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Famous Woman Buys Cheap Houses To Live In

This famous superstar had this thing for living in ordinary houses. Maybe it reminded her of her youth or something?

She was about sixty years old and quite friendly really. Everybody would have liked her but for this one thing.

It wasn’t really her fault but it used to follow her everywhere she went. She would find a nice cheap house in a nice friendly neighborhood to buy it and move in. She never had much in the way of furniture or luggage. It was strictly a short term whim of the moment thing. A change of scenery.

But because she was so rich and famous the price of the house would just go ballistic. For instance, she would buy it for $150,000 (she always bought it herself off the owners personally for cash) then her estate managers would offload it for triple or even four times that! Just because she had lived in it a week or two.

This put the prices of all the other houses up too and taxes skyrocketed, tourists came to gawk, magazines wanting interviews with those who may know her, the whole place became unlivable for the ordinary folk who had done absolutely nothing wrong.

The same thing happened everywhere she went. Soon nobody wanted her anywhere near them. She could not understand why people had become so cold and unfriendly.

She used to be popular once. People would pay good money just to talk to her.

She stayed in her mansion from then on and died a lonely death.

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