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A girl who has arrived in a new country for studying and is alloted a dorm with four dorks. Will she be able to adjust with the new environment and be friends with these four guys?...lets see.

Adventure / Humor
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Chapter 1: Good Start?

Ringing the doorbell of my alloted dorm at 9:50p.m, I stood therewaiting for the door to open. After sometime which almost seemed to be forever the door opened and I looked up to come face to face with a boy.....handsome boy who was in his trousers with no clothes on his upper body, disravelled brown hair, well-built up body, half of it covered with tattoos, greenish eyeballs.....eyes red showing he was high at the time and a beer bottle in one hand.

After me staring at him like he has grown two heads and him staring at me like I'm his prey for quite a few minutes, he finally asked or slurred, for which I'd to make out the words coming out from his mouth, "Wanna have some fun babe?"

WOW!! What a warm welcome!

I checked my dorm number once again to make sure I was at the right dorm...and YES, I was at the right one.

After making sure I told him or asked actually, "Think I'm going to share this dorm with you?", handing him the documents which was not very useful as he was totally high.

"Come in then, Babe",he said with a jerky smirk. "Uh...its Ishika Oberoy for you.", I said as he got to a side to let me enter."And I'm Chris, Christian Havard and I don't think I can pronounce that pretty name of your's so, Babe's better", he said behind me while closing the main door.

I ignored him knowing he's not in sense and walked in further. I was getting some wierd noises but I didn't mind those.

Did I mention I'm a very nice girl?....The sight I saw entering the living room made me curse and turn away gaining a nice laughter from Chris.

"OH F****, MY VIRGIN EYES", I exclaimed.

How the hell did I end up here?, that's the only thing I could think of right then.

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