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Just As The Weatherman Predicted. The Only Thing Is... THE SNOW ISN'T WHITE.

It is cotton candy and you are a child again. The clouds really were cotton candy after all!!!

But where am I? This isn’t how I remember my childhood. Nothing is the same at all.

I look in my reflection, yes it is still me but what am I wearing?

Just then an old guy speaks to me over my shoulder. Scared the heck out of me. He wasn’t there a minute ago.

“Johnny. This is your dream childhood.”

“Who are you and how do you know my name?”

“I am the guardian assigned to you. I know everything about you.”

“Everything?” I said trembling. Does he even know about the baseball through the church window too?

He just smiled and laughed. “That was not this childhood. That was your real childhood”

“There is no bad in this childhood. It is a perfect childhood. Your perfect childhood”

“What? Really?”

“Yes really. Anything you wish for will be exactly as you wished it. You wished for the clouds to be cotton candy and now it snows cotton candy!”

“Can I have another wish?”

“You can have as many wishes as you like. This is your world now. Your dream childhood. I am here to make your dreams come true”

“WOW!!! I wish all my friends were here we could...”

“NO! This is your childhood. It is only for you. They have their own dream childhoods. They cannot be part of yours.”

“OK then.”

“I have to go now. Remember any wish possible and I will grant it for you. Just wish it out aloud. OK?”

“OK then.”

Well, a fine turn of events. No friends indeed. What sort of dream childhood is this?

But, I can still have anything I wish for, right?

“I wish I had a triple-topper ice-cream cone with 2 chocolates and 1 caramel”

There in my hand is my ice-cream exactly! It was even the soft whipped ice-cream that is my absolute favorite. WOW!

So after wishing and wishing and more wishing and getting all sorts of fun stuff, I started wishing I could share all this fun with my friends.

Surely they would love to be in my dream childhood? But that wasn’t possible, was it?

What if I wished for a puppy to play with?

Bang! There is my puppy. I wished for all the toys and things that would make a puppy happy. There they all were.

“I wish my puppy could talk!”

Nothing happened. I didn’t think that would work but it was worth a try. Some birds can talk!

“I wish I had a talking bird!”

There it was. A gray parrot. And could it talk? It wouldn’t shut up. But we couldn’t talk to each other. Not real talking. I wish my mom was here.

“I wish my mom was here.”

“I wish my mom was here!”


I hate this place. I want to go home and be with my friends and my own toys and my own house. Yes, even my own stupid sister! At least she can talk.


And there I was, in my backyard.

It was just beginning to snow.

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