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Where do new souls come from?


A lot of religions believe in it. So do a lot of people.

Some say we have to keep coming back until we reach a level of permanent acceptability. Some say we just enter another new body when our old body fails us or we are killed by an accident, murder or some such thing.

It is with this second theory that I have a problem.

Everybody would agree with me that the population is increasing right? No brainer.

So where do all these extra “souls” or “dwellers” come from?

If more can be made or created then what happens when there are not enough births (entry points) to match the deaths (exit points)?

Do they dwell in animal or bug form in the interim? Does a population boom mean a bust in the number of other living creatures?

Or do they just go into another dimension of suspended storage? Like ghosts or spirits? Until a birth opportunity arises.

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