally cleaned up and dried off, I put on my comfortable jeans, a green t-shirt, and by black and blue sneakers. I wanted to just lay down and pass out for a bit but I knew if I didn’t report to the General’s office he would send someone after me or my parents to make me go to the office.

I stepped outside the house and headed back to the main house and General Zacar’s office, on the way there the looks I was catching from the other weres on property were not kind. It seems the information about my change and my beast had spread and many were not happy about a moggie breed being in the community. Moggie is another term for mutt or half-blood, surprisingly if either of my parents had mated with a human, elf or other race it would have been ok or at least overlooked compared to intermixing in the animal world. When I arrived at the General’s office, I waited for the guards to open the door. One of the guards entered the room and announced that I was here, inside I heard him and General’s response to bring me in. The guard came out and ushered me in, I followed without issue.

“Good girl, I am glad to see you follow instructions well. You will be starting training this afternoon with Captain Arden Amalith, your training will continue until he is satisfied with your performance. Once complete we shall speak again to inform you of where to proceed from there. You will stay with the infantry until complete, I will inform your parents of your location so they do not worry. Dismissed.” He waved to one of the guards to take me on to Captain Amalith and waved me off. I did not respond or argue as I saw no point in trying to argue at this time and I was not given time to respond even if I wanted to.

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