Deafening Silence

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Ellen was always the outspoken type of person, she always expressed herself through her words, until her best friend - Tamara, overcame her power, Ellen's brightness started to fade, will it shine again?

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"Why did you run for the position as Student Body Organization?" The hostess of the Miting de Avance asked me.

"I wanted to make a good cause for my voice, I wanted to be the voice of those who are unfortunate enough not to be heard." I replied, confidently.

"What an answer." The other host exclaimed.

I smiled as a reply.

Today was the Miting De Avance for us, the candidates.

I wasn't really nervous today, I had pure intentions to become the Student Body President.

"Thank you Miss Ellen, now moving on to your opponent, Miss Tamara."

"What is your advantage towards Miss Ellen, Miss Tamara?" The host asked.

I wasn't informed such questions would be asked during a Miting De Avance.

"It would be my craving for timeless beauty in all that it is." She replied, smiling widely.

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