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“Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home.” —Anna Quindlen “There is nothing more luxurious than eating while you read—unless it be reading while you eat.” – E. Nesbit Are you looking for a quick snack to read on? Or a quick read to snack on? Then read on. A whole bunch of crazy escapades and events. All true as far as I can remember them. A lot of “Don’t try this at home” (or anywhere else) stories. They are all here for your entertainment and enjoyment. Find out about: • Why I Was Swimming In The Sump Oil • Why Was The Cow In The Kitchen? • How I Came To Be Sitting Next To The Tribesman & The Stone Axe • The Day A Russian Pulls Knife On Me • When I Watched When A Guy Drinks Himself Sober • How Our Pup On The Highway Got His Name And more than 50 other exciting dramas from my life.

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Swimming In The Sump Oil

There was one of those parties at the swimming pool, my sister sliced her foot open on a broken beer bottle and as a result we were banned from ever going there again!

It was a bugger because not only was the towns swimming pool right next door to our house but there was even a little gate in our fence where we could go in at any time. The wading pool was near that gate then there was the main pool.

The party was a swingers party by the way. A huge scandal at that time in a little country town. We didn’t care, it was stinking hot and we just wanted to swim in the pool. What the grown-ups did was nothing to do with us. Party was over anyway.

But we still couldn’t go. No amount of pleading could change their minds.

Well, nobody was going to stop me from swimming. Had to cool off somewhere. My two sisters and I played under the hose for a bit but that got boring. That wading pool looked awful nice. What if I just sneaked in for a little bit while no one was looking. There was still some broken glass around but I reckoned I could avoid that. But, alas the gate was tied shut.

I was looking around the powerhouse for something. Maybe the cooling towers? They had a nice little half tank you could play in that wasn’t too deep. But they were steaming hot so that plan was foiled too.

It was then I spotted the concrete sumps. These sumps were made of concrete. When you changed the oil in the engines the old oil ran out a drain into these small square tanks. You then pumped the old oil out into a drum for disposal. There was a sump with the oil still in it! I got a stick and measured it. It was not too deep either!

OK, all there was left now was to make sure nobody was watching, strip off my clothes and voila! My very own swimming pool.

Have you ever seen your mother so mad she can’t even speak?

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