Beverly Hills High School

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Beverly Hills High School has a system. A system that lead Aliyah's best friend Sasha to try taking her own life and end up at a mental institution. A system that lets the elites reign and get away with anything. And a system that places Amari Blackwell, the most popular and rich bachelor in school, at its center. This year, Aliyah is determined to tear that system down and take Sasha's revenge. But for that, she will need to become queen. ************************************************************************************************************************* They say heavy is the crown and that the elites of Beverly have hearts of stone, but when Aliyah finds herself wrapped up in their world, she will realize that a lot more is at stake. And what happens when the person she set out to tear down, becomes the only one who can put her own broken pieces back together?

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1. The Day Everything Changes

Today is the day everything changes. I pulled out the necklace my mother gave me on my 15th birthday. Strung from the smallest of pearl beads, it looked delicate sitting on my neck, bringing out the collar bones I’d worked so hard to get prominent over the summer.

I had to work on myself, because…I had to look the part.

The weight-loss programs, all the starving myself to get that tiny waist, the platinum blonde balayage, begging my mother to let me spend some time at my fathers place and going shopping on his credit card for designer clothes. Everything was part of the plan.

June and Nate would never have understood, so this was the first thing since Sasha that they weren’t in on. But maybe that’s not too bad, I’d love seeing their reactions too! They were, after-all my best friends.

Something didn’t look right. It’s the shoulders, I tugged down towards the arms at the shoulders of the red and white summer dress. The broad neck of the dress spilled open, as the shoulders slipped down towards the arms to create sleeves for an off-the-shoulder dress, showing off the collarbones and the necklace abundantly. Perfect.

The dress tugged at my brain and a memory resurfaced. Sasha and I were 10, and she was spending the night over at my place. She loved playing dress-up and doing make-up even at that age and we were trying to give me a make-over.

The first step, was getting my chunky form into her tiny off-the-shoulder dress. “just squeeze in!” she urged.

“I…can’t!” I broke into tears as the dress refused to go up my thighs.

“Okay….wait.” Sasha was the one who thought it through. She picked up a pair of my mothers’ scissors, and placed them against my thigh, ready to pry open the fine stitching. The metal was cold against my skin as she courageously slit open the side of her favorite dress and it easily slid up my thigh.

The next part was a little more challenging. Closing the zipper. To cut the long story short, we couldn’t close it. So, Sasha took a safety pin and pinned the back in place.

“You know these dresses would look amazing on you if you were thinner.” Her tone was studious and observant, instead of being condescending like the rest of the school kids.

The chubby thighs, the protruding belly and the love handles were long gone since then. And after the roller coaster of the summer, I wasn’t afraid of wearing crop tops and showing off my brand-new belly button piercing anymore.

I did one final twirl in-front of the mirror, satisfied with the look and make-up, I picked up the car keys.

Today was the first day of senior year. The first day, ever since joining Beverly Hills High, I won’t be seeing Sasha. We always color coordinated our outfits. June and Nate called us twin-souls because we were always together and were so similar. But I don’t agree. We were as different as day and night, that is probably why we got along so well together.

I was a classic tomboy, she always wanted to be an actress. And two years ago, she even got her big break—but then she lost it all, all thanks to them and him! I shook my head to get the memories out. This wasn’t the time to think about that.

Focus Aliyah. Focus. I fixed the rearview mirror of my dad’s old rover, backing out of the driveway of his mansion, where I was staying. Beverly will never be the same.

Because this year, I will make them pay for what they did to Sasha. What he did to Sasha.

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