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SETI- The search for extra terrestrial life.

Mankind has always wondered is it just us or is it some other lifeform out there that is the origin of our species. Man has made everything from gods to rocketships to solve this riddle. We even went stomping all over the moon looking for stuff!

To my knowledge though nothing has been found. No little green men, nothing.

The only life we did find on Mars turned out to be a sneeze from one of the space guys who built the thing!

What if eh?

What if there were creatures from out there trying to give us advanced knowledge. How to time travel to distant galaxies. How to communicate with thought across different languages and life forms. New forms of propulsion that are super energy efficient.

Well in my imagination there were! So here goes:

The alien space ships traveled across the Universe to get us, humans, up to speed as we were doing such a good job of polluting ourselves out of existence.As we were the nearest thing to an advanced thinking lifeform they decided to give it their best shot.

First, they traveled in the mothership until they reached our galaxy then they launched the smaller messenger ships to visit Earth

But every time they arrived there was such a hullabaloo they had to skedaddle out of here for their own safety.

So after many meetings, it was decided to deliver the information on the data discs and leave us to sort it out ourselves.

So after many more meetings, they decided the drop points would be in the clear places in each of the biggest cities on each of the continents. We call them public parks & gardens. One data disc per city. This should reach the most important people on that continent as quickly as possible. They weren’t planning on this and only had a small supply.

Now, these data discs had enough self-propulsion to land safely with enough energy to take off again should they need to be collected. They were way too expensive to leave the uncollected ones just lying around.

OK so we give each messenger ship a disc each, they would fly down when they could not be spotted. Behind a cloud at night was the best way. Then the data disc would be released to fly/freefall onto the clear space.

Unfortunately, nobody saw the discs and nobody picked them up because it was night and there was nobody around.

More meetings.

OK the discs still had energy. Wait until there were people around then give them movement and attract their attention. Simple!

Now the only movement they had was the take-off and fly one. It was built in.

The research stage should really have been more thorough. This is it. Their last chance. Time and resources were at their outer limits and they have got to go home.

People arrive. Big ones and little ones. Furry people and not so furry people. Time to activate. At this, the discs launch into the air. The furry people catch them in their mouths and take them away into the bushes and bury them.

And that is why you never see alien spaceships anymore.

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