Loving Mr Good Boy

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She is a bad girl. He is a good boy. She smokes. He hates smoking. She has fucked every guy in her school. He is a Virgin. She drinks and parties are her life. He hates parties and alcohol is not his cup of tea. Cussing is her middle name. He rarely cusses. She is the prettiest girl in Mount valley high school. He is the hottest boy in Mount valley high school. She is Shaira Evans. He is Aaron Carter. _____________ Shaira, the hottest chick who everyone desires. Aaron, the new hunk who every girl craves for. What will happen when your not so stereotypical good girl meets your not so stereotypical bad boy? Will Shaira change her ways? Or will Aaron just have to keep up with her bad girl ways? Read Loving Mr Good Boy to find out!

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1 - Going to hell

Warning: This story contains mild swearing and mature content.

Barbara Palvin as Shaira

Shaira POV

"Beep! Beep! Beep!" I groaned at the sound of my alarm and threw it on the floor. Opening my eyes, I saw the broken pieces of the alarm lying on the corner of the room. Great! I need to buy a new one . This is the fourth alarm I broke in two weeks. Well no one and I mean no one wakes me up . I walked to the bathroom to take a shower so that I could get ready to go to hell . Yeah going to school is no less than hell. The only reason I go to school is because of my friends. They mean the world to me.

Coming out of the shower , I went towards my closet and slipped into a black top that showed of my stomach , black tight leggings and a black leather jacket . Yup you could say I love black. I applied lipgloss and combed my dark brown almost black hair . Ladies and gentleman after that.... I was ready to go to hell. I placed my bag over my shoulder and took my phone from the charger. The phone screen turned on and it was 7:54. Fuck I am late! I rushed out my ghostly quiet house and got in my baby which is Audi A7. Yeah I know it's awesome .

I forgot to introduce myself . Well, my name is Shaira Evans. I am 17 years old with dark hair and light blue eyes. My parents died in a car crash leaving me alone. But they forehand had passed down all their properties and money to me which won't finish even in a lifetime .

I parked my baby in the parking lot. Entering the familiar halls, I straight away went to my locker to get my book for the first period which is Maths. I fucking hate maths. The hall was empty signalling that the bell had rung . I went to my class and was greeted by Mr Welberg.

"Well if isn't you, miss Evans." He jested, with his spectacles resting at the tip of his nose.

"Yes sir, your favourite student. Who else ?" I said sarcasm dripping down my every word which caused him to scoff.

"Get in." I went to my seat which was at the back of the class . Well my group's seats are fixed and no one dares to sit there cause they know the moment they dare to sit , it's time for them to face my wrath which is not a pretty thing. Apparently, none of them have Maths with me today. The rest of the class passed by with Mr Welberg lecturing us about Maths . The bell went off and I ran away from the class like Usain Bolt.

Reaching towards my locker , I heard someone scream.

"Hey bitch!" I turned and saw Alicia Johnson aka my best friend.

"Hey! How are you doing?" I yelled, pulling her into a hug. We have been friends since forever. She was more of like a Sister to me.

"I have good news." I nodded my head for her to continue.

"Jake is coming." She squealed and a big smile appeared on my face .

"Really!? When ?" I asked, placing my books inside my locker.

"Tomorrow." My mouth formed an 'o' shape .

"Hello, my sunshine ." Samantha smiled, wrapping her arm around my shoulder. Her height matched mine. Riley and Laura joined us too soon.

"Hey" I said and hugged everyone . Our group consisted of Samantha, Riley, Laura, Alicia and last but not the least me. I have known Alicia since we wore diapers as of the others I came to know them when I was in grade 3. But our bond was stronger than ever.

"Gosh physics is so fucking boring!" Sam (short for Samantha ) exclaimed. I looked at her as if she had grown two heads

"How about maths?" Laura laughed.

"Both are fucking stupid and boring." Sam angrily huffed as she took out her books for the next period. Samantha is really pretty with her straight blonde hair and hazel eyes . Riley had dark hair with a pale skin and brown eyes while Alicia had light brown hair with chocolate Colour eyes. Laura had blue hair with black eyes which made her look really cute and pretty. Our conversation continued but suddenly my vision became black. I touched the hands which now covered my eyes.

"Guess who?" He whispered near my ear.

"Let me guess Colton Haynes." I laughed.

"No." The hands moved away to reveal Mason.

"Hey." I greeted and he pecked my lips.

"Hey. Whatcha doing here ? Don't you have class?" He asked, arching an eyebrow mischievously.

"Well how can I go to class when I have you with me." I smiled as he winked at me.

"So can I come today ?" I nodded my head.

"Ok." He kissed me goodbye and went to his class . I turned to see no one was there except me. Let's go to language class. Lucky me .

I opened the door ignoring the teacher and went to my usual seat which was at the back with Alicia.

"So how was it?" She asked not being bothered about the fact the teacher can hear us.

"What?" I opened my book and relaxed back into my seat.

"Mason." She said in a duh tone.

"Nothing he's just coming today." She nodded and went back to listening to the teacher . Well before you guys mistake Mason as my boyfriend let me make it clear. He is not my boyfriend . He is just one of the guys I fuck. Not gonna deny the fact that I have fucked a quite good number of guys. Yes, before you say 'Oh my god! You could be getting AIDS from them.' I take precautions for that so yeah there's not much to worry about. Most common word to describe me would be a whore. But I don't really care about what people think of me. They can go to hell for all I care. No matter what they are always ready to judge and point at others.

Class after class and now it was lunch time. I went to our table where usually the populars sat. Alicia, Sam, Laura and Riley even Zain was there. He is Riley's Boyfriend and also one of my closest friend.

"Hey fucker!" I hugged Zain and sat beside Laura.We finished our lunch and again hell started after our little heaven .

The day went by and now I was in my house doing home work. These Teachers have no other things to do except than to give homework . I was writing an answer when the house bell rang . Who the fuck is it now? Cursing I went down the stairs, there were four bedrooms in my house. Two were downstairs while the other two were upstairs and my bedroom was on the second floor.

I opened the door to be greeted by Mason. I forgot that he was about to come.

"Hey." He smiled , running his hand through his hair. He was wearing black jeans with a white tshirt looking hot as hell.

"Hi, come in." He got in and even before I could close the door, I was slammed onto it.

"You shouldn't wear those things unless you want me to fuck you hard." He whispered huskily in my ear. I looked down and saw that I was wearing short shorts and a light blue top which barely covered me.

"Maybe I want you to fuck me hard." He smirked and carried me upstairs to my room. He threw me on the bed and smashed his lips on mine, kissing me roughly . His roughness was what I liked about him. I ripped off his shirt and let's just say home work was long forgotten.


Hey guys ! This is my first story on Inkitt, I hope you like it.Tell what you think and don't forget to vote & comment ! Feel free to point out any mistakes.



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