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Professional Scammers Start Scammers School.

It was all going well until it came time to register the business.

Yes, it was Nigeria and, yes, rules and regulations were not that rigid.

In fact, it was fully supported by the government!

You see Nigeria’s largest sector of the economy is in the scamming department. In fact, there are a number of years where it has surpassed even the Indian telemarketer trade.

So the government decided to set up a University for scam training to get more professionals into the business.

All the country’s best scammers were collected and given fake degrees and were now Professors of Scamming Ph.D., MD & DMV.

The streets were scoured for all the best hustlers and con artists. No used car lot was left uninspected.

All was well until it came time to get the University internationally accredited. No amount of conning, bribing, or criminal activity could be registered. They would have to change their business model into Politics.

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