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I was going through this “New Age” phase looking into Yoga and Chakras and all sorts of alternate things I could be doing to improve my life and live on a higher and more aware level.

This is how I ended up at the Seeing Center. The Seeing Center was a place that promised to open up your Third Eye by activating your pineal gland. It was the latest rage and everybody was either doing it, going to do it, or already had it done. It was only a small operation and you were in and out in only a few hours. The price was well within my reach and those that had it done tell me it opens up a whole new level of consciousness and awareness. Wow! I’m in.

Don’t get me wrong. I researched this to death. This was an operation on my brain for crying out loud! If my own friends hadn’t already done it I would most definitely have not gone through with it.

It works!

It is awesome. If my brain was running at 10% before it is like it is running on 80% now. All my senses are so much attuned at a higher level and, yes, I CAN see auras and energy fields as they promised. I’m still me and I don’t feel like I am any smarter or have a higher IQ.

It’s nearly ten years after the operation that I discovered something was not quite right. Seriously not right.

It was the middle of the night. I had fallen asleep at my computer desk in the office. As I was waking up my head was facing the router and the WiFi was streaming! Streaming what? My computer had gone into suspend and was inactive. My phone was off (I know that because I turned it off to get some work done) so what is it with the WiFi?

OK somebody was using my WiFi data obviously. I’ll get the computer guy to make it secure and find out who it is. Here is where things get spooky. It wasn’t any of my neighbors. In fact, it wasn’t even on a public network. It was not even listed. There was no way he or anybody could legally dig into this. Yes, he could hack my computer with my permission but he couldn’t hack the WiFi transmission system without losing his business and possibly going to jail.

This happened once a day at exactly the same time and went on for a few minutes then just stopped. So who can find out? Anonymous? Those hacker guys? How do you get hold of one? They are not in the phone book!

After much to do, I find a guy they highly recommend, and we finally get set up at my place after a bunch of top-secret handshakes and passwords, etc. This guy arrives with a bunch of weird tools and black boxes with lights and meters. I was not to ask any questions or he would just leave so I never found out what they were exactly.

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